Dads bring good karma for Deer Creek Speedway winners
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May 13, 2017  |  by Todd Narveson

Dustin Sorensen won the USRA Modified feauture.

Mother Nature brought a spectacular night for KIK Marketing, Bandit Big Rig Series, Six-Two Graphics, Hildebrandt Services and Rent-N-Save Night. The pit area was filled with 107 cars who fought hard on the high banks at 'The Creek.' It may have been Mother’s Day Weekend, but it was dear old dad that brought good fortune to some of the feature winners this week.

The Out-Pace USRA B-Mods got off to a rough start with two cautions right off the bat. Kadden Kath and Parker Hale had a good race going up front. Hale used the top side to take the lead and pull away from Kath. Ben Moudry got to third and tried to keep pace with the lead duo.

Hale had his car cranked up on the top of the track and set a torrid pace until a yellow flag came out on lap 14. Hale maintained his lead with Kath, Moudry and Andrew Bleess in pursuit. For the second week in a row Dustin Kruse charged from mid-pack and shot out of the blue into the top five late in the race.

Hale took the win with a little karma help from his dad Troy. Troy was the first ever Modified winner at the speedway and Parker’s graphic scheme this year pays homage to his dad’s machine from back then. Hale also wore one of Troy’s driver suits to victory lane also. Kath would come home in second with Moudry in third. Kruse’s charge found him in fourth and Bleess was fifth.

Parker Hale won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Dustin Sorensen and Steve Wetzstein led the 24-car field to the green for the NAPA Suto Care Centers USRA Modified feature. After a quick caution to start things off, Sorensen took the lead with Wetzstein close behind. Jacob Bleess moved to third with Josh Angst on his heels. Bleess worked the low line to sneak past Wetzstein for second on lap four.

It did not take Bleess long to track down Sorensen and made a pass for the lead on lap six. A caution would tighten things back up and Sorensen mounted a challenge at the drop of the green. Yet another yellow for a skirmish on the frontstretch slowed things up again. When the green returned, 10th starter Jason Cummins entered the top five, got to fourth and then went after Wetzstein for third. A yellow on lap 11 would eliminate Bleess’ lead.

Sorensen again challenged the leader on the start and Bleess was unable to shake him. Sorensen went high and then low to take the lead on lap 18. The next lap a big melee in turn two blocked the track and the yellow flag flew again. When the race resumed, Sorensen led while Cummins snagged second from Bleess. Sorensen took off but the yellow flag reared its ugly head on lap 23 to set up a two lap dash to the finish.

Sorensen, a third generation racer, took over his father Mike’s car number sand cored his first Modified win at Deer Creek, It was Sorensen’s third win in five total starts in 2017. Cummins finished in second with Angst in third. Levi Nielsen used a late-race move to take fourth and Bleess was in the top five.

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United States Racing Association
Summit Racing USRA Weekly Racing Series
Deer Creek Speedway, Spring Valley, Minn.
Saturday, May 13, 2017


"A" Feature: 1. Parker Hale, 2. Kadden Kath, 3. Ben Moudry, 4. Dustin Kruse, 5. Andrew Bleess, 6. Cole Denner, 7. Jim Chisholm, 8. Alex Williamson, 9. Jackson Hale, 10. A.J. Zvorak, 11. Zach Brom, 12. Brandon Hare, 13. Kenny Boge, 14. Trevor Fecht, 15. Nick Wagner, 16. Alex Zwanziger, 17. Tucker Williams, 18. Tanner Johnston, 19. A.J, . Johnston, 20. Jayden Larson, 21. Taylor Ausrud, 22. Jett Sorensen, 23. Mike Chisholm, 24. J.T. Wasmund.

"B" Feature #1: 1. Sorensen, 2. Zwanziger, 3. Williams, 4. A. Johnston, 5. Adam Mietzner, 6. Derek Clement, 7. Scott Kunda.

"B" Feature #2: 1. Hare, 2. J. Hale, 3. M. Chisholm, 4. Wasmund, 5. Russ Quinnell, 6. Shane Yohe, 7. Cole Suckow.

Heat #1: 1. Bleess, 2. Kruse, 3. Kath, 4. Zvorak, 5. A. Johnston, 6. Sorensen, 7. Williams, 8. Wasmund.

Heat #2: 1. Moudry, 2. Fecht, 3. Boge, 4. Brom, 5. M. Chisholm, 6. J. Hale, 7. Suckow, 8. Clement.

Heat #3: 1. Denner, 2. Williamson, 3. Larson, 4. J. Chisholm, 5. Zwanziger, 6. Kunda, 7. Mietzner.

Heat #4: 1. T. Johnston, 2. P. Hale, 3. Wagner, 4. Ausrud, 5. Hare, 6. Yohe, 7. Quinnell.


Feature: 1. Dustin Sorensen, 2. Jason Cummins, 3. Josh Angst, 4. Levi Nielsen, 5. Jacob Bleess, 6. Brad Waits, 7. Steve Wetzstein, 8. Darwyn Karau, 9. Owen Grube, 10. Tammy Soma-Clark, 11. Alan Wagner, 12. Jake Stark, 13. Brian Albrecht, 14. Chet Atkinson, 15. Greg Jensen, 16. Kevin Stoa, 17. Jake Timm, 18. Joel Alberts, 19. Joe Ludemann, 20. David Wytaske, 21. Charlie Steinberg, 22. Andy Jones, 23. Joe Horgdal, 24. Dustin Brown.

Heat #1: 1. Cummins, 2. Waits, 3. Angst, 4. Sorensen, 5. Albrecht, 6. Geube, 7. Jensen, 8. Wytaske.

Heat #2: 1. Timm, 2. Karau, 3. Jones, 4. Atkinson, 5. Ludemann, 6. Soma-Clark, 7. Stark, 8. Steinberg.

Heat #3: 1. Alberts, 2. Bleess, 3. Wetzstein, 4. Horgdal, 5. Nielsen, 6. Stoa, 7. Wagner, 8. Brown.

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