Karrick, Anderson, Schwope victorious at Lakeside Speedway
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September 4, 2015  |  by Larry Lowery Jr.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.—The meat of the show at Lakeside Speedway Friday was supposed to be the Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models, but in the end the excitement on the night was turned in by the USRA Weekly Racing Series classes.

It was just a week ago that Brett Heeter tied Kevin Anderson with seven wins on the season in the USRA Stock Car division. The rivalry continued on Friday night.

Larry Waters and Dean Hensler brought the Stock Car feature to the green flag. Hensler took command early. A stout three-car battle for second was going on behind him between Nate Barnes, Kevin McGinnis and Anderson.

Hensler, Barnes and Anderson sliced and diced their way at the front of the field, but on lap 5 is where it got exciting. Hensler slid up toward the wall out of turn 2 as Anderson got his best run of the night. It propeled him to the lead.

A late-race yellow bunched the field up and provided a chance for the points leader, Heeter, who started 11th, a chance at Anderson.

The battle never developed and Anderson sped off to his eighth win of the season. The win puts him with the most wins in the USRA Stock Car class this season.

Heeter edged out Barnes for the runner-up spot, Fourth went to Marshall Jewett and Tom Fogarty blasted to a fifth-place finish after starting 14th.

An intense shoot-out raged on in the USRA B-Mod main event.

Doug Keller established the early lead, but Eddie Schwope was glued to his rear quarter panel. Lap after lap, the two came by the flagstand side by side. A yellow at lap 7 bunched the racers back up once again.

As the race fired up again, so to did the battle at the front between Keller and Schwope. The drivers came across the stripe side by side once again. It was clear that Keller was starting to have some handling issues though.

Another yellow flag bunched up the field, but it was Schwope that was shown as the leader on the previous lap so he would be the one to restart in front of the field.

On this restart, Schwope took command and ran away with his first victory of the season. It marked the tenth different driver to win a USRA B-Mod feature this season at the Lakeside Speedway.

Keller went on to battle Chad Clancy for the second spot and win that battle. Clancy finished third after starting 15th, Mike Higley raced his way to fourth and rounding out the top 5 was Nick Newton.

The top two in the USRA Modified point standings—Kerry Davis and Tim Karrick—brought the field to the green flag to start of the feature.

Karrick, the former champ, showed that he still has what it takes as he jumped out to a big lead early in the feature.

It was just like the old days for Karrick. He maintained and then opened up a bigger lead over the second-place car of Davis.

Lapped traffic was the only chance that could hold Karrick up on this night, but it wouldn’t be as he worked around everyone as he rocketed to win #3 on the season.

Davis, the points leader, finished in the second spot. USRA Modified national points leader Terry Schultz raced his way up to third from seventh, Darron Fuqua went from tenth to fourth and Aaron Marrant started 14th and raced his way to a fifth-place finish.

Weekly racing continues next Friday night, Sept. 11. For more information on Lakeside Speedway log on to their home on the world wide web at www.lakesidespeedway.net.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Friday, Sept. 4, 2015


1. (2) 91 Eddie Schwope, St. Joseph, Mo.
2. (1) 77 Doug Keller, Easton, Mo.
3. (15) 21c Chad Clancy, Smithville, Mo.
4. (5) 11 Mike Higley, Kansas City, Mo.
5. (11) 3X3 Nick Newton, Kansas City
6. (10) 222 Colten Stevens, Basehor
7. (20) 17t Shadren Turner, St. Joseph, Mo.
8. (17) 42 Gene Claxton, Kansas City, Mo.
9. (16) 7x Lance Lincoln, Topeka
10. (13) 181 Luke Nieman, Nortonville
11. (9) 27b Jarret Beach, Tonganoxie
12. (4) 44 Sam Schuler Jr., Kansas City
13. (19) 49 Patrick Royalty, Kansas City
14. (21) 20t Mike Tanner, Kansas City, Mo.
15. (12) 55 Bronson Combs, Shawnee
16. (22) 15 Ed Noll, Excelsior Springs, Mo.
17. (23) 38 Matt Pugh, Overland Park
18. (18) 13 Stephen Blake Sr., Shawnee
19. (24) 23c Mandy Chick, De Soto
20. (14) 17 Dean Galvan, Bonner Springs
21. (3) 18 J.C. Morton, Springfield, Mo.
22. (6) 0 Chase Galvan, Bonner Springs
23. (7) 14 Kameron Grindstaff, Independence, Mo.
24. (8) 20y Yancy Shepard, Smithville, Mo.


1. (3) 417 Kevin Anderson, Kansas City, Mo.
2. (11) 05 Brett Heeter, Kansas City
3. (6) 29 Nate Barnes, Kearney, Mo.
4. (8) 7 Marshall Jewett, Gardner
5. (14) T2 Tom Fogarty, Olathe
6. (4) 17 Kevin Mcginnis, Kansas City
7. (5) 04 Chad Walker, Kansas City
8. (10) 5k Steve Herrick, Topeka
9. (9) 97j Jeff Elder, Smithville, Mo.
10. (2) 8 Dean Hensler, Weatherby Lake, Mo.
11. (12) 41k Vernon Kever, Kansas City, Mo.
12. (1) 53w Larry Waters, Kansas City
13. (13) 0t Bobby Tavis III, Leavenworth
14. (7) 8v Cody Vail
DNS - 27 David Oxford, Kansas City, Mo.


1. (2) 1k Tim Karrick, Basehor
2. (1) 68 Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo.
3. (7) 90 Terry Schultz, Sedalia, Mo.
4. (10) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta
5. (14) 70 Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
6. (8) 96 Jeremy Chambers, Parsons
7. (3) 3B Nic Bidinger, Perry
8. (5) 21t Lance Town, Wellsville
9. (11) 59 Jared Stiens, Maryville, Mo.
10. (17) 3j Lewis Jackson, Wellsville
11. (6) 66t Tyler Schmidt, Easton
12. (9) 86 Buddy Benedict, Independence, Mo.
13. (18) 14b Darren Bennett, Tonganoxie
14. (20) 7J Justin Johnson, Gardner
15. (16) 66m Max Grogan, Basehor
16. (13) 13h Eric Hanna, Maryville, Mo.
17. (12) 3 Bubba Harvey Jr., Kansas City
18. (4) 24 Brad Waits, Rochester, Minn.
19. (15) 21d Larry Clawson, Pleasan Valley, Mo.
20. (21) 29s Jeff Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
21. (19) 175 Jason Park, Kansas City (DQ)
DNS - 8s Jon Sheets, Nevada, Mo.

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