Dycus wires Hella Shrine Classic at RPM Speedway
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July 28, 2017  |  by Don Cook

The RPM Speedway in Crandall, Texas, hosted the 3rd Annual Hella Shrine Classic Friday night with the Touring Outlaw Modified Series headlining the show.

This is one of the biggest and best events of the year at RPM Speedway, and a great crowd and car count was on hand to support this awesome event.

Currents TOMS points leader Triston Dycus led every lap of the 25-lap feature, but Clyde Dunn Jr. was a solid second with C.A. Nix third.

Veteran Troy Taylor was fourth and Kyle Westover finished fifth among the 24 main event starters.


Shriners Hospitals for Children offer love to the rescue for children in need. For more information or if you would like to donate to the Shriners Hospitals for Children, go to: shrinershospitalsforchildren.org

The Hella Shrