Russell, Martin headline winner's list at Lucas Oil Speedway
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July 18, 2015  |  by Dan Robinson

WHEATLAND, Mo.—On a sweltering July evening, Jason Russell and Logan Martin stood tall in Andy's Frozen Custard Victory Lane on NWTF Race to Save the Hunt Night Presented by KODE 12 in Joplin at the Lucas Oil Speedway.

A great field of USRA B-Mods were on hand as NWTF and AM Best joined forces to offer up the $1,000 to win main event. After a furious race with Kris Jackson, Logan Martin once again proved to be the man to beat in 2015 as he scored a narrow win over Jackson. IMCA racer Jim Gillenwater, all the way from Keokuk, Iowa advanced one spot from his original starting position to cross the Foley Equipment finish line in the third spot. Fort Scott, Kansas' Andy Bryant worked his way to fourth after starting in 11th while Walker, Missouri's Gary Clark drove his 4G to fifth at the finish.

The final main event of the evening had a star studded field of Pitts Homes USRA Modified drivers as Logan Martin looked for a modified sweep but veteran racer and former track champion Jason Russell had other thoughts as he also utilized the topside to overtake Martin with 2 laps to go to score the win. Martin was able to hold on to second with Chanute, Kansas' John Allen working his way to third after starting in sixth. Bolivar's Jeff Cutshaw started seventh and finished fourth while Hutchinson, Kansas' Brandon Givens scored his first career top-5 as he crossed the line in the fifth spot.

Lucas Oil Speedway will be back in action next Saturday, July 25, for the Lucas Oil Monster Truck Nationals featuring Bigfoot's 40th Birthday Bash. For complete event information, please visit

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, July 18, 2015


Heat #1: 1. Gillenwater Jim, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 3. Gary Clark, Walker; 4. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 5. Tyler Brown, Richland; 6. Russell Niehoff, Lockwood; 7. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 8. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 9. Dalton McKenney, Clarksville; 10. Jake Richards, Kansas City, Kan.

Heat #2: 1. Logan Martin, West Plains; 2. Cody Nivens, Pleasant Hope; 3. Chad Clancy, Liberty ; 4. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 5. Tony Moore, Lebanon ; 6. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 7. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 8. Davis Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 9. Nate Thomas, Conway; 10. Jenica Thomas, Conway.

Heat #3: 1. Larissa Atnip, Jasper; 2. Stephen Muilenburg, Sparta; 3. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 4. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 5. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 6. Cayden Campbell, Nevada; 7. Morgan Campbell, Nevada; 8. Donald Jackson, Lebanon; 9. Eric Graves, Richland; 10. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage.

"B" Feature: 1. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 2. Dalton McKenney, Clarksville; 3. Tony Moore, Lebanon ; 4. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 5. Russell Niehoff, Lockwood; 6. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 7. Donald Jackson, Lebanon; 8. Morgan Campbell, Nevada; 9. Nate Thomas, Conway; 10. Davis Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 11. Jenica Thomas, Conway; 12. Eric Graves, Richland; 13. Jake Richards, Kansas City, Kan.; 14. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage.

"A" Feature: 1. Logan Martin, West Plains; 2. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 3. Gillenwater Jim, Keokuk, Iowa; 4. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 5. Gary Clark, Walker; 6. Chad Clancy, Liberty ; 7. Stephen Muilenburg, Sparta; 8. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 9. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 10. Cody Nivens, Pleasant Hope; 11. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 12. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 13. Tyler Brown, Richland; 14. Larissa Atnip, Jasper; 15. Dalton McKenney, Clarksville; 16. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 17. Russell Niehoff, Lockwood; 18. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 19. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 20. Donald Jackson, Lebanon; 21. Cayden Campbell, Nevada; 22. Morgan Campbell, Nevada; 23. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 24. Tony Moore, Lebanon.


Heat #1: 1. Jason Russell, Henley; 2. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 3. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 4. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 5. Tracy Wolf, Buffalo; 6. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 7. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 8. Colton Eck, Goddard, Kan.; 9. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln; 10. Stephen Muilenburg, Sparta.

Heat #2: 1. Logan Martin, West Plains; 2. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 3. Ryan Edde, Urbana; 4. Brandon Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 5. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 6. John Fellers, Flemington; 7. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 8. Shane Bias, Everton; 9. Robert Baltzel, Ozark; 10. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland.

Feature: 1. Jason Russell, Henley; 2. Logan Martin, West Plains; 3. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 4. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 5. Brandon Givens, Hutchinson, Kan.; 6. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 7. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 8. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 9. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 10. Stephen Muilenburg, Sparta; 11. Ryan Edde, Urbana; 12. John Fellers, Flemington; 13. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 14. Colton Eck, Goddard, Kan.; 15. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 16. Shane Bias, Everton; 17. Robert Baltzel, Ozark; 18. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln; 19. Tracy Wolf, Buffalo; 20. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland.

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