Honaker visits victory lane at Southern Oklahoma Speedway
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June 17, 2017  |  by Debra Hix

Feature races at the Southern Oklahoma Speedway never disappoint.

The green flag flies and the action starts, early in the race Kyle Whitworth leading the race and Kyle Robinson in second set the fast pace with Buddy Honaker in a close third. Honaker tried challenging for the lead several times but being shout out by Whitworth and Robinson at every turn giving Honaker no way to gain momentum to pass.

After about ten laps of this fast pass action the caution comes out stacking the field back together, Whitworth leads the field back to green, going into turn one Robinson makes his move taking the lead, behind him coming down the back straight away, they were five wide into turn three battling for second.

Robinson continued to lead with the rest of the field stack up right behind him four and five a breast every lap off turn four when a late race caution comes out, on the restart going into turn one Robinson goes to the bottom, Honaker takes the top off turn two, going into turn three Honaker stays on the top but on the bottom their stacked four a breast.

off turn four Honaker keeps the lead with Robinson and Sam Cox second and third. Honaker then battles to maintain his lead from Cox and Robinson three a breast off turn four every remaining lap with Travis Johnson, Ron Gould and Cam Case also challenging the three going four and five deep into turn three and four.

With three to go the scrambling started, on the white flag lap it was between Honaker, Cox and Robinson, side by side off turn four for the checkered flag, but winning the battle was Honaker followed by Cox in second, Robinson in third and Case in fourth.

Very exciting race from start to finish.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Ardmore, Okla.
Saturday, June 17, 2017


1. 55h Buddy Honaker
2. 3 Sam Cox
3. 02 Kyle Robinson
4. 15c Cam Case
5. RG3 Ron Gould Jr.
6. 05 Justin Nabors
7. 12 Kyle Whitworth
8. 12r Randy Golden
9. 86J Travis Johnson
10. 49 Chadd Howell
11. 1w Chance Whitworth
12. 20w Jonathan Wells
13.. 4 Billy Carroll
14. 82 Jimmie Williams

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