Smith, Anderson, Town victorious at Lakeside
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April 17, 2015  |  by Jr. Lowrey

Kevin Anderson three-wheeled his way to claim his second straight USRA Stock Car feature win of the 2015 season.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.--It looked for a minute tonight at Lakeside Speedway like things were going to go south for the night. A shower popped up around 5:40 p.m. and the rain threatened the cancellation of race night #3 on the season. Good thing for the crew at Lakeside Speedway they were ready for the rain and it didn’t stop the show from going on as they say.

A whopping 31 USRA B-Mods checked in for action Friday night. Ed Noll came into Friday night’s event having won the last 2 races and all eyes were on him. Unfortunately it wasn’t Ed’s night. This night would belong to Brad Smith.

At the beginning the feature Gene Claxton moved quickly to the front of the pack. Claxton would battle it out with Nick Newton until lap number 7 when Newton would have a mechanical failure and bring out the yellow flag.

On the restart it was Smith who would rocket to the front. Smith, who started 12th on the grid, looked fast as he worked his way by the leader, Claxton, for the top spot. Once at the point position Smith wouldn’t be denied on this night. Lap after lap he would extend his lead until he took the checkered flag.

The win was Smith’s first on the season.

The battle behind Smith was a good one too. Eddie Schwope won the battle for 2nd with Claxton, holding on to 3rd was Claxton, last year’s champ, Chad Clancy, finished 4th and Shadren Turner brought home a 5th place finish.

USRA B-Mod heat race winners were Claxton, Matt Pugh, Newton and Don Marrs. The B Feature win went to Dustin Gilbert.

If I said that the USRA Stock Car feature is one of, if not, the best feature of each and every week, I would be lying. Friday night was another prime example.

John O’Neal Jr. looked to get his 1st win of the season and also gain some redemption from last week. A week ago O’Neal was near the front of the pack when motor problems plagued the veteran driver. Using a borrowed motor O’Neal was having a good night. It started out with a heat win and then got even better as he would start on the pole for the main event.

O’Neal got the advantage on the competition by getting the early lead. It was a lead he would for 5 laps, for last week’s winner, Kevin Anderson, was on his back pumper and pressuring O’Neal since lap 3.

Anderson didn’t look like he had complete control of his car as he kept 3 wheeling around the speedway. To prove everyone wrong, Anderson’s overall speed was just way to much for the competition. On lap 6 Anderson would slide by O’Neal for the lead and then never looked back.

Anderson would go on to claim his second straight win of the 2015 season.

It was a great battle behind Anderson. Jim Powell Jr. & O’Neal would go side by side for several laps. Finally on the last corner of the last lap, O’Neal drove it in deep and on the bottom giving him just enough steam to get by Powell for second.

One of the big movers of the night was Nate Barnes. Barnes started 12th but he would work himself into a 4th place finish on the night. Opening night winner, Brett Heeter, logged a 5th place finish.

USRA Stock Car heat race winners were O’Neal and Powell.

The capper of the night was the USRA Modified feature and did it hold some excitement.

Veteran racer Tim Setzer made his appearance at Lakeside Speedway Friday night and by all intents and pruposes it looked as if he was going to end up in victory lane at the end of the night.

Setzer jumped out to the lead and was dominating the feature. As the laps clicked off it was on lap 12 where the excitement began. Setzer started to work lapped traffic and on the front stretch he came upon the lapped car of Austin Johnson.

Setzer tried to make a move around Johnson but the two would cross paths. Setzer got into the back of Johnson and for that split second it was enough time for Lance Town to make his move and take over the number 1 spot.

Setzer would continue to lead and then with 4 laps to go Setzer would suffer a mechanical setback and it sent him into the wall. It would bring out the last yellow of the night. On the restart Tim Karrick, Kerry Davis and Darron Fuqua gave their best shots to stay up with Town, but just couldn’t muster up enough speed to catch the racer from Wellsville.

Karrick scored his best Lakeside finish with a runner-up spot, opening night winner, Kerry Davis, finished third, fourth was the current points leader, Darron Fuqua, and Justin Johnson celebrated a fine run in the fifth position.

