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July 24, 1998

Hobby Stocks
Heat Winners: 1. Rick Soules; 2. Dan Ross; 3. Jerry Groenwold.

B Feature: 1. Darrin Prins; 2. Steve Bents; 3. Katie Gillette.

A Feature: 1. Dan Ross; 2. Delwin Wittrock; 3. Rick Soules; 4. Jerry Groenwold; 5. Darrin Prins.

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat Winners: 1. John Fitzgerald; 2. Jerry Groenwold.

A Feature: 1. Jerry Groenwold; 2. Troy Winter; 3. Jason Krohn; 4. John Fitzgerald; 5. Jim Larson.

Heat Winners: 1. Aaron Weirsma; 2. Jason Wyfells.

A Feature: 1. Brad Van Orst; 2. Kevin Pospisil; 3. Shawn Reed; 4. Larry Revier; 5. Jason Wyfells.

Heat Winners: 1. Dan Strandberg; 2. Jason Hulstein.

A Feature: 1. Jason Hulstein; 2. Justin Luinenberg; 3. Darrin Blair; 4. Dan Strandberg; 5. Chad Overgaard.

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