Dycus defeats Nix at Southern Oklahoma Speedway
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June 10, 2017  |  by Keith Pirtle

With 38 cars set to qualify for the 24-car Day Motor Sports A-Main Saturday at the Southern Oklahoma Speedway, both Triston Dycus and C.A Nix strapped in to see if round 2 could be any better than the first. With both qualifying to start the feature race with Nix starting on the pole and Dycus starting on his back bumper, the match-up was set.

At the green, Nix got the jump to his favorite high side with Dycus tucked down low. With Nix leading the first two laps, Dycus led lap three but Nix used the high line to lead laps four through nine. After a mid-race caution, Nix led the field to the green but Dycus used the low line to get through turns one and two, and then slide up to block Nix's run.

Nix’s hands all of a sudden got filled with the hard-charging Dean Abby, who got by on lap 14. With Abby in his shadow, Dycus led the field to the checkered flags. The top five were Dycus, Abby, Troy Taylor, Nix and Colby Smith.

The Touring Outlaw Modified Series will next race Friday, June 23, at the Wichita Speedway in Wichita Falls, Texas, and then Saturday, June 24, at the Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo, Texas.

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Special thanks to John and Nicki Webb and all of the Southern Oklahoma Speedway staff for your help and support of the TOMS.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Touring Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS)
Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Ardmore, Okla.
Saturday, June 10, 2017


Heat #1: (34n) C.A. Nix, (66x) Mike Dillard, (88xx) Bobby Ruffin, (15w) Kale Westover, (74) Jason Hammond, (02) Kyle Robinson, (24) Sean Jones, (14) Travis Bragg.

Heat #2: (14t) Triston Dycus, (71) Phillip Houston, (23) Logan Robertson, (26) Dean Abby, (21b) Austin Bonner, (49) Chad Howell, (25d) Donnie Ship, (15c) Cam Case.

Heat #3: (12k) Kyle Whitworth, (14x) Josh Landers, (4d) Bo Day, (4) Billy Carroll, (55h) Buddy Honacker, (3c) Charlie Smith, (71w) Harold Winton Jr, (95) Shawn Johnson.

Heat #4: (88) Shawn Gammage, (56) Troy Taylor, (01) Colby Smith, (3) Sam Cox, (51x) Danny Florence, (W71) Harold Winton Sr. (82) Jimmie Williams.

Heat #5: (90)Travis Johnson, (7x) Rory Jordan, (77b) Marcus Baxter, (110) John Hunt, (57k) Kelly King, (711) Tanner Houston, (20) Ronnie Welborn.

B-Main #1: (01) Colby Smith, (4d) Bo Day, (21b) Austin Bonner, (02) Kyle Robinson, (15w) Kale Westover, (24) Sean Jones, (15c) Cam Case, (74) Jason Hammond, (4) Billy Carroll, (20) Ronnie Welborn, (57k) Kelly King, (71w) Harold Winton Jr, (W71) Harold Winton Sr.

B-Main #2: (26) Dean Abby, (23) Logan Robertson, (3) Sam Cox, (3c) Charlie Smith, (55h) Buddy Honacker, (49) Chad Howell, (82) Jimmie Williams, (25d) Donnie Ship, (14) Travis Bragg, (110) John Hunt, (51x) Danny Florence, (711) Tanner Houston, (95) Shawn Johnson.

Day Motor Sports A-Main: (14t) Triston Dycus, (26) Dean Abby, (56) Troy Taylor, (34n) C.A. Nix, (01) Colby Smith, (90)Travis Johnson, (21b) Austin Bonner, (3c) Charlie Smith, (14x) Josh Landers, (49) Chad Howell, (12k) Kyle Whitworth, (7x) Rory Jordan, (71w) Harold Winton Jr, (51x) Danny Florence, (23) Logan Robertson, (02) Kyle Robinson, (77b) Marcus Baxter, (66x) Mike Dillard, (4d) Bo Day, (3) Sam Cox, (71) Phillip Houston, (88xx) Bobby Ruffin, (14) Travis Bragg, (88) Shawn Gammage.

Lap Leaders: Nix 1-2, Dycus 3, Nix 4-9, Dycus 10-25.
Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: Bonner.
Smiley’s Hard Charger: Abby.
Superior Hard Charger: Abby.

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