Myer masters Deer Creek Modified field
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April 22, 2006  |  by Bill Nelson

Tommy Myer won the USRA Modified feature at Deer Creek Speedway on Saturday, April 22.

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. -- A field of 125 cars were on hand during Fastenal night at the races. The track was slightly rough during the heat races after all of the rain the speedway received this week. The crew bladed it down before the features and put a light mist down to smooth out what was left and the track was lightning fast the rest of the night for the features.

Racing action started at five o’clock and ended shortly before 9:30 with the small delay in track prep before the features.

The Fastenal crew was busy in the hospitality area with a tire changing game for those who wanted to try their hand at a NASCAR tire change. They also brought along the #18 Bobby Hamilton Jr. NASCAR Craftsman Truck for display that had a crowd gathered around it all night. Chris Ausrud and Scott Hilgemann each won a pair of tickets for the Milwaukee Mile Craftsman Truck race that was given away by Fastenal. Cindy Seabright also received a pair of tickets to an upcoming Martina McBride concert at the Midwest Wireless Center in Makato MN courtesy of Midwest Wireless.

The USRA modifieds were wicked fast on the tacky racing surface with Tim Donlinger leading early.

A couple quick cautions settled the field down slightly with Tommy Myer in second and Brad Waits looking strong in third. Two laps down and Myer moved into the lead with Mike Sorensen, Bob Timm and Steve Arpin dicing it up for fourth.

A restart with twenty one to go saw Myer jump back out into the lead, Waits up into second and Arpin into fourth. A caution came out for debri’s as the field slowed Arpin and Soresen got locked together ending Arpin’s night.

With fifteen to go Myer had worked back into a full straight lead with lots of great racing behind his dominating performance. Donlinger and Waits touched on a restart with Waits dropping back a few spots and Sorensen working past Donlinger into second.

Nine to go and Donlinger had his hands full with Corey Dripps and Bob Timm as they ran three wide for position.

Timm moved into third with Donlinger and Dripps left to determine the outcome for fourth and fifth. Timm got a flat on the last lap falling back through the field with Nate Wasmund having a good run to round out the top five behind Donlinger and Dripps with Myer and Sorensen taking home the top spots.


“A” Feature - Tommy Myer, Mike Sorensen, Tim Donlinger, Corey Dripps, Nate Wasmund, Ryan York, Ron Konkel, Brad Waits, Bob Timm, Alan Mondus.

“B” Feature – Steve Wetzstein, Brian Shaw, Doug Hillson, Mike Budensiek, Dave Wytaske Jr.

Heat 1 – Jeff Schluetter, Jay Poidinger, Terry Timmerman, Bob Fisher, Bobby Sorensen.

Heat 2 – Mondus, M. Sorensen, York, Dain Schultz, Wasmund.

Heat 3 – Waits, Timm, Steve Arpin, Konkel, Ben Rippentrop.

Heat 4 – Myer, Donlinger, Brad Bakken, Dripps, Tom Paulson.

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