Lyle wins USRA Modified feature, Hunt doubles up at Lakeside Speedway
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September 2, 2016  |  by Larry Lowery Jr.

Trevor Hunt won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.—A perfect night greeted fans and racers Friday night at the Lakeside Speedway. A whopping 28 USRA Modifieds started the feature.

At the front of the field it looked like old times. A pair of multiple time track champions went at it at the front of the pack in Tim Karrick and Chad Lyle.

Karrick would hold the top spot until lap six when Lyle went for the top spot with a strong move into turn four. As the two drivers exited turn 4 it was Lyle that was out into the lead.

Behind the leaders, Kerry Davis and Darron Fuqua raced side by side and Randal Schiffelbein Jr. worked his way from 11th up into the top five. Action for positions could be seen all over the speedway.

Lyle, meanwhile, kept going strong out in front of the field.

Schiffelbein wasn’t satisfied with just getting into the top five. He kept battling all the way up to a fight with Karrick for second. As Karrick developed problems, Schiffelbein took the second spot away.

At the front of the field Lyle would not be denied on this night. A late-race yellow would bunch the field up for a green, white, checkered finish, but it didn’t matter. Lyle was the ‘chosen one’ on the night as he went back to the lead on the restart and held the competition at bay to the checkered flag.

Schiffelbein capped his impressive performance with a second place finish, Brian Green held on to finish third, going from 10th to fourth in the feature was Justin Johnson and points leader Kerry Davis rounded out the top five.

Chad Lyle won the USRA Modified feature.

Lucas Conley jumped out to the early advantage in Holley USRA Stock Car feature, but there were a lot of hungry racers wanting the top spot right on his back bumper.

Brett Heeter, Trevor Hunt, Nate Barnes and Scotty Moore were all keeping pace with Conley. Not only were they staying with Conley but they were putting on a great show behind him.

Conley had a serious challenge from Heeter and Hunt as they went three-wide on the speedway. Hunt won the challenge as he became the new leader.

As the race wore on it was a two-car breakaway between Hunt and Heeter—a scenario that has played out several times this season. Both have won multiple features on the season, and the battle raged all the way to the checkered flag.

On the last lap, Heeter tried his best to get by Hunt but it did not happen as Hunt scooted away to another win in the Holley USRA Stock Car division in 2016.

Heeter finished a close second, Kevin Anderson three-wheeled his way to a third-place finish, fourth went to Jason Ryun, who started 18th, and Kevin McGinnis, who started 16th, finished in the fifth position.

There was little time for Hunt to celebrate as he had to race in the feature for the Out-Pace USRA B-Mods.

Luke Nieman took the early lead in the feature until the first yellow. On the restart, Hunt was back on the run again and took away the top spot from Nieman.

Behind Hunt a good battle was waged for the second spot between Tim Powell and Nieman. Powell got the best of Nieman and moved into the second spot and a chance to run down the leader.

Powell stayed in the second spot and never really got to take a good shot at Hunt. Hunt went on to pull off the coveted double with a feature win in the Holley USRA Stock Cars followed up with a feature win in the Out-PAce USRA B-Mods.

Powell finished in the second position, Nieman finished in third and the Clancy brothers, Steven and Chad, finish fourth and fifth on the night.

Trevor Hunt won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lakeside Speedway, Kansas City, Kan.
Friday, Sept. 3, 2016

1. (1) 44H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
2. (5) 57 Tim Powell, Lansing
3. (2) 181 Luke Nieman, Nortonville
4. (4) 12C Steve Clancy, Odessa, Mo.
5. (3) 21C Chad Clancy, Polo, Mo.
6. (6) 9 Don Marrs, Shawnee
7. (8) 3X3 Nick Newton, Kansas City
8. (9) 17T Shadren Turner, St. Joseph, Mo.
9. (10) 49 Patrick Royalty, Kansas City
10. (14) 17J Jake Richards, Edwardsville
11. (18) 92 Dennis Melvin Sr., Basehor
12. (12) 17 Dean Galvan, Bonner Springs
13. (7) 22M Steve McDowell, Independence, Mo.
14. (15) 21V Vic Tranckino, Basehor
15. (13) 38 Matt Pugh, Overland Park
16. (20) 42 Gene Claxton, Kansas City, Mo.
17. (11) 222 Colten Stevens, Basehor
18. (16) 5 Terry Bivins, Lebo
19. (17) 17R Ramon Ortega, St. Joseph, Mo.
20. (22) 27 David Moline, Kansas City, Mo.
21. (19) 1141 Ernie Roberts, Lees Summit, Mo.
22. (21) 75 Robert Isabell III, Bonner Springs
23. (26) 97J Jeff Elder, Smithville, Mo.
24. (23) 3K Scott Henney, Kansas City
25. (25) 27M Matt Oxford, Washburn, Mo.
26. (24) 0 Chase Galvan, Bonner Springs

1. (6) 33H Trevor Hunt, Kearney, Mo.
2. (5) 05 Brett Heeter, Kansas City
3. (3) 417 Kevin Anderson, Kansas City, Mo.
4. (18) 27 Jason Ryun, Kansas City, Mo.
5. (16) 17 Kevin McGinnis, Kansas City
6. (13) 0T Bobby Tavis III, Leavenworth
7. (15) 8 Dean Hensler, Weatherby Lake, Mo.
8. (11) 26 Russ Moyer, Wellsville
9. (7) 5K Steve Herrick, Topeka
10. (12) 46 David Holcomb, Kansas City
11. (1) 29 Nate Barnes, Kearney, Mo.
12. (10) 53W Larry Waters, Kansas City
13. (14) 31Z Nick Zinn, Kansas City
14. (19) 04 Chad Walker, Kansas City
15. (9) 16 Paul Lanfermann II, Atchison
16. (2) 12 Scotty Moore, Kansas City
17. (17) 1 Christopher Smith, Kansas City, Mo.
18. (4) 17C Lucas Conley, Spring Hill
19. (8) S20 Gene Stigall, Winston, Mo.

1. (6) 33 Chad Lyle, Oak Grove, Mo.
2. (11) 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Jr., Tecumseh
3. (4) 40 Brian Green, Pierce City, Mo.
4. (10) 7J Justin Johnson, Gardner
5. (5) 68 Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo.
6. (3) 1K Tim Karrick, Basehor
7. (25) 66T Tyler Schmidt, Easton
8. (1) 34 Mark Schafman, Edwardsville
9. (17) 86 Buddy Benedict, Independence, Mo.
10. (13) 3B Nic Bidinger, Perry
11. (14) 39 Luke Driskell, Stilwell
12. (18) 3 Bubba Harvey Jr., Kansas City
13. (16) B Al Broers, Edgerton
14. (29) 42 Sam Florence, Trimble, Mo.
15. (23) 8X Chad Thomsen, Louisburg
16. (7) 51 Joe Walker, Harrisonville, Mo.
17. (21) 14C James Carter, Kansas City
18. (26) 41 Shane Florence, Plattsburg, Mo.
19. (8) 87 Darron Fuqua, Mayetta
20. (9) 13H Eric Hanna, Maryville, Mo.
21. (24) 17 Lucas Conley, Spring Hill
22. (19) 90 Terry Schultz, Sedalia, Mo.
23. (20) 5 Kevin McGinnis, Edwardsville
24. (2) 9D8 Paden Phillips, Chanute
25. (15) 70 Aaron Marrant, Orrick, Mo.
26. (12) 59 Jared Stiens, Maryville, Mo.
27. (22) 44 Jared Rogers
28. (29) 28 Jerry Liston Jr., Kansas City
DNS - 1 Eddie Ingram, Basehor

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