Wetzstein, Denner score Chateau wins
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May 15, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn.--Race fans were greeted with great weather and the largest car count of the young season on GT Construction night at Chateau Raceway. Eighty racers performed for the crowd and some new faces visited victory lane while a couple of others added to their win totals.

Cole Denner accomplished the same feat as Brooks in the KIK Graphics & Printing USRA B-Mod feature. Denner started on the pole and led the entire 18-laps but again it was not an easy win. Josh Mattick put up a fierce challenge early on and raced door-to-door with Denner. Then it was Kylie Kath’s turn at the leader late in the race.

Kath got by Mattick and reeled in Denner with just a couple of laps to go. Denner had a close call with a couple of lapped cars but skated between them to maintain the lead. Kath would get loose on lap 16 and dropped back a couple of positions. Denner got his first win at Chateau with Mattick second, A.J. Zvorak third with Kath fourth and Anthony Condit fifth.

A season high 14 French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modifieds took to the track for their 25-lap main event. Right off the bat Greg Jensen, Steve Wetzstein and Jason Cummins were three wide for the lead. Cummins edged out front with Wetzstein right on him as they had a great battle up front. The race hit a rough spot with three consecutive yellow flags on lap two.

Wetzstein would take the lead on lap 3 and walk away for the win. Cummins and Darwyn Karau had a tremendous race for second throughout the rest of the race. They back and forth, side-by-side until Cummins edged ahead on the final lap. Brandon Davis came back from a flat tire to finish fourth and Jacob Dahle was fifth.

Next Friday, May 22 the United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) invades the Chateau Raceway for the 18th Annual Mike Guttormson Memorial Race. Along with the USMTS Modifieds, the USRA B-Mods, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and Pure Stocks will be in action. Hot laps will be at 6:30pm with racing to follow.


Feature: Steve Wetzstein, Jason Cummins, Darwyn Karau, Brandon Davis, Jacob Dahle, Greg Jensen, Dennis Hillson, Michael Wytaske, Joe Horgdal, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Dwaine Hanson, Damon Haslip, Alex Hanson, Josh Mattick.

First Heat: Cummins, Horgdal, Karau, Davis, Mattick, A. Hanson, Hillson.

Second Heat: Dahle, Wetzstein, Pfeifer, Jensen, D. Hanson, Wytaske, Haslip.


Feature: Cole Denner, Josh Mattick, A.J. Zvorak, Kylie Kath, Anthony Condit, Jerry Young, Mark Wytaske, Kadden Kath, Dan Tenold, Cole Lonergan, Terry Kohnert, Jayden Larson, Raey Hastings IV, Mike Chisholm, Morgan Schrage, David Henderson, A.J. Johnston.

First Heat: Denner, Zvorak, Kylie Kath, Mattick, Johnston, Tenold.

Second Heat: Kadden Kath, Wytaske, Condit, Lonergan, Kohnert, Schrage.

Third Heat: Hastings, Chisholm, Henderson, Young, Larson.

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