Green, Ledford win first at Tri-State Speedway
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June 10, 2017  |  by Rob Nugent

Kyle Ledford won the USRA Modified feature.

The sixth points race of the season at the legendary Tri-State Speedway was met with absolutely wonderful weather conditions. Temperatures in the mid-80s and a light southerly breeze greeted fans and drivers as they rolled into the famous facility In Pocola, Okla. Once again the track prep crew did a phenomenal job and provided everyone a three- and four-wide racing surface for the entire night.

The pre-race ceremonies started at 8:04 p.m. with the invocation and the National Anthem for the fans and the 85 cars on hand. Heat race lineups were determined by the driver’s draw at sign in. At intermission, everyone had a chance to grab themselves one of the “Tommy burgers” fried bologna and fresh smoked BBQ sandwiches and other food items that Audrey and her crew had cooking on the grill along with an ice-cold Coca-Cola product to wash it all down. Plus, our T-shirt vendor, Cuztom Graphics, had new Tri-State Speedway track shirts in a variety of colors to choose from and some new items for the kids too.

The first race on the track after intermission was the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature where driver Dean Green of Siloam Springs, Ark., picked up the win over Daniel Tarkington of Checotah and Todd Broyles of Fayetteville, Ark.

Dean Green won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

The USRA Modifieds took to the high banks next for their 20-car feature. In a great race that had the top two finishers running side by side for most of the race, Kyle Ledford of Greenwood, Ark., eventually came out as the winner. Myles Newman of Alma, Ark., took home second place over Trevor Latham of Rogers, Ark.

Tri-State Speedway will return to action on Saturday night, June 17, with another night of edge-of-your-seat, heart-pounding racing excitement. It will also be the annual BACA (Biker’s Against Child Abuse) Kid’s Night and the American Cancer Society River Valley Chapter Relay for Life Fundraiser. Don’t forget the new starting time of 8 p.m. with both pit gates and grandstand gates opening at 5, drivers meeting at 7 and hot laps at 7:30.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Tri-State Speedway, Pocola, Okla.
Saturday, June 10, 2017


Heat (8 laps): 1. 2-Daniel Tarkington, [2]; 2. 28-Dean Green, [5]; 3. 09-Todd Broyles, [3]; 4. 20-Austin Fullerton, [8]; 5. 40-Steve Butler, [4]; 6. 77-Gerry Vaughn, [1]; 7. 7-Lonny Flanagan, [6]; 8. 7X-Paul Harper, [7]; (DNS) 41N-Beau Nelson.

Feature (15 laps): 1. 28-Dean Green, [5]; 2. 2-Daniel Tarkington, [6]; 3. 09-Todd Broyles, [4]; 4. 20-Austin Fullerton, [3]; 5. 40-Steve Butler, [2]; 6. 7-Lonny Flanagan, [7]; 7. 7X-Paul Harper, [8]; (DNS) 77-Gerry Vaughn, ; (DNS) 41N-Beau Nelson.


Heat #1 (8 laps): 1. III-Myles Newman III, [1]; 2. 75-Kyle Ledford, [4]; 3. 33-Lonnie Robins, [5]; 4. 17-Brent Holman, [7]; 5. 15L-Chris Lewis, [3]; 6. 79-Allen Owen, [2]; 7. 87-Lee Heiligenthal, [6].

Heat #2 (8 laps): 1. 10H-Randy Henson, [2]; 2. 8M-Dalton McKenzie, [1]; 3. 49-Kayden Menasco, [4]; 4. 15-George Martin, [5]; 5. 1/2-Zane Hunter, [3]; 6. 30T-Larry Bratti, [6]; 7. 3G-Scott Glover, [7].

Heat #3 (8 laps): 1. 27L-Trevor Latham, [5]; 2. 00-Chris Ross, [1]; 3. 8-Jeremy Vaughn, [6]; 4. 1/4-Brandon Hunter, [3]; 5. 6-Jason Payton, [2]; 6. 48-Dallas Bourland, [4].

Feature (20 laps): 1. 75-Kyle Ledford, [4]; 2. III-Myles Newman III, [2]; 3. 27L-Trevor Latham, [3]; 4. 8M-Dalton McKenzie, [5]; 5. 33-Lonnie Robins, [7]; 6. 00-Chris Ross, [6]; 7. 15-George Martin, [11]; 8. 10H-Randy Henson, [1]; 9. 8-Jeremy Vaughn, [9]; 10. 6-Jason Payton, [15]; 11. 49-Kayden Menasco, [8]; 12. 1/4-Brandon Hunter, [12]; 13. 79-Allen Owen, [16]; 14. 87-Lee Heiligenthal, [19]; 15. 30T-Larry Bratti, [17]; 16. 48-Dallas Bourland, [18]; 17. 15L-Chris Lewis, [13]; 18. 1/2-Zane Hunter, [14]; 19. 17-Brent Holman, [10]; 20. 3G-Scott Glover, [20].

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