Davis, Zvorak on top at Chateau Raceway
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August 7, 2015  |  by Todd Narveson

LANSING, Minn.—A large field of 86 cars jammed the Chateau Raceway for a show presented by MidwestRepairables.com. Two drivers continued their domination, and there was plenty of excitement on the track.

A field of 20 KIK Graphics & Printing USRA B-Mods took the green flag for their main event. Kadden Kath jumped off of row one followed closely by A.J. Zvorak. Zvorak was back for the first time in a month after a grinder of a crash at Deer Creek. The leaders were held tight with a number of yellow flags throughout this race.

The yellows were an advantage for points leader Kylie Kath. Kath had problems in his heat race and started 18th on the grid and was in the top five on lap six. Kadden Kath continued to lead, but Zvorak was right there on the leader. Zvorak swept to the lead on lap nine and Kylie Kath was now third. Zvorak would hold on for his fourth win, while Kadden Kath held off his older brother Kylie for second. Jason Schlangen rebounded after a spin to finish fourth and Taylor Ausrud was fifth.

Greg Jensen drove off of row one to lead the French’s Repair & Fabrication USRA Modified feature. Doug Hillson got to second but Jacob Dahle, Darwyn Karau and Jason Cummins all got by when Hillson got a little loose. They were three wide for fifth as Dahle challenged Jensen for the lead on lap four. Cummins and Karau were side-by-side for third and then all of a sudden in turn four they were four wide for the lead.

Dahle stormed to the lead with Karau, Cummins and Davis close behind. In a spectacular move out of turn four, Davis split between Karau and Cummins to take second on lap six. Cummins then drove by on the top side and took the lead with Davis in tow. Davis then took over on lap seven on the top side while Steve Wetzstein came from ninth and was up to third.

Davis ran the cushion with Cummins hanging with the leader. Davis had a few near misses as the cushion almost got him on several occasions. That would allow Cummins to make things interesting, but Davis was always able to gather his machine back up and hold the lead. Davis got to the checkered flag first for his sixth win of the year and 10th win overall. Cummins was second with Wetzstein, Karau and Dahle in the top five.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, Aug. 7, 2015


Feature: Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Steve Wetzstein, Darwyn Karau, Jacob Dahle, Doug Hillson, Damon Haslip, Dwaine Hanson, Greg Jensen, Michael Wytaske, Brian Shaw.

Heat #1: Cummins, Dahle, Hanson, Hillson, Shaw, Wetzstein.

Heat #2: Haslip, Davis, Karau, Wytaske, Jensen.


Feature: A.J. Zvorak, Kadden Kath, Kylie Kath, Jason Schlangen, Taylor Ausrud, Dan Tenold, Josh Mattick, Jayden Larson, Tammy Soma-Clark, Taylor Ovrebo, David Henderson, Raey Hastings IV, Morgan Schrage, Terry Kohnert, Anton Nelson, Chris Bruns, Derek Clement, Anthony Condit, Anthony Jennings, Mark Wytaske.

Heat #1: Larson, Ausrud, Soma-Clark, Nelson, Henderson, Kylie Kath, Wytaske.

Heat #2: Condit, Schlangen, Clement, Kadden Kath, Hastings, Kohnert, Ovrebo.

Heat #3: Zvorak, Tenold, Jennings, Schrage, Bruns, Mattick.

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