Gallardo, Torres take big money at Southern New Mexico Speedway
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May 28, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

LAS CRUCES, N.M.—It was a wild night at the Southern New Mexico Speedway as the USRA Modifieds raced for $1,000 to win.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars showed up with 19 cars tonight so they got a full 25 laps in their main event. Ed Engel went to the lead after trouble from some of the starting row and the first three laps were his. But after the checkered dropped, it was last-starting Jaime Torres taking the win ahead of Martin Robinson, Javie Chavez and Turner.

The $1,000-to-win USRA Modified feature saw 24 cars go 30 laps with polesitter Jimmy Ray jumping out to a quick to the lead . When the checkered flag waved, Fito Gallardo cruise across the line with Phillip Houston having a great late run and taking second. Todd Harper was third after running up front all night long.

If you missed the action tonight, then don’t make the same mistake next weekend as we go points racing at the Southern New Mexico Speedway. Gates open at 5:30 and racing starts at 7:45.

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United States RAcing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Southern New Mexico Speedway, Las Cruces, N.M.
Saturday, May 28, 2016

1. 44JT Jaime Torres
2. 21Z Martin Robinson
3. 64 Javie Chavez
4. 0 Lloyd Turner
5. 13 Victor Colorbio
6. 22 Jack Skillin
7. 44X George La Rose
8. 3D Rudy Munoz
9. 11 Cliff Evrage
10. 10 John Diamond
11. 777 Peter Vargas
12. 7 Don Parra
13. 00ET Ed Engel
14. 88 Nathan Smith
15. 11C Anthony Crespin
16. 36 Randy Mims
17. 4T Timberly Swaim
18. 37 Robert Trujillo
19. 42 Brent Dreyer

1. G17 Fito Gallardo
2. 71 Philip Houston
3. 3T Todd Harper
4. 07 Donavon Flores
5. 131 Royal Jones
6. 28 Tom Georges
7. 101 Butch Reid
8. 99 Terry Tipton
9. 49 Duane Murphy
10. 30 Travis Tipton
11. 85 Austin Adams
12. 65 Dustin Smith
13. 39H Nick Herrera
14. 32 Max Sadler
15. 86 Jared Perez
16. 50 Ralph Adams Jr.
17. 111 Bumper Jones
18. 9 Jimmy Ray
19. M16 Rick Gallardo
20. 44 Christy Georges-Barnett
21. 65X Carlos Ahumada Jr.
22. 23J Greg Jelvik
23. J17 Jake Gallardo
24. J16 Joshua Gallardo

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