Wetzstein, Kath collect Chateau Raceway checkers
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July 3, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn.—Race fans kicked off the Fourth of July weekend in style with racing at the Chateau Raceway on Friday as an excellent field of cars turned out to perform on Lewison Spray Foam Insulation Night.

The KIK Graphix & Printing USRA B-Mod feature was a caution-filled event from the start. Seventeen cars took the green flag but yellow flag fever ensued. Josh Mattick led the race while Kylie Kath drove from 10th to second in two laps. With four laps completed the fifth caution flag flew and that cut five laps off the length of the race.

Kath took the lead on lap five and cruised to his third win of the season and second in a row. Mattick would finish second with Kadden Kath in third. Anthony Condit finished in the fourth spot and Jayden Larson would round out the top five.

Darwyn Karau took off from the pole to lead the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified feature. Keith Tourville gave chase on the top side of the track and stayed close to Karau. Steve Wetzstein, Jacob Dahle and Dwaine Hanson raced the wide for third with Hanson getting the position. Wetzstein challenged Hanson on lap seven and got to third.

Up front Karau ran right on the bottom and Tourville rocketed around the top side. Karau drove away and opened up the lead to a half straightaway as Wetzstein now battled Tourville for second. They were even on lap 12, then Wetzstein got the spot on lap 15, but Tourville returned the favor. One lap later Tourville got too strong into turn one and spun to bring out the yellow.

The green flag came out and it was an epic battle for the lead. Karau continued to run the bottom and now it was Wetzstein’s turn to blast around on the top shelf. They were side-by-side on lap 17 and Wetzstein took the lead on lap 19. Karau drove past Wetzstein to lead lap 20 and edge back out front. Wetzstein reeled Karau back in on lap 23 to take the lead.

Karau gathered things back up and led Wetzstein when the white flag came out. The crowd loved this one when the leaders charged into turn one. Karau pushed ever so slightly and that was all Wetzstein needed to again assume the lead. Karau gave it one last effort but Wetzstein came across the line first for his second win of the season. Karau’s quest for his first ever win ended in second with Joe Horgdal third, Hanson was fourth and Jacob Dahle was fifth.

Racing will continue this Friday, July 10, with the ever popular fireworks night along with racing in all six divisions. Hot laps are at 6:30 p.m with racing to follow.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, July 3, 2015


Feature: Steve Wetzstein, Darwyn Karau, Joe Horgdal, Dwaine Hanson, Jacob Dahle, Damon Haslip, Mick Glenn, Billy Steinberg, Doug Hillson, Keith Tourville, Greg Jensen, Josh Mattick.

Heat #1: Haslip, Wetzstein, Karau, Hillson, Tourville, Jensen.

Heat #2: Horgdal, Hanson, Dahle, Mattick, Glenn, Steinberg.


Feature: Kylie Kath, Josh Mattick, Kadden Kath, Anthony Condit, Jayden Larson, Beau Lammers, Mike Chisholm, Morgan Schrage, Tammy Soma Clark, Raey Hastings IV, Chris Bruns, Mark Wytaske, Taylor Ovrebo, Terry Kohnert, Channing Warner, David Henderson, Josh Ihlenfeld.

Heat #1: Mattick, Wytaske, Kadden Kath, Lammers, Henderson, Kohnert.

Heat #2: Kylie Kath, Ihlenfeld, Larson, Soma-Clark, Schrage, Hastings.

Heat #3: Chisholm, Condit, Ovrebo, Warner, Bruns.

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