Martin, Jackson score feature wins at Lucas Oil Speedway
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August 22, 2015  |  by Denae Robinson

Logan Martin is joined by family and crew members in victory after winning the USRA Modified main event on Saturday, Aug. 22, at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo.

WHEATLAND, Mo.—A lively crowd and a superior field of cars invaded Lucas Oil Speedway for TA/Petro Fan Appreciation Night presented by Ozarks Sports Zone on Saturday, Aug. 22. Logan Martin out of West Plains took top honors in the USRA Modifieds while Lebanon's Kris Jackson took the top spot in the USRA B-Mods.

First class to take the track were the USRA Modifieds led by racing veterans Terry Schultz and Jeff Cutshaw which set high standards for the rest of the field. Martin, however, wasted no time in charging past Schultz for the number one spot. Martin stayed up front with a comfortable lead and held off Schultz for the remainder of the race to take home the victory.

Schultz and Cutshaw didn't go very far back as they finished respectively in second and third. Jason Russell remained unchanged as he started fourth and finished there. Tyler Wolff of Fayetteville, Ark., rounded out the top-5 from tenth.

Kris Jackson is a household name around the Lucas Oil Speedway and once again he showed his dominance in the USRA B-Mod main event. He and Logan Martin showcased a hard fought battle for first before Martin spun and was sent to the tail.

Jackson remained in command for the rest of the race and secured the top spot. The top-5 was full of hard charges and amazing runs by some extremely experienced drivers. Shawn Strong was on a mission as he raced his way through the field from 18th to finish second. Mike Striegel, "The Wheatland Outlaw", was right with Strong the entire race as he started 17th and finished third. Eddie Schwope Jr. started fifth and ended in third while sixteen-year-old Andy Bryant flew through the field out of 19th to round out the top-5.

Eventual winner Kris Jackson (65) battles for the lead with Logan Martin (36) during the USRA B-Mod feature on Saturday, Aug. 22, at the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015


Heat #1: 1. Tyler Brown, Richland; 2. Doug Scism, Nevada; 3. Chase Austin, Eudora, Kan.; 4. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage; 5. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 6. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 7. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 8. Chuck Dobson, Wheatland.

Heat #2: 1. Logan Martin, West Plains; 2. Andrew Page, Columbia; 3. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 4. Scott Chism, Bolivar; 5. Shadren Turner, St. Joseph; 6. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 7. Nate Thomas, Conway; 8. Jenica Thomas, Conway.

Heat #3: 1. Wesley Smith, Nixa ; 2. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 3. Brian McGowen, Pittsburg, Kan.; 4. Eric Graves, Richland; 5. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 6. David Harris, Chilhowee; 7. Greg Hunt, Flemington.

Heat #4: 1. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 2. Eddie Schwope Jr., St. Joseph; 3. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 4. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 5. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 6. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 7. Shawn Strong, Billings.

B Feature: 1. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 2. Shawn Strong, Billings; 3. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 4. Chuck Dobson, Wheatland; 5. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 6. Robb Ewing, Stockton; 7. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 8. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 9. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 10. Greg Hunt, Flemington; 11. Jenica Thomas, Conway; 12. Nate Thomas, Conway; 13. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 14. David Harris, Chilhowee.

A Feature: 1. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 2. Shawn Strong, Billings; 3. Mike Striegel, Wheatland; 4. Eddie Schwope Jr., St. Joseph; 5. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 6. Chase Austin, Eudora, Kan.; 7. Shadren Turner, St. Joseph; 8. Logan Martin, West Plains; 9. Tyler Brown, Richland; 10. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 11. Brian McGowen, Pittsburg, Kan.; 12. Joshua Barnes, Cameron; 13. Justin Hunt, Flemington; 14. Doug Scism, Nevada; 15. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 16. Chuck Dobson, Wheatland; 17. Scott Chism, Bolivar; 18. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 19. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage; 20. Wesley Smith, Nixa ; 21. Andrew Page, Columbia; 22. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 23. Eric Graves, Richland; 24. Robb Ewing, Stockton.


Heat 1: 1. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 2. Logan Martin, West Plains; 3. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 4. Chase Domer, Nevada; 5. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 6. Lance Town, Louisburg, Kan.; 7. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 8. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland; 9. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 10. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln.

Heat 2: 1. Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 2. Jason Russell, Henley; 3. David Ralph, Raymore; 4. Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City; 5. Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark.; 6. Justin Neuman, Crocker; 7. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 8. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 9. Corey Botkins, Columbia; 10. Tyler Davis, Derby, Kan.

A Feature: 1. Logan Martin, West Plains; 2. Terry Schultz, Sedalia; 3. Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar; 4. Jason Russell, Henley; 5. Tyler Wolff, Fayetteville, Ark.; 6. Chase Domer, Nevada; 7. John Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 8. Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City; 9. Jason Pursley, Hermitage; 10. Chase Jones, Eldorado Springs; 11. Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs; 12. Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan.; 13. Eric Turner, Hermitage; 14. Corey Botkins, Columbia; 15. Lance Town, Louisburg, Kan.; 16. David Ralph, Raymore; 17. Donnie Fellers, Wheatland; 18. Justin Neuman, Crocker; 19. Nathan Vaughn, Lincoln; 20. Tyler Davis, Derby, Kan.

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