Smith sails to Texas Outlaw Modified Series win at Southern Oklahoma Speedway
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June 4, 2016  |  by Don Cook, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

ARDMORE, Okla.—Most of the dirt tracks in North Texas were rained out Saturday night, so several of the cars and drivers from Texas made the trip to Southern Oklahoma Speedway for some racing.

SOS was running five classes of cars that included the exciting Texas Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS). A large field of 52 USRA Modifieds battled it out for the 24 starting positions in the $1,500-to-win A-main.

Kevin Sustaire took the early lead. But two laps into the feature but spun out, taking Triston Dycus with him. That opened the door for Colby Smith to rocket to the lead. Smith blew away the field to take the feature win.

Mike Dillard was second, C.A. Nix was third, Dean Abbey was fourth and Blaine Shivers rounded out the top five.

Max Eddie Thomas, Sustaire, Clyde Dunn Jr., Chad Howell and Philip Houston, rounded out the top 10.

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United States RAcing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Texas Outlaw Modified Series
Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Ardmore, Okla.
Saturday, June 4, 2016


Heat #1: (871k) Kevin Sustaire, (15c) Cam Chase, (66x) Mike Dillard, (21k) Kyle Sweeny, (38) Ronnie Gould III, (39) Justin Nabors, (03) Mike Hathcock, (w71) Harold Witton Sr.

Heat #2: (49) Chad Howell, (17p) Travis Penrod, ((11x) Wesley Veal, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr., (02) Kyle Robinson, (14) Travis Bragg, (3) Sam Cox, (11) Matt Martin, (32) Doug Byran.

Heat #3: (14t) Triston Dycus, (01) Colby Smith, (31) Shane Hartline, (14x) Josh Landers, (8) Max Eddie Thomas, (74) Jason Hammonds, (5x) Danny Veal, (7x) Rory Jordan, (10j) Robin Martin.

Heat #4: (22) Dawson Freeman, (171) Tanner Houston, (56) Troy Taylor, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (60) William Gould, (17) Jason Sartain, (73) Jim Knight, (61) Michael Ables.

Heat #5: (34n) C.A Nix, (1) Kyle Schmidt, (d25) David Tanner, (71) Phillip Houston, (91) Dean Abbey, (7) Bryan Schutte, (57k) Kelly King.

Heat #6: (777) Blaine Shives, (55h) Buddy Honiker, (88) Shawn Gammage, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen, (50) Matt Guillime, (71w) Harold Winton Jr., (c7) Chris Corntassle, (99) John Bailey, (774) John Deborde.

Smiley’s Racing Chassis B-Main #1: (14x) Josh Landers, (91) Dean Abbey, (88) Shawn Gammage, (55h) Buddy Honiker, (21k) Kyle Sweeny, (14) Travis Bragg, (57k) Kelly King, (7x) Rory Jordan, (99) John Bailey, (c7) Chris Corntassle.

CAM Chassis B-Main #2: (71) Phillip Houston, (56) Troy Taylor, (50) Matt Guillime, (74) Jason Hammonds, (61) Michael Ables, (03) Mike Hathcock, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (774) John Deborde.

Taylor Made Counter Tops B-Main #3: (8) Max Eddie Thomas, (38) Ronnie Gould III, (17) Jason Sartain, (11x) Wesley Veal, (31) Shane Hartline, (32) Doug Byran, (71w) Harold Winton Jr., (w71) Harold Witton Sr., (5x) Danny Veal, (86) Victor Keeling.

Southern Oklahoma Speedway B-Main #4: (02) Kyle Robinson, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr., (7) Bryan Schutte, (60) William Gould, (3) Sam Cox, (d25) David Tanner, (39) Justin Nabors, (73) Jim Knight, (11) Matt Martin, (10j) Robin Martin.

Day Motor Sports A-Main: (01) Colby Smith, (66x) Mike Dillard, (34n) C.A Nix, (91) Dean Abbey, (777) Blaine Shives, (8) Max Eddie Thomas, (871k) Kevin Sustaire, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr., (49) Chad Howell, (71) Phillip Houston, (14t) Triston Dycus, (15c) Cam Chase, (1) Kyle Schmidt, (02) Kyle Robinson, (14x) Josh Landers, (55h) Buddy Honiker, (56) Troy Taylor, (11x) Wesley Veal, (17p) Travis Penrod, (38) Ronnie Gould III, (171) Tanner Houston, (39) Justin Nabors, (32) Doug Byrns, (22) Dawson Freeman.

Lap Leaders Sustaire 1-2, Colby Smith 3-25.
Smiley’s/Superior Wheels Hard Charger: Abbey.
Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: Colby Smith.
Frtizphoto Pole: Tanner Houston.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Day Motor Sports, CAM Chassis, Fritzphoto, Wyatt Sheet Metal, Five1Seven Designs, All-Star Graphics, K&R Promotions, Superior Wheels, Tailor Made Counter Tops, Norris Box, Southern Oklahoma Speedway.

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