BST Modified Series opening weekend is here
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May 3, 2006  |  by Chris Martinez

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- After a long off-season, the 2006 USRA BST Modified Series opening weekend is here.

Sherman County Speedway in Goodland, Kan., will be opening their gates for the first time in the 2006 season and the series is honored to be part of their opening day action.

When BST went to Goodland in 2005 Darren Deloach from Lamar, Colo., and Ken Maloney of Keenesburg, Colo., fought an incredible battle in search of the win.

Will the two pick up where they left off or will the fans of Goodland see an unfamiliar face in the winners circle?

The best way to find out is making the easy drive to Goodland Kansas and have your seat by 6 p.m. (MST). The action will be nothing short of spectacular as the speedway will have all the great local divisions and drivers on hand as well.

Ok, so now you're in Goodland and itís a Saturday night after the races. What do you do? Grab a room at one of the many hotels or motels in town, spend the night, get up Sunday do some breakfast, check out the cool little town that is Goodland then jump on I-70 and drive about 35 miles east to Colby, Kan. -- home of Thomas County Speedway.

Ok, now if you plan this right, you can go to Montana Mike's Steak House from 2-4 p.m. in Colby before the races and check out some of the USRA BST Modifieds first hand and grab one of the best meals you will have all summer.

Ok, now your stuffed, right? Hope you donít get sick on roller coasters because that is what watching a race at Thomas County Speedway is like. Getting to the track to see it for the first time is like seeing the big drop of the coaster as you stand in line, then the cars come out to pack the track and its like you can now see the coaster cars being loaded from the line your in. Now its heat race time on the track and it feels like you are strapped in to that coaster car and headed up that long, long approach that you know will top off.

Then the main events roll out on to the track and you got it, your barreling down that first drop of the coaster at what feels like a zillion miles an hour and flung into a huge left hand sweep with yet more speed headed into the next crazy turn or maybe even a cork screw/barrel roll and just like the roller coaster, the races will come to an end but I guarantee this is one of those rides you will want to do again and again.

So will Nick Tubbs win this yearís event or will one of the invaders from Colorado take the win? Before I forget I need to mention that the races in Colby start at 7 p.m. (CST) and the trophy sponsors for the USRA BST Modified Series main events at Goodland is A-1 Differential and at Colby it is Buckeye Welding Supply.

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