Davis, Queensland opening night winners at Deer Creek Speedway
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April 23, 2016  |  by Todd Narveson

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—It was a picture perfect day for the 21st season opener at Deer Creek Speedway. A stellar field of 110 cars filled the pits and a nice crowd was on hand for the program presented by Land Resource Management & Realty.

A big field of 33 Out-Pace USRA B-Mods took five heat races and a B-Main to whittle the field down the 26-car field for their feature run. Alex Williamson would make a great move from row two on the start and snookered the front row for the lead. Dustin Kruse and Mike Mehling raced for second while Cole Queensland moved to fourth on lap 3.

Queensland drove past Kruse for third on lap seven and then bolted by Mehling for second on la p eight. Williamson was gone out front when Queensland got to second, but a caution on lap nine would change the course of the race. Queensland was right on Williamson and stole the lead on lap 11 and then quickly opened up the lead.

Queensland the defending track champion picked up where he left off in 2015 when he got to the checkered flag a half straightaway in front of Williamson. Kylie Kath would come home in third while Mehling ended up fourth and Brandon Hare raced from 11th to fifth in the final rundown.

Brandon Davis and Jake Timm led the 19-car USRA Modified feature to the green flag.

A yellow right off the green flag would call back the initial start. Davis had his new Tri-Built Race Car cranked up and ran away from the pack. Timm, Joel Alberts and Erik Kanz were locked in a good battle for second. Mean while Lucas Schott was in the top five after he started ninth.

Schott raced past Alberts for fourth on lap 11 and closed in on Timm and Kanz. Davis was checked out and charged through lapped traffic while the race for second was very good. Schott caught the duo and zipped past them on lap 17 for second, but Davis was in a different area code at that time.

Davis roared away for his 47th career win at Deer Creek which now ties him with Jeff Brauer for fourth all-time. It was also Davis' third straight opening night win and his sixth lid lifter triumph. With the feature winner sticker program this year, the Modified feature winner will win $1000 for their efforts. Schott finished in second with Timm in third. Kanz's first Modified run was a good one in fourth and Jason Cummins finished fifth.

Racing will resume Saturday, April 30 with a 6:00 p.m. start time. Keep an eye on www.deercreekspeedway.com for further updates. Also "Like" our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @DeerCreekSpeed (#TheCreek) or view some previous season's action on our YouTube channel.


"A" Feature - Cole Queensland, Alex Williamson, Kylie Kath, Mike Mehling, Brandon Hare, J.T. Wasmund, Kadden Kath, Blake Arndt, Dustin Kruse, Shaun Walski, Miah Christensen, Jon Van Minsel, Jim Chisholm, Trevor Fecht, Jayden Larson, Kenny Boge Jr., Tanner Johnston, Nick Wagner, Zach Brom, John Feirn, Channing Warner, David Pitz, Cole Lonergan, A.J. Johnston, Dan Christopher, Scott Demmer

"B" Feature - Demmer, Chisholm, A.J. Johnston, Feirn, Brom, Pitz, Russell Quinnell, Steve Quinnell, Cole Christensen, Phillip Dunbar, Casey Struckman, Taylor Ausrud, Bill Stettner

First Heat - Wasmund, VanMinsel, Hare, Christopher, Demmer, Ausrud, C. Christensen

Second Heat - Queensland, Kylie Kath, Walski, Fecht, A. Johnston, Brom, Stettner

Third Heat - Williamson, Kadden Kath, M. Christensen, T. Johnston, Chisholm, Pitz, S. Quinnell

Fourth Heat - Wagner, Arndt, Larson, Lonergan, Feirn, R. Quinnell

Fifth Heat - Kruse, Mehling, Boge Jr., Warner, Struckman, Dunber


Feature - Brandon Davis, Lucas Schott, Jake Timm, Erik Kanz, Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Joel Alberts, Joe Horgdal, Josh Angst, Jacob Bleess, Alan Wagner, Darwyn Karau, Greg Jensen, Cory Crapser, Joe Ludemann, Dwaine Hanson, Owen Grube, Levi Nielsen, Tammy Soma-Clark

First Heat - Bleess, Foss, Alberts, Horgdal, Karau, Grube, Nielsen

Second Heat - Timm, Cummins, Kanz, Davis, Angst, Crapser

Third Heat - Schott, Wagner, Jensen, Ludemann, Hanson, Soma-Clark

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