"Cage" full or racing ahead at Atchison County Raceway
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May 26, 2017  |  by Phil Birkinsha

Looking ahead to a "CAGE" full of racing this weekend at Atchison County Raceway. $400 to win for Out-Pace USRA B-Mods and Holley USRA Stock Cars everyweek!!!!!! The smackdown challenge continues as well. Finish top 5 at any Friday track in the nation and make it to the Cage on the following Saturday and win we will hand you another "Benny"? When will we hand it to you??? The same night you earn it!!!!!! This is not an end of the year small payout that you have to fulfill a bunch of other mandates. Nope just simply put the Smackdown on your competition and we will hand you an extra $100 the same night!!!!!!!! Out-Pace USRA B-Mod and Holley USRA Stock Car pay goes up as the car count goes up. 30 cars and it will be $500 to win and increases to the top three. 40 cars and we will pay $750 to win. We saw a car count last weekend of over 60 USRA B-Mods at a track for a regular night of racing. If we get a car count like that it will be $750 to win and $100 to start!!!!!! Our 2016 track champions will be added to our Wall of Champions this Saturday night!!!!

"They put me in a CAGE", they belted me, and they hung me on a wall, I am a track champion at Atchison County Raceway. ACR is nicknamed the Cage and gives out Championship belts rather than trophies to its champions!!!! If you still have not found enough reasons to be CAGED on Saturday a "ONE MINUTE SHOPPING SPREE'' to Alps grocery will be given away at intermission and all you have to do is stick your name in a hat!!!!!!!! How much meet can you grab in a minute!!!!????? There is no other place to be Saturday than all caged up at Atchison County Raceway!!!!!!!!! See you there and until then don't be afraid of the CAGE!!!!!

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