Horgdal nabs career-first win at Chateau Raceway
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June 26, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn.—More heavy rains hit the Lansing, Minn., area earlier in the week and thunderstorms just missed the Chateau Raceway on race day. Lake Chateau in the infield was higher this week as the Cedar River continues to run high just off the backstretch. This week’s racing was presented by Lake Geo Travel Plaza in Dexter. Two drivers would score career first feature wins, another got his first win of the season and the rest added to their win totals.

The KIK Graphics & Printing USRA B-Mod feature got off to a rough start with a couple of early cautions. On the start, Taylor Ovrebo and Blake Arndt bounced off each other and that allowed A.J. Zvorak to take the lead. Jason Schlangen vaulted to second while Ovrebo broke and came to rest for another yellow.

Schlangen zoomed past Zvorak for the lead on lap four while Arndt slipped past for second. Kylie Kath drove past Zvorak for third and then by Arndt for second. Kath continued his drive to the front and challenged Schlangen for the lead on lap 6. Kath worked the high groove and took the lead one lap later.
Kath led the rest of the way for his second win of the season. Schlangen was second with Zvorak Third, Arndt fourth and Kadden Kath fifth.

Brandon Davis drew the pole position for the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified feature. As the race came trackside it was reported that some fans came together and wanted to offer Davis a challenge. They wanted Davis to go to the rear of the field and if he could come through and win would receive a $300 bonus. Davis accepted the challenge and that put Joe Horgdal and Todd Scharkey in row one for the 25-lap race.

After a caution on lap one, Horgdal took the lead and Jason Cummins slipped past Scharkey for second. A lot of eyes were on Davis as he drove from 10th to fifth in two laps. Horgdal and Cummins stormed away from the field and Davis was now up to fourth on lap seven. Cummins was right on Horgdal for the lead on lap 10, but Horgdal fought him off.

Davis got by Darwyn Karau for third on lap 16 and the battle up front was tight between Horgdal and Cummins. Cummins could get close, but Horgdal maintained his advantage up front. Cummins would take to the top side of the speedway and got up to the leader once again. They were close on lap 21 burt Horgdal had the answer every time Cummins made a move.

At the checkered flag it was Horgdal who won his first ever feature race much to the delight of the crowd. Cummins was a close second and Davis’ run ended in a third place finish. Karau would finish the race in fourth with Doug Hillson fifth.

Racing will continue this Friday, July 3 with hot laps at 6:30 p.m. and racing to follow. On July 10 the track will continue its tradition with the annual fireworks show plus a full night of racing.


Feature: Kylie Kath, Jason Schlangen, A.J. Zvorak, Blake Arndt, Kadden Kath, Anthony Condit, Jayden Larson, Terry Kohnert, Mark Wytaske, Morgan Schrage, A.J. Johnston, David Henderson, Taylor Ovrebo, Chris Bruns, Mike Chisholm.

First Heat: Johnston, Kylie Kath, Kadden Kath, Ovrebo, Arndt, Kohnert, Henderson, Bruns.

Second Heat: Zvorak, Larson, Schlangen, Chisholm, Wytaske, Condit, Schrage.


Feature: Joe Horgdal, Jason Cummins, Brandon Davis, Darwyn Karau, Doug Hillson, Todd Scharkey, Greg Jensen, Alex Hanson, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Jacob Dahle.

First Heat: Davis, Pfeifer, Cummins, Hillson, Jensen.

Second Heat: Horgdal, Scharkey, Karau, Hanson, Dahle.

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