Wasmund wins career first at Deer Creek
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July 2, 2016  |  by Todd Narveson

J.T. Wasmund won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—It was an absolute picture perfect evening for racing at Deer Creek Speedway for the annual Firecracker special. The program was presented by Trom Transport, Pfister Seed, BK Millright, Adams Graphix and Charlie’s Auto Repair. There was also a big fireworks display that followed the program by Flashing Thunder. A season high 121 race cars jammed the pit area and a big crowd turned out to witness the fireworks in the sky and on the track.

There was some unfinished business to take care of from last week’s show and that was to complete the NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modified feature that was halted after four laps due to rain. The 25-lap race was picked up at that point and defending track champion Josh Angst led the entire race to win his second feature of the season. Angst then reeled off 30-push-ups to raise money for Join The Journey. Jason Cummins finished second with Jake Timm, Brandon Davis and Keith Foss in the top five.

Josh Angst won the make-up USRA Modified feature.

The Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mod drivers did a great job this week in their feature race. They have had all sorts of issues in the previous weeks with a lot of yellow flags. Race director Justin Queensland had a special drivers meeting with them before the races and did it ever pay off. Their 18-lap feature went with only one caution flag this week.

J.T. Wasmund took the lead and was trailed by Andrew Bleess and Nick Wagner. Cole Queenland got to fourth and then to third on lap seven. Kylie Kath charged from ninth and was in the top five on lap nine. Wasmund and Bleess had pulled away a bit, but Queensland reeled them in and Kath moved closed too. The race got the two to go signal when Bleess slid up the track and regained control. Queensland and Kath got together and they spun with the yellow flag waving. Both drivers were knocked from contention and that would set up a wild two-lap dash to the finish.

Wasmund led the field to the green with Shaun Walski now second. Walski made a big move in turn two on the final lap and slid up alongside Wasmund. Wasmund who is just 13-years old was unfazed and powered by Walski to hang on to the lead. Wasmund got to the checkered flag first for his first career win. Walski finished in second with Bleess in third. Kadden Kath and Nick Wagner came home fourth and fifth.

Brandon Davis would rocket to the lead from row one and lead the entire 25-lap NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modified feature. Davis drove away from the pack and dominated for his third win of the season. Josh Angst settled in for second after and early battle with Bob Timm. Lucas Schott picked up a third place finish on the final lap when he passed Timm. Jason Cummins would get his sixth top five finish of the season.

Brandon Davis won the regularly-scheduled USRA Modified feature.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, July 2, 2016


A-Main: J.T. Wasmund, Shaun Walski, Andrew Bleess, Kadden Kath, Nick Wagner, Alex Williamson, Jerry Young, Miah Christensen, Zach Brom, Jim Chisholm, Brandon Hare, Derek Clement, Josh Ihlenfeld, Dustin Kruse, Kyle Brown, Cody Ahrendt, Tyler Tesch, Kenny Boge Jr., Devon Schlumbohm, Cole Queensland, Tanner Johnston, Jayden Larson, Kylie Kath, David Pitz.

B-Main #1: Chisholm, Clement, T. Johnston, Tesch, Channing Warner, Cole Christensen, Dennis Dunber, Greg Erickson, Steve Quinnell, Dylan Apenhorst, Seth Scholl.

B-Main #2: Larson, Kruse, Ahrendt, Boge, Anton Nelson, Russ Quinnell, Elizabeth Loberg, Cole Lonergan, AJ Johnston, Casey Struckman.

Heat #1: Queensland, Pitz, Ihlenfeld, Brown, T. Johnston, Erickson, Struckman, Clement, Apenhorst

Heat #2: Kadden Kath, Wagner, Brom, Hare, Larson, Kruse, Ahrendt, S. Quinnell, Boge.

Heat #3: Kylie Kath, Wasmund, Williamson, Chisholm, C. Christensen, Warner, A. Johnston, Dunbar

Heat #4: Walski, Young, Bleess, Schlimbohm, Lonergan, R. Quinnell, Loberg, Scholl, Nelson


A-Main: Brandon Davis, Josh Angst, Lucas Schott, Bob Timm, Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Jake Timm, John Doelle, Dustin Sorensen, Joel Alberts, Kevin Stoa, Jacob Bleess, Mick Glenn, Mark Motl, Jacob Dahle, Brian Albrecht, Les Duellman, Joe Horgdal, Bill Clemens, Joe Ludemann, Alan Wagner, Greg Jensen, Darwyn Karau, Keith Tourville.

B-Main: Dahle, Glenn, Wagner, Ludemann, Karau, Motl, Duellman, Clemens, Mike Densberger, Alex Hanson, Chris Loberg, Jim King, Tammy Soma-Clark.

Heat #1: Davis, B. Timm, Doelle, J. Timm, Dahle, Densberger, Duellman, King.

Heat #2: Angst, Schott, Tourville, Horgdal, Glenn, Motl, Hanson.

Heat #3: Alberts, Albrecht, Stoa, Jensen, Wagner, Karau, Soma-Clark.

Heat #4: Cummins, Bleess, Foss, Sorensen, Ludemann, Loberg, Clemens.

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