Wetzstein wins, Cummins locks up track title at Chateau Raceway
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August 26, 2016  |  by Matthew Grage

LANsING, Minn.—The 60th Anniversary Season of racing action at Chateau Raceway is heading into its final lap next Friday night, and this past weekend the first three of six track championships were decided. Next week, the United States Modified Touring Series will be in town for one of their stops during the Hunt for Casey's Cup national championship series.

Just three of the tracks regular classes will be running as support classes for the evening with track points still on the line for those. The other three had there seasons end Friday night. Among them was the USRA Modified class. Several of those drivers will be on hand again next week but they will be driving with the USMTS drivers, so that left them wrapping up there season Friday Night.

Jason Cummins of New Richland ended up claiming the Track Championship for 2016 for the class. It is Cummins’ third track championship in the class after also taking top honors in 2010 and 2011. he ended up runner-up in the feature event on Friday night behind Steve Wetzstein of West Concord. Wetzstein came out of row two and moved past early leader Greg Pfeifer Jr. of Austin on lap three and never looked back as the field ran a caution-free main event. Cummins worked from row four up to second ahead of fellow row four starter Keith Tourville of Webster, Wis., who finished just ahead of Pfeifer, who did pick up one of the heat wins on the night. The other went to Cummins.

Steve Wetzstein won the USRA Modified feature.

The Out-Pace USRA B-Mod track champiionship appears to be Owatonna’s Kylie Kath’s for the taking next week. His points lead of better than 50 points is not insurmountable but looks pretty good after he finished second on the night to Derek Clement of Spring Valley, and two positions ahead of his brother and closest rival for the title, Kadden Kath.

For Clement it was his first feature win of the year. He started in row two and ran third after the first lap to the Kath brothers but kept the heat on and, about lap eight, he swept to the lead and raced off to the win. Clement was running the high line for much of the race while Kylie Kath was working the bottom and pulled alongside several times to challenge back for the lead.

However, on a late restart Clement changed his line and stayed low on the track and forcing Kylie Kath to work the top side which worked to his advantage as he maintained the lead for the win. Clement got the sweep on the night as he also claimed a heat win. The other heat went to Blake Arndt of Brownsdale.

Derek Clement won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Chateau Raceway, Lansing, Minn.
Friday, Aug. 26, 2016


Feature: Derek Clement – Spring Valley, Kylie Kath – Owatonna, Taylor Ausrud – Hayfield, Kadden Kath – Owatonna, Nate Chodur – Lake Mills IA, Blake Arndt – Brownsdale, Cole Lonergan – Dexter, Raey Hastings IV – Austin, Christian Warner – Owatonna, Matt Brooks – Austin, Morgan Schrage – Cresco IA, Taylor Ovrebo – Wells, Tim Gerber – Austin, (DNS: David Henderson – Mason City IA).

Heat #1: Clement, Kadden Kath, Chodur, Ovrebo, Brooks, Schrage, Warner.

Heat #2: Arndt, Ausrud, Kylie Kath, Lonergan, Hastings, Gerber, Henderson.


Feature: Steve Wetzstein – West Concord, Jason Cummins – New Richland, Keith Tourville – Webster WI, Greg Pfeifer JR – Brownsdale, Darwyn Karau – Kasson, Doug Hillson – Blooming Prairie, Joe Horgdal – Kasson, Mark Motl – Owatonna, Alex Hanson – Northwood IA, Kylie Kath – Owatonna, Tammy Soma Clark – Rochester, Jacob Stark – Austin, Greg Jensen – Albert Lea.

Heat #1: Cummins, Wetzstein, Hillson, Horgdal, Hanson, Kath, Stark.

Heat #2: Pfeiffer, Tourville, Karau, Clark, Motl.

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