Zvorak wins USRA B-Mod thriller at Chateau Raceway
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June 19, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn.—Even after almost four inches of rain fell at Chateau Raceway on Wednesday evening, the race program went on as scheduled Friday despite the flooded infield. This week’s show was presented by Southern Minnesota Seamless and Albert Lea Steel.

The KIK Graphics & Printing USRA B-Mod feature got off to a rough start with three yellow flags before one lap could get in the books. After things settled down the race turned into an absolute classic. After destroying his car last week A.J. Zvorak was back in a car the Jerry Young had been racing. Zvorak took the lead off of row one and was followed closely by Ben Moudry.

Moudry took the lead on lap two while Alex Williamson stormed from eighth to third. Shaun Walski also put on a show as he drove from 15th to fifth on lap three. Zvorak ran the high line to the lead on lap four, but Moudry returned the favor and led lap five while Williamson hung right with the leaders. Kylie Kath who went to the pits with one of the early yellows had come all the way back up to sixth.

The top three ran close on lap seven as Zvorak once again got the lead. A caution for Mike Chisholm on lap eight slowed things down and tightened up the pack even further. On the restart, Zvorak and Moudry resumed their battle while Kath was all over Williamson for third. Moudry again stole the lead on lap 12, but Zvorak drove right back by on lap 14. A late race yellow would set up a great finish.

Zvorak took off with Moudry close on his tail while the race for second through fourth really heated up. Zvorak would hold on for the win but Kath robbed Moudry of second by eighteen one hundredths of a second at the checkered flag. Williamson would finish the race in fourth and Scott Demmer rebounded from an early spin to record a fifth place finish. During the course of the race Zvorak and Moudry exchanged the lead at the start-finish line seven times in an epic battle for the win.

The largest field of French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modifieds since Aug. 24, 2012, took to the track with 17 cars on the speedway for their 25-lap feature. Brandon Davis took off from row one followed by Josh Angst. Brad Waits was on the charge from ninth and slipped by Keith Foss and Doug Hillson and found himself in third.

Davis had a half straightaway lead on lap five and Angst held a five car length advantage on Waits for second. Waits would reel in Angst on lap eight and make the pass one lap later. Davis entered lapped traffic on lap 14 while Waits tried to cut the deficit. Todd Scharkey stalled on lap 14 to bring out the caution and the crowd got fired up to see if Waits had anything for Davis.

The green flag came out and Davis again took off and pulled away. Joe Ludemann would bring out the final caution on lap 17 and bring the pack back to Davis’ rear bumper. This time Waits got a tremendous restart and hung right with Davis. Waits dove low on lap 20 and they were side-by-side for the lead.

Waits took the point on lap 20 and held off a last ditch effort from Davis on the final lap to win his first at Chateau and his sixth win of the season. Angst would come home in third with Darwyn Karau on fourth and Foss was fifth.


Feature: Brad Waits, Brandon Davis, Josh Angst, Darwyn Karau, Keith Foss, Jake Timm, Joe Horgdal, Jason Cummins, Jacob Dahle, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Doug Hillson, Alex Hanson, Greg Jensen, Joe Ludemann, Todd Scharkey, Brian Albrecht, Michael Wytaske.

First Heat: Waits, Hillson, Foss, Jensen, Timm, Wytaske.

Second Heat: Angst, Horgdal, Karau, Albrecht, Cummins, Pfeifer.

Third Heat: Scharkey, Hanson, Davis, Dahle, Ludemann.


Feature: A.J. Zvorak, Kylie Kath, Ben Moudry, Alex Williamson, Scott Demmer, Kadden Kath, Jayden Larson, Dustin Kruse, Anthony Condit, Josh Ihlenfeld, Terry Kohnert, Kyle Brown, Taylor Ausrud, Morgan Schrage, Tanner Johnston, Mike Chisholm, Shaun Walski, A.J. Johnston.

First Heat: Zvorak, Chisholm, Walski, Kohnert, Larson, Condit.

Second Heat: Ihlenfeld, A. Johnston, Kadden Kath, Williamson, Brown, Ausrud.

Third Heat: Kylie Kath, Moudry, Demmer, Kruse, T. Johnston, Schrage.

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