Strong leads the way at Lucas Oil Speedway
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August 6, 2016  |  by Lyndal Scranton

Shawn Strong won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

WHEATLAND, Mo.—Shawn Strong of Billings led all 20 laps to capture his second Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature win of the season Saturday at the Lucas Oil Speedway.

Strong held on after a restart with four laps to go.

Lebanon's Kris Jackson was second and season points leader J.C. Morton of Springfield was third.

The victory for Strong snapped a streak of back-to-back runner-up finishes.

His other feature win came on June 25.

No racing is scheduled next weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway. The next action is Aug. 20 with Travel Centers of America Night presented by Petro Stopping Centers.

The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds will be featured, running a special 25-lap feature paying $750 to win. Other classes in action include the ALPS Food Store ULMA Late Models, the Carson's Corner Napa Street Stocks and the Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods.

Gates will open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 and racing at 7:30 in the next-to-last Budweiser Weekly Championship Series program before the season championships on Aug. 27.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016


Heat #1: 1. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 2. Brian Myers, Lebanon; 3. Dalton McKenney, Clarksville; 4. Jerry Morgan, Fort Scott, Kan.; 5. Tyler Kidwell, Chanute, Kan.; 6. Brian McGowen, Pittsburg, Kan.; 7. Riley Whitworth, Humbolt, Kan.; 8. Casey Thomas, Camdenton; 9. Jacob Davis, Strafford; 10. Sam Petty, Marshfield; 11. Chase Austin, Eudora , Kan.

Heat #2: 1. Yancy Shepard, Edgerton; 2. Cody Frazon, LaMonte; 3. Mike Tanner, Smithville; 4. Rusty Skaggs, Fort Scott, Kan.; 5. Andrew Smith, Rogersville; 6. Jayden Bears, Smithville; 7. Steve Johnson, Joplin; 8. Donald Jackson, Lebanon; 9. Donald McIntosh, 10. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 11. Tyler Imhoff, Boonville.

Heat #3: 1. Shawn Strong, Billings; 2. Derek Watson, Willard; 3. JC Morton, Springfield; 4. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 5. Michael Maggard, Republic; 6. Rusty Rickard, Shell Knob; 7. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 8. Rod Inman, Springfield; 9. Andrew Page, Columbia; 10. Kevin Morrow, Nevada; 11. Ryan Lewis, Urbana.

Heat #4: 1. Dylan Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 2. Tyler Lewis, Columbia ; 3. Cody Jolly, Jasper; 4. Tyler Brown, Richland; 5. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 6. Hunter Byers, Rogers, Ark.; 7. Shawn Duncan, Lockwood; 8. Gary Fain, Lone Jack; 9. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage; 10. Jason Mallory, Solomon, Kan.

Heat #5: 1. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 2. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 3. Galen Hassler, Columbia; 4. Mike Hailman, Reeds Spring; 5. Brent Bloom, Nevada; 6. Bill Schaar, St. Robert; 7. Jacob Faibian, Nevada; 8. Jeff Gray, Ozark; 9. Quentin Taylor, Flemington; 10. Nate Thomas.

B-Feature #1: 1. Jerry Morgan, Fort Scott, Kan.; 2. Rusty Rickard, Shell Knob; 3. Ryan Lewis, Urbana; 4. Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee; 5. Jacob Davis, Strafford; 6. Jason Mallory, Solomon, Kan.; 7. Quentin Taylor, Flemington; 8. Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar; 9. Steve Johnson, Joplin; 10. Gary Fain, Lone Jack.

B-Feature #2: 1. Brian McGowen, Pittsburg, Kan.; 2. Tyler Brown, Richland; 3. Sam Petty, Marshfield; 4. Shawn Duncan, Lockwood; 5. Mike Hailman, Reeds Spring; 6. Donald McIntosh, 7. Bill Schaar, St. Robert; 8. Casey Thomas, Camdenton; 9. Nate Thomas.

B-Feature #3: 1. Andrew Smith, Rogersville; 2. Chase Austin, Eudora , Kan.; 3. Tyler Kidwell, Chanute, Kan.; 4. Jim Cihy, Warsaw; 5. Jeff McNew, Blue Springs; 6. Rod Inman, Springfield; 7. Jacob Faibian, Nevada; 8. Hunter Byers, Rogers, Ark.; 9. Andrew Page, Columbia.

B-Feature #4: 1. Michael Maggard, Republic; 2. Jayden Bears, Smithville; 3. Tanner Calhoun, Hermitage; 4. Donald Jackson, Lebanon; 5. Kevin Morrow, Nevada; 6. Brent Bloom, Nevada; 7. Tyler Imhoff, Boonville; 8. Riley Whitworth, Humbolt, Kan.; 9. Jeff Gray, Ozark.

A-Feature: 1. Shawn Strong, Billings; 2. Kris Jackson, Lebanon; 3. JC Morton, Springfield; 4. Kaeden Cornell, Willard; 5. Galen Hassler, Columbia; 6. Dylan Allen, Chanute, Kan.; 7. Tyler Brown, Richland; 8. Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan.; 9. Mike Tanner, Smithville; 10. Cody Jolly, Jasper; 11. Jerry Morgan, Fort Scott, Kan.; 12. Tyler Lewis, Columbia ; 13. Dalton McKenney, Clarksville; 14. Jayden Bears, Smithville; 15. Andrew Smith, Rogersville; 16. Brian Myers, Lebanon; 17. Yancy Shepard, Edgerton; 18. Hunter Byers, Rogers, Ark.; 19. Cody Frazon, LaMonte; 20. Chase Austin, Eudora , Kan.; 21. Derek Watson, Willard; 22. Rusty Rickard, Shell Knob; 23. Rusty Skaggs, Fort Scott, Kan.; 24. Brian McGowen, Pittsburg, Kan.; 25. Michael Maggard, Republic.

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