Brooms come out at The Creek
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May 21, 2016  |  by Todd Narveson

Lucas Schott won the USRA Modified feature race.

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—After almost wintry conditions cancelled racing last weekend, the weather was spectacular for Jones True Value night at Deer Creek Speedway. A season high 117 race cars signed in the back gate and four drivers got the broom out with clean sweeps when they won both their heat race and feature event.

The Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mods ran five heats and two b-mains to whittle a 39-car field to the 26-car field that started the feature. Miah Christensen took the lead with polesitter Dustin Kruse in second. There would be a yellow on lap four for a four car incident. On the restart a big melee took place in turn one that completely blocked the track and brought out the red flag.

Christensen was solid up front through the race and Kylie Kath got to second with Jim Chisholm and Cole Queensland behind them. Then on lap 12 all heck broke loose on the backstretch into turn three. The pack behind the core lead group was in a tight pack. One car bounced off the wall and a violent crash ensued. At least eight cars were involved and several with heavily damaged. A 25-minute red flag period was in effect to clean up the crash scene.

When the race started again there was a pile-up on the start which involved another eight cars in turn four. The race did eventually get back under green and Christensen earned his first win and the sweep at Deer Creek after several years of racing here. Queensland would finish in second with Kath in third. Jon VanMinsel was fourth and Alex Williamson rounded out the top five.

A huge field of 31-NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modifieds raced their way into the 26-car starting field for their $1000 to win 25-lap main event. Levi Nielsen and Keith Foss led the pack to the green flag. Foss and Steve Wetzstein battled for the lead but a quick yellow slowed things down. The green flag came out and we were three wide up front with Foss, Wetzstein and Jake Timm.

Timm stole the lead on lap four, but Foss came right back on the top of the track to challenge. They went door-to-door on laps five through seven. Josh Angst got by Wetzstein for third and Lucas Schott cracked the top five after he started in row six. Jason Cummins came alive on the cushion and he moved to fourth.

Timm and Foss had a terrific race up front still side-by-side and they swapped the lead a couple of times. Foss led lap 11, but Timm returned the favor to steal it back on lap 12. Behind them Schott chugged along on the low side and snuck to the inside of Cummins for fourth. Timm and Foss were again alongside each other bur behind them Schott scooted past Cummins and Angst to take third.

While Timm and Foss battled for the lead, Schott quickly closed and shot past Foss for second on lap 20. Schott continued to charge and drove to the inside of Timm for the lead on lap 21. Schott blew by and took his second win of the year and the sweep also. Timm ended up second and Cummins snuck past Foss for third on the final lap with Brandon Davis fifth.

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United States RAcing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, May 21, 2016


Feature—Miah Christensen, Cole Queensland, Kylie Kath, Jon Van Minsel, Alex Williamson, Jim Chisholm, Kadden Kath, Nate Whitehurst, Jayden Larson, Zach Brom, Taylor Skauge, Jerry Young, Dustin Kruse, JT Wasmund, Andrew Bleess, Derek Clement, Dan Christopher, Josh Appel, Blake Arndt, Kenny Boge Jr., Bill Stettner, Taylor Ausrud, Brandon Hare, AJ Johnston, Tanner Johnston, Aaron Wiersma

B-Main #1—Christopher, Brom, Boge Jr., Cole Lonergan, Nick Wagner (Winona), Channing Warner, Chris Bruns, Jim Struckman, Russ Quinnell, Steve Quinnell

B-Main #2—Kadden Kath, T. Johnston, Larson, Scott Demmer, Trevor Fecht, Nick Wagner (Osage, IA), Christian Warner, Cole Christensen, David Pitz

First Heat—Skauge, Chisholm, Stettner, Wiersma, Christopher, Demmer, Bruns, R. Quinnell

Second Heat—Queensland, Kylie Kath, Whitehurst, A. Johnston, Larson, Channing Warner, N Wagner (Osage, IA), Pitz

Third Heat—Hare, Kruse, Ausrud, Young, Nick Wagner (Winona), Christian Warner, Brom, C. Christensen

Fourth Heat—M. Christensen, Bleess, Williamson, Wasmund, T. Johnston, Lonergan, Struckman, S. Quinnell

Fifth Heat—Van Minsel, Appel, Clement, Arndt, Boge Jr., Kadden Kath, Fecht


Feature—Lucas Schott, Jake Timm, Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Brandon Davis, Josh Angst, Jacob Bleess, Kevin Stoa, Darwyn Karau, Joe Ludemann, Adam Hensel, Levi Nielsen, Dustin Sorensen, Jacob Dahle, Cole Ferguson, Joel Alberts, John Doelle, Mick Glenn, Greg Jensen, Alan Wagner, Bill Clemens, Chris Loberg, Steve Wetzstein, Cole Hall, Alex Hanson, Cale Slawson

B-Main—Wagner, Doelle, Hall, Ferguson, Jensen, Slawson, Owen Grube, Tammy Soma-Clark, Jake Stark, Jim King, Joe Horgdal

First Heat—Angst, Timm, Karau, Davis, Glenn, King, Hall, Horgdal

Second Heat—Schott, Stoa, Alberts, Hensel, Ludemann, Wagner, Doelle, Jensen

Third Heat—Foss, Cummins, Wetzstein, Clemens, Loberg, Ferguson, Grube, Soma-Clark

Fourth Heat—Sorensen, Bleess, Nielsen, Dahle, Hensel, Slawson, Stark

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