Donlan, Chodur, Borchardt Sunday winners at Mason City Motor Speedway
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June 5, 2016  |  by Jared Patterson, Globe Gazette

MASON CITY, Iowa—As Andrew Borchardt rolled off the scales in the tech area after Sunday’s USRA Hobby Stock feature at Mason City Motor Speedway, all Cory Gansen could do was give him a thumbs up with a grin.

It was then a few slaps on the hood before a handshake ensued as the drivers talked about a wild final few circuits.

Gansen felt he stole a feature win late from Borchardt. It turned out Borchardt had enough time to return the favor as the two swapped the lead twice in the final two laps before Borchardt’s last-lap pass vaulted him into Casey's General Store Victory Lane.

“It just took one little bobble for both of us,” Borchardt said. “I was fortunate enough for him to make the bobble last.”

Borchardt dominated the 15-lap feature until a barrage of late-race cautions laid the groundwork for some drama.

Chanse Hollatz piloted one of the quickest cars in the 21-car field from the tail after being sent to the rear on a first-corner caution to take third.

Ultimately, it was a two-car battle for Sunday’s feature win.

Gansen took the lead with two laps remaining, giving a small nudge to Borchardt to slide by. One lap later, in the same part of the race track, Borchardt returned the favor.

“A lot of these younger guys who are coming up are pretty good,” Gansen said.

“What a race. Andrew is really good on a dry-slick track. I like the heavy track. I showed him a lap earlier how to do it and he did it right back to me.”

Added Borchardt, “I kept thinking ‘don’t slide up at all’, and the last one I did. It turned out he did the same thing, and I squeezed by him, powered by him and won it.”

In the Out-Pace USRA B-Mods, it was difficult for some drivers to simply find a starting spot in the ‘A’ feature.

With 34 entries, Nate Chodur was the one celebrating in victory lane after a green-white-checkered finish.

“I don’t have any words for what this means to our program. It’s been a long dry spell,” said Chodur, who beat Brandon Hare, Dan Hovden and Kylie Kath to the finish. “There were high-caliber drivers in the whole field.”

Kevin Donlan raced his way from outside of the fifth row to win the Holley USRA Stock Car feature. Cody Frerichs and Todd Staley were locked in a 1-2 battle early before Donlan darted by both on his way to

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mason City Motor Speedway, Mason City, Iowa
Sunday, June 5, 2016

USRA HOBBY STOCKS – 1. Andrew Borchardt, 2. Cory Gansen, 3. Chanse Hollatz, 4. Scott Spilde, 5. Tanner Green, 6. Weston Koop, 7. Blaine Hanson, 8. Scott Dobel, 9. Steve Holthaus, 10. Derek Willert, 11. Brady Link, 12. Travis Johnson, 13. Stac Schroeder, 14. Zach Smith, 15. Brandon Schaer, 16. Jay Servantez, 17. Jim Lokenvitz, 18. Jonathon Trunkhill, 19. Spencer Cole, 20. Neil Franzen, 21. Dennie Paulson.

OUT-PACE USRA B-MODS – 1. Nate Chodur, 2. Brandon Hare, 3. Dan Hovden, 4. Kylie Kath, 5. Jared Boumeester, 6. Alex Zwanziger, 7. Josh Appel, 8. Nate Whitehurst, 9. Kadden Kath, 10. Jason Schlangen, 11. Ryan Hiscocks, 12. Autum Anderson, 13. Kaleb Lienhard, 14. Dallas Nutt, 15. Nick Wagner, 16. Jeremy Grantham, 17. Scott Demmer, 18. Jackson Hale, 19. Jayden Larson, 20. Kyle Germundson, 21. Dan Tenold, 22. Lyle Sathoff, 23. George Nordman, 24. Jared Timmerman.

HOLLEY USRA STOCK CARS – 1. Kevin Donlan, 2. Cody Frerichs, 3. Todd Staley, 4. Calvin Lange, 5. Jared Dirks, 6. Luke Sathoff, 7. Andrew Lokenvitz, 8. Pat Graham, 9. Malcolm Teachout, 10. Dan Feltus, 11. Blake Cole, 12. Kellie Schmit, 13. Andy Stinson, 14. Josh Zieman, 15. Joe Willier, 16. Jim Scribner, 17. Kevin Opheim, 18. Jesse Brown, 19. Shawn Wilson.

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