Starmer, Scott, Hicks hammer out Generational Buildings Night wins at I-35 Speedway
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August 13, 2016  |  by Rick Staley

Derrick Hicks won the USRA Modified Feature.

WINSTON, Mo.—After a great weekend at the Smokin' Trackside BBQ & Beer Bash, a night of great racing action kicked off at the I-35 Speedway in Winston, Mo.

Out-Pace USRA B-Mods would see heat race winner Nic Hanes #17X take the lead and appear to be the car to beat throughout the feature event. As the race progressed, current point leader and other heat race winner Steve Starmer 11S would emerge from the pack to challenge as a late race caution would bunch the field for a dash to the checkers. On the restart Hanes would slip ever so slightly in turn number two opening the door for Starmer to slip by on the inside and take the lead and pick up the feature win. Hanes would place second with the always consistent and smooth Randy Ainsworth #57 third. Zach Sanders #77 would again do double duty and place fourth with Daniel Harris #07 a solid fifth on the night. Hard Charger money was put up and Dustin Crist #222 would pick up the extra cash claiming that hard charger title.

Steve Starmer won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Holley USRA Stock Cars would see it all, controversy and a first time winner in McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle. Heat race winner Jason Estes #997 would take the early lead with a slide job in turn two and hold the top spots for several circuits until other heat race winner Dean Wray #77 would make his move on Estes. When the smoke cleared and the green would be shown to the field Jeremiah Asher #37 would be the leader. Asher would lead but only briefly as Sam Scott #93 would race through the pack from a fifth row starting spot to wrestle the top spot from Asher. Scott would not be denied as he would park his Monte Carlo in McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle for the first time ever at I-35 Speedway. Asher would finish a close second with Craig Reynolds #14XX third. Billie Hoover would race his #21H to the fourth spot with Estes recovering after a trip to the hot lane to place fifth.

Sam Scott won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

USRA Modifieds would see Derrick Hicks #78 lead every lap of his heat race and every lap of the feature to pick up his second feature win of the 2016 racing season at I-35 Speedway. Other heat race winner Dennis Elliott #29 would challenge Hicks but would have to settle for second with a consistent Houston Johnson #97 ending the night third. Fourth place would go to Darren Shaw #11 with Bill Baker #03 a close fifth as the feature came to an end.

See everyone next week where there is always more “Dirt Trackin' at its Best.”

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016


1. 11S Steve Starmer (heat winner)
2. 17X Nic Hanes (heat winner)
3. 57 Randy Ainsworth
4. 77X Zach Sanders
5. 07 Daniel Harris
6. 66X Chris Wright
7. 222 Dustin Crist
8. 47X Conner Masoner
9. 48 Shawn Grady
10. 6 Lucas Isaacs
11. 2X Dalton Blow
12. 20 John Woods
13. 20X Bud Wilson
14. 15B Wes Bestgen


1. 93 Sam Scott
2. 37A Jeremiah Asher
3. 14XX Craig Reynolds
4. 21H Billie Hoover
5. 997 Jason Estes (heat winner)
6. 33 Mark Ronnebaum
7. 22X Alvie Christofferson
8. 77 Dean Wray (heat winner)
9. 16 Paul Lanfermann II
10. 111 Butch Bailey
11. 20X Jon Boller Jr.
12. 55T Calvin Teel


1. 78 Derrick Hicks (heat winner)
2. 29 Dennis Elliott (heat winner)
3. 97 Houston Johnson
4. 11 Darren Shaw
5. 03 Bill Baker
6. 15 Ed Noll
7. 69 Zach Sanders
8. 98 Austin Johnson
9. 69N Cory Wray

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