Waits, Walski winners at Deer Creek Speedway
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August 15, 2015  |  by Bill Nelson

Brad Waits celebrates after winning the USRA Modified feature on Saturday, Aug. 15, at the Deer Creek Speedway.

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—Saturday night at the Deer Creek Speedway, Kylie Kath and Shaun Walski battled early for the lead in the Wagner Trucking USRA B-Mod division. Walski took the point while Cole Queensland and Brandon Hare battled for a top five finish.

Kyle Anderson looked strong as he worked into second at the midway point after battling with Scott Demmer early on. Erik Kanz found the top side to his liking and on made a strong run from outside the five in the later stages of the race to work inside the top five.

At the finish it was Walski with the win, Anderson held off Kanz to finish second while Demmer and Queensland rounded out the top five.

Blake Arndt and Dustin Kruse took home B-Feature wins while Trevor Fecht, Kanz, Walski and Hare took home the heat race wins.

By the time the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds took to the track it was black and slick from top to bottom, which is a Brad Waits kind of of track.

Waits took the lead out of turn 2 on the opening lap with Jacob Bleess sitting in the second spot. Joe Horgdal ran in third early on with Josh Angst pressuring him for the spot. Angst took the spot while Jason Cummins and Brandon Davis had the best battle on the track.

By lap 10 the duo soon joined Horgdal to race three wide for the third spot. Davis took over the spot and then set sail for the front of the field. Davis worked past Angst for third on lap 20 and then moved past Bleess for the second spot as the white flew over the field.

Waits had almost a half-lap lead on the field as it ran caution-free for the 25-five lap feature event.

Heat races were won by Waits, Bleess and Cummins.

Racing action resumes next Saturday at 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.DeerCreekSpeedway.com or "LIKE" our Facebook Page. You can also follow us on Twitter @DeerCreekSpeed or on our YouTube channel.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015


"A" Feature: 1. Shaun Walski, 2. Kyle Anderson, 3. Erik Kanz, 4. Scott Demmer, 5. Cole Queensland, 6. Brandon Hare, 7. Alex Williamson, 8. Kadden Kath, 9. Cole Denner, 10. Trevor Fecht, 11. A.J. Zvorak, 12. Blake Arndt, 13. J.T. Wasmund, 14. Taylor Ausrud, 15. Kenny Boge Jr., 16. Cale Slawson, 17. Tanner Johnston, 18. Dan Christopher, 19. A.J. Johnston, 20. Jayden Larson, 21. Dustin Kruse, 22. Chris Roney, 23. Kylie Kath, 24. Trevis Underdahl.

"B" Feature #1: 1. Arndt, 2. Boge, 3. Wasmund, 4. T. Johnston, 5. Josh Barnes, 6. Russell Quinnell, 7. Steve Quinnell, 8. Nick Wagner.

"B" Feature #1: 1. Kruse, 2. Underdahl, 3. Ausrud, 4. Slawson, 5. Channing Warner, 6. Josh Ihlenfeld, 7. Mason Schwake, 8. David Pits.

Heat #1: 1. Fecht, 2. A. Johnston, 3. Kylie Kath, 4. Christopher, 5. Wasmund, 6. Barnes, 7. Arndt, 8. Wagner.

Heat #2: 1. Kanz, 2. Williamson, 3. Denner, 4. Kadden Kath, 5. Kruse, 6. Ausrud, 7. Ihlenfeld, 8. Schwake.

Heat #3: 1. Walski, 2. Queensland, 3. Roney, 4. Zvorak, 5. T. Johnston, 6. Boge, 7. R. Quinnell, 8. S. Quinnell.

Heat #4: 1. Hare, 2. Anderson, 3. Demmer, 4. Larson, 5. Underdahl, 6. Slawson, 7. Warner, 8. Pitz.


Feature: 1. Brad Waits, 2. Brandon Davis, 3. Jacob Bleess, 4. Josh Angst, 5. Jason Cummins, 6. Lucas Schott, 7. Joe Horgdal, 8. Darwyn Karau, 9. Jake Timm, 10. Mark Motl, 11. Joe Ludemann, 12. Joel Alberts, 13. Brandon Hare, 14. Alan Wagner, 15. Greg Jensen, 16. Tammy Soma-Clark, 17. Michael Wytaske, 18. Dwaine Hanson, 19. Les Duellman.

Heat #1: 1. Waits, 2. Timm, 3. Angst, 4. Karau, 5. Wytaske, 6. Jensen, 7. Ludemann.

Heat #2: 1. Bleess, 2. Hare, 3. Alberts, 4. Horgdal, 5. Motl, 6. Soma-Clark.

Heat #3: 1. Cummins, 2. Schott, 3. Davis, 4. Duellman, 5. Wagner, 6. Hanson.

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