USRA Modified heat race winners were Setzer, Karrick and Johnson.

USRA B-Mods – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 12 99 Brad Smith Belton , Mo 100.00
2 8 91 Eddie Schwope St. Joseph, Mo 95.00
3 1 42 Gene Claxton Kansas City, Mo 91.00
4 10 21C Chad Clancy Smithville , Mo 87.00
5 7 17T Shadren Turner Saint Joseph, Mo 84.00
6 19 2 Dustin Gilbert Lawrence , Ks 81.00
7 9 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr Tecumseh , Ks 78.00
8 5 38 Matt Pugh Overland Park, Ks 76.00
9 4 21 Rodney Phillips Kansas City, Mo 74.00
10 20 44 Sam Schuler, Jr. Kansas City, Ks 72.00
11 24 23B Curtis Berry Raymore , Mo 70.00
12 11 57 Tim Powell Lansing , Ks 68.00
13 13 74 Rodney Schweizer Kansas City, Ks 66.00
14 22 15 Ed Noll Excelsior Springs, Mo 64.00
15 23 22 Dustin Crist St Joseph, Mo 62.00
16 21 18K Danan Knott Coffey , Mo 60.00
17 18 222 Colten Stevens Basehor , Ks 58.00
18 17 17R Ramon Ortega St Joseph, Mo 56.00
19 2 9 Don Marrs Shawnee , Ks 55.00
20 15 49P Shane Patch Overland Park, Ks 54.00
21 16 27 David Oxford Kansas City, Mo 53.00
22 3 3X3 Nick Newton Kansas City, Ks 52.00
23 6 181 Luke Nieman Nortonville , Ks 51.00
24 14 11 Mike Higley Kansas City, Mo 50.00

USRA Stock Cars – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 417 Kevin Anderson Kansas City, Mo 100.00
2 1 15 John O’neal, Jr. Kearney , Mo 95.00
3 2 20P Jim Powell Jr. Lecoompton , Ks 91.00
4 12 29 Nate Barnes Kearney , Mo 87.00
5 8 05 Brett Heeter Kansas City, Ks 84.00
6 4 65X Thomas Roberts Kidder , Mo 81.00
7 5 56 Joe Smith Jr. Kansas City, Ks 78.00
8 11 00 Nick Whalen Kansas City, Ks 76.00
9 7 55 Sean Foster Smithville , Mo 74.00
10 6 97J Jeff Elder Smithville , Mo 72.00
11 15 T2 Tom Fogarty Olathe , Ks 70.00
12 9 1 Christopher Smith Kansas City, Mo 68.00
13 14 0T Bobby Tavis Iii Leavenworth , Ks 66.00
14 13 04 Chad Walker Kansas City, Ks 64.00
15 10 17 Kevin Mcginnis Kansas City, Ks 62.00
16 16 5K Steve Herrick Topeka , Ks 45.00 DNS

USRA Modifieds – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 21T Lance Town Wellsville , Ks 100.00
2 1 1K Tim Karrick Basehor , Ks 95.00
3 8 68 Kerry Davis Parkville , Mo 91.00
4 9 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta , Ks 87.00
5 7 7J Justin Johnson Gardner , Ks 84.00
6 12 3J Lewis Jackson Wellsville , Ks 81.00
7 11 34 Mark Schafman Edwardsville , Ks 78.00
8 17 3B Nic Bidiinger Perry , Ks 76.00
9 5 96 Danny Barker Kansas City, Ks 74.00
10 6 13H Eric Hanna Maryville , Mo 72.00
11 15 175 Jason Park Kansas City, Ks 70.00
12 16 21D Larry Clawson Pleasan Valley, Mo 68.00
13 10 29S Jeff Smith Kansas City, Mo 66.00
14 2 51 Tim Setzer Archie , Mo 64.00
15 3 98 Austin Johnson Kansas City, Mo 62.00
16 13 16 Austin Siebert Grandview , Mo 60.00
17 14 8 Mark Hoover Maryville , Mo 45.00 DNS
18 18 66T Tyler Schmidt Easton , Ks 45.00 DNS

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