Dycus defeats Dillard in David Pope Memorial
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September 4, 2016  |  by Don Cook

CRANDALL, Texas—The annual David Pope Memorial was held at the RPM Speedway in Crandall, Texas, Sunday night. A large crowd was on hand and over 150 race cars competed in four different classes.

The featured class was the Texas Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS). A good field of 42 USRA Modifieds were in the pits.

In the 30-lap, $2,250-to-win feature, 24 cars started. Points leader Triston Dycus worked his way to the front and held off the field to take the feature win. Mike Dillard had a good run for second, Hard charger Chase Allen was third, Phillip Houston ended up fourth and Colby Smith was fifth.

Wesley Veal, Trevor Egbert, Max Eddie Thomas, Sean Jones and Clyde Dunn Jr., rounded out the top 10.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Day Motor Sports CAM Chassis Fritzphoto Wyatt Sheet Metal Five1Seven Designs All-Star Graphics K&R Promotions Superior Wheels Tailor Made Counter Tops Norris Box and Southern Oklahoma Speedway.

Special thanks to Joy Pope and the Pope family on working with you for this show in memory of a special man. Look forward to bigger and better things. Special thanks to the Edwards family and all of the RPM Speedway staff from the TOMS to be part of this event.

The next Texas Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS) race is at the 85 Speedway in Ennis, Texas, Sept. 10. For more information, go to www.texasmods.com.

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United States Racing Association
USRA Weekly Racing Series/Texas Outlaw Modified Series
RPM Speedway, Crandall, Texas
Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016


Heat Race #1: (178) Trevor Egbert, (56) Troy Taylor, (711) Michael Daniels, (24) Sean Jones, (47) Jack Sartain, (34n) C.A. Nix, (74) Jason Sartain, (29x) Lance Plant, (7x) Rory Jordan.

Heat Race #2: (7jr) Chad Ewell, (27) Robbie Daniels, (71) Philip Houston, (3) Sam Cox, (29)Scott Haseman, (123) Logan Roberts, (23g) Robbie Gates, (51x) Danny Florence.

Heat Race #3: (12j) Johnny Philpot, (66x) Mike Dillard, (57t) Max Eddie Thomas, (88) Shawn Gammage, (85) Scotty Brown, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen, (8) Skip O’Neal, (9r) Kevin Rutherford.

Heat Race #4: (01) Colby Smith, (14t) Triston Dycus, (49) Chad Howell, (2) Billy Brierton, (61)Michael Ables, (3c) Charlie Smith, (14x) Josh Landers, (49h)Shelby Holderfield.

Heat Race #5: (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (11x) Wesley Veal, (149) Chase Allen, (28b) Wendall Bolden, (010) Jeremy Willis, (121) Bobby Ruffin, (174) Jason Hammond, (81c) Marcus Baxter. Milton Clark Performance Warehouse.

B-Main #1: (149) Chase Allen, (24) Sean Jones, (57t) Max Eddie Thomas, (174) Jason Hammond, (47) Jack Sartain, (85) Scotty Brown, (88) Shawn Gammage, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen, (14x) Josh Landers, (29)Scott Haseman, (51x) Danny Florence, (7x) Rory Jordan, (49h)Shelby Holderfield, (74) Jason Sartain.

B-Main #2: (49) Chad Howell, (28b) Wendall Bolden, (61)Michael Ables, (2) Billy Brierton, (3) Sam Cox, (3c) Charlie Smith, (121) Bobby Ruffin, (8) Skip O’Neal, (34n) C.A. Nix, (9r) Kevin Rutherford, (29x) Lance Plant, (81c) Marcus Baxter, (23g) Robbie Gates, (010) Jeremy Willis.

Utility Trailer Dash For Cash: (7jr) Chad Ewell, (178) Trevor Egbert, (01) Colby Smith, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (56) Troy Taylor, (27) Robbie Daniels, (14t) Triston Dycus, (12j) Johnny Philpot, (711) Michael Daniels.

Day Motorsports A-Main: (14t) Triston Dycus, (66x) Mike Dillard, (149) Chase Allen, (71) Philip Houston, (01) Colby Smith, (11x) Wesley Veal, (178) Trevor Egbert, (57t) Max Eddie Thomas, (24) Sean Jones, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (8) Skip O’Neal, (49) Chad Howell, (27) Robbie Daniels, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (3) Sam Cox, (174) Jason Hammond, (61)Michael Ables, (56) Troy Taylor, (12j) Johnny Philpot, (123) Logan Roberts, (711) Michael Daniels, (28b) Wendall Bolden, (49h)Shelby Holderfield, (2) Billy Brierton.

Lap Leaders: Ewell 1-2, Colby Smith 3, Ewell 4-13, Dycus 14-30.
Smiley’s/Superior Hard Charger: Allen.
Milton Clark Performance Warehouse: Cox.
Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: Ables.
Frtizphoto Pole: Ewell.
Troy Taylor Bonus Money: Roberts.

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