Gallardo, Turner score Southern New Mexico Speedway victories
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July 9, 2016  |  by Walker Akers

Jake Gallardo won the USRA Modified feature.

Drivers have gathered at the Southern New Mexico Speedway and the track is prepped and primed cause it’s show time! USRA Modifieds and Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars graced us with their presence tonight.

The Sun Valley Hardware USRA Stock Cars up to the plate first tonight as they go a full 15 laps. The 32b of Bagwell leading lap 1 but after that it’s not long for the man with a plan, Lloyd Turner in 0, to take the lead and never look back! The 21z of Robinson would be on the move early but 6 in and caution would fly. The 07 of Donovan Flores coming through the pack as well but it’s the 44Jt of Jaime Torres going full stem and charging into second already. Torres would run on the bumper of Lloyd Turner for awhile but as the 0 started to pull away another caution would fly for the 07 and 21z going around with only 5 to go! Both to the rear and the field away again. Torres on the gas in this one but it wont stick yet. White flag waving and Torres gonna give it one more shot to get around Turner but around goes the 44JT from second! The 0 clear of the field now and its Lloyd Turner winning 2 in a row at Southern New Mexico Speedway! The 07 of Donovan Flores charges all the way back up to second after that spin with 5 to go. The 777 of Pete Vargas into third at the line!

The track had slicked and the USRA Modifieds where prepped! It’s modified time! The 111 of Bumper Jones started on the pole and tonight he was not an easy man to pass! Jones would lead the first two laps clean with the J17 right on his tail but a caution would change things up. Bumper Jones away but the J17 of Jake Gallardo not letting him slip into the night yet. J17 looking all over to get the lead but nothing is gonna roll. G17 of Fito Gallardo headed right up front with the others. The 111 holding tight to his line but J17 not one to give up and at the line after 5 it’s the J17 of Jake Gallardo taking the lead. The 11 not done with the show yet and Bumper slides his way back into the lead! It’s a dog fight now but Bumper only has 1 lap left up front because the J17 goes right back by as they drag race! Only 8 laps into this 25-lap race and the field is stacking up on the leaders. A few cautions in this one would keep the J17 from running away with it but the outcome would be the same at the end. The J17 of Jake Gallardo wins yet another at the Southern New Mexico Speedway! The G17 of Fito Gallardo moved his way around the 111 of Bumper Jones to lock up second in this one. Bumper Jones third after leading the early laps and the 99 of Terry Tipton all the 4 up to fourth after going to the back for a caution! Royal Jones finishes fifth as he was on a late race charge to the front.

If you missed the racing tonight then next week is not one you want to miss! The Border International 305 Winged Sprint Cars will come out to play and the big guns aint gonna hide. The gates open at 5:30 but racing starts at 7:45! Don’t miss out and don’t be late!

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Southern New Mexico Speedway, Las Cruces, N.M.
Saturday, July 9, 2016

1. J17 Jake Gallardo
2. G17 Fito Gallardo
3. 111 Bumper Jones
4. 99 Terry Tipton
5. 131 Royal Jones
6. 44 Christy Georges-Barnett
7. M16 Rick Gallardo
8. 07 Donavon Flores
9. 3T Todd Harper
10. 65X Carlos Ahumada Jr.
11. 9 Jimmy Ray
12. 85 Austin Adams
13. 28 Tom Georges
14. J16 Joshua Gallardo
15. 39H Nick Herrera
16. 105 Billy Johnson
17. 6 Joe Lackey
18. 71 Philip Houston
19. 43 Chad Falco
20. 30 Travis Tipton
21. 49 Duane Murphy

1. 0 Lloyd Turner
2. 07 Donavon Flores
3. 777 Peter Vargas
4. 21Z Martin Robinson
5. 32B Bryan Bagwell
6. 10 Bryan Bennett
7. 11 Cliff Evrage
8. 42 Brent Dreyer
9. 44JT Jaime Torres
10. 13RLT Dane Boerger
DNS - 7 Jonathan Faulkner

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