Elliott, Wray, Ainsworth score USRA wins at I-35 Speedway
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August 20, 2016  |  by Rick Staley

Dennis Elliott won the USRA Modified feature.

WINSTON, Mo.—Out-Pace USRA B-Mods would be a race to remember as one and two in points would battle one and two on the track. Heat race winner and current point leader Steve Starmer #11S would take the early lead as he and other heat race winner Doug Keller would battle for the top spot. As the laps started to fade, Randy Ainsworth #57 would emerge from the pack and pass Starmer on the inside to march on to the win. This would be Ainsworth’s second trip to McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle this 2016 racing season at I-35 Speedway. Starmer would end the feature third with the #7 of Keller third. Fourth would see the 07 of Daniel Harris with Yancy Shepard #22y coming through the pack to place fifth.

Steve Starmer won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Holley USRA Stock Cars would have a finish like none ever witnessed at I-35 Speedway and would have the crowd on their feet. As the green would fly Dean Wray #77 would take the early lead followed closely by other heat race winner Jason Estes #997 as the two would race bumper to bumper. As the laps wound down, the white flag was shown indicating one more lap, Estes would make his move on the inside coming off turn #2 with Wray rubbing the outside wall. Estes would take the lead as they went into three with Wray diving back to the inside, as they came off turn number 4 the two made contact spinning down the front straight with Wray crossing the start finish line first and backwards picking up the feature win. Estes would place second on the night. Jeremiah Asher #37A continues to notch top finishes with a third as Calvin Teel #55T would finish fourth. Jon Boller Jr #20X would race his way to fifth.

Dean Wray won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

USRA Modifieds would see the very best of the best in competition with current point leader Dennis Elliott #29 winning both his heat race and the feature. Elliott would be challenged by current USRA National Point Leader and other heat race winner Josh Angst #99A as the two would swap the lead in the early stages of the race. Elliott would not be denied as he would claim the lead for good and see the checkers first winning his fourth feature of the 2016 racing season at I-35 Speedway. Zach Sanders #69 would charge to the front placing a very close second with Robbie Reed #5X, in his first visit to I-35 this season, third. Angst would slip to fourth with Michael Dotson #55D rounding out the nights top five.

I-35 Speedway would like to thank everyone for another great night and see all next Saturday Night at I-35 Speedway where there is always more “Dirt Trackin at its Best”!!!!!

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 20, 2016

1. 57 Randy Ainsworth
2. 11S Steve Starmer (heat winner)
3. 7 Doug Keller (heat winner)
4. 07 Daniel Harris
5. 22y Yancy Shepard
6. 17t Shadren Turner
7. 3X Tiny Manley
8. 20X Bud Wilson
9. 33S Ben Stockton
10. 17R Ramon Ortega
11. 9M Derrick Mahoney
12. 22B Mitch Booher
13. 66X Chris Wright
14. 17X Nic Hanes
15. 6X Dustin Kruse
16. 20T Mike Tanner

1. 77 Dean Wray (heat winner)
2. 997 Jason Estes (heat winner)
3. 37A Jeremiah Asher
4. 55T Calvin Teel
5. 20X Jon Boller Jr.
6. 83A Aaron Sauter
7. 34 Mich Ross
8. 22X Alvie Christofferson
9. 88 Jeff Dixon
10. 93 Sam Scott
11. 17H Robert Herring

1. 29 Dennis Elliott (heat winner)
2. 69 Zach Sanders
3. 5X Robbie Reed
4. 99A Josh Angst (heat winner)
5. 55D Michael Dotson
6. 71 Jim Hopkins
7. 31 David Coates
8. 15 Ed Noll
9. R21X Danan Knott
10. 92 Tyler Grooms
11. 98 Austin Johnson
12. 97 Houston Johnson
13. 34 Mark Schafman
14. R21 Ryan Schaffer
15. 11 Darren Shaw
16. 7 Shayne Bailey

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