Hot streaks continue at Deer Creek for Schott, Kruse
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August 13, 2016  |  by Todd Narveson

Lucas Schott won the USRA Modified feature.

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—Another big field of 114 race cars greeted race fan at Deer Creek Speedway with another action packed night of racing Saturday. This week’s show was presented by Podeins Power Equipment, Advanced Drainage Systems, Home Federal and Silver Lake Liquor.

Outside polesitter Cole Denner led the Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mods and checked out early on. Dustin Kruse and A.J. Johnston battled for second as Jim Chisholm cracked the top five. Two yellows shook things up on the restart as Kruse got shuffled back by Johnston and Kadden Kath. Kruse got going and reclaimed second on lap 10.

Johnston lost a couple of spots and then was involved in a crash with Kaleb Leinhard on lap 12. Shaun Olson piled into the duo tail end first and made heavy contact. Fire erupted in Olson’s car but it was quickly extinguished and all drivers were uninjured. A red flag period ensued while the crash was cleaned up.

On the restart, Denner got sucked up by Kruse and Chisholm as the went to first and second. Chisholm challenged Kruse with a couple to go and they made contact under the flagstand. It looked like a big wreck would ensue and the yellow came out, but everyone kept going and got their spots back on the start. Kruse would hang on for his second win in a row and third of the week, Cole Queensland started 19th and got by Chisholm for second. Chisholm was third with 14th starter Kylie Kath fourth and Alex Williamson raced from 22nd to fifth.

Dustin Kruse won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Levi Nielsen beat pole sitter Dwaine Hanson in turn one to lead the NAPA Autp Care Centers USRA Modified feature. Nielsen was cranked up on the top side and left Jason Cummins and Josh Angst to duke it out for second. Lucas Schott would join that party and make it a three car battle on lap six.

Brandon Davis started 24th and had the fans eyes on him now in the top ten.

Nielsen flew on the top but the leaders entered lapped traffic and all was good for a while. However, Schott moved to second with Cummins and Angst along for the ride as they closed the gap on Nielsen. Schott made the pass for the lead in lapped traffic on lap 22 while Cummins hit the turn one wall to bring out the caution.

Schott checked out for his third win of the season with Angst finishing second. Nielsen’s best Deer Crek run ended up in third at the finish. Davis’ superb charge from row 12 ended in fourth and Nare Wasmund rounded out the top five.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016


"A" Main: Dustin Kruse, Cole Queensland, Jim Chisholm, Kylie Kath, Alex Williamson, Jerry Young, Brandon Hare, Taylor Ausrud, Shaun Walski, Cole Denner, Zach Brom, Derek Clement, Nick Wagner, Mason Schwake, Bill Stettner, Cole Lonergan, Jacob Steere, Trevor Fecht, Kadden Kath, Miah Christensen, AJ Johnston, Kaleb Leinhard, David Pitz, Thor Anderson, Shaun Olson, Tanner Johnston

"B" Main #1: Hare, M. Christensen, Lonergan, Kenny Boge Jr., John Feirn, Cole Christensen, Travis Vandertop, Joshua Flury, Shane Yohe, Scott Kunda.

"B" Main #2: Williamson, Steere, Stettner, Kyle Brown, Russ Quinnell, Channing Warner, Todd Schaufenbuel, Jared Clark, Christian Warner.

Heat #1: T. Johnston, Kruse, Anderson, Wagner, Hare, Stettner, Schaufenbuel, Boge.

Heat #2: Fecht, Young, Walski, Ausrud, Williamson, Lonergan, Vandentop, C. Christensen.

Heat #3: Pitz, Chisholm, Brom, Clement, M. Christensen, Channing Warner Steere, Christian Warner.

Heat #4: Denner, Leinhard, Kylie Kath, Queensland, Brown, Yohe, Flury, Feirn.

Heat #5: A. Johnston, Kadden Kath, Schwake, Olson, Kunda, Quinnell, Clark.


"A" Main: Lucas Schott, Josh Angst, Levi Nielsen, Brandon Davis, Nate Wasmund, Kevin Stoa, Joe Ludemann, Joel Alberts, Joe Horgdal, Mick Glenn, Mark Motl, Bill Clemens, Darwyn Karau, Alan Wagner, Dwaine Hanson, Greg Jensen, Adam Barlow, Jim King, Owen Grube, Tammy Soma-Clark, Jason Cummins, Jake Stark. Steve Wetzstein, Brian Albrecht, Les Duellman.

Heat #1: Alberts, Schott, Stoa, Hanson, Stark, King, Grube, Soma-Clark, Davis.

Heat #2: Nielsen, Wasmund, Wetzstein, Albrecht, Wagner, Karau, Motl, Duellman.

Heat #3: Angst, Ludemann, Cummins, Horgdal, Glenn, Jensen, Barlow, Clemens.

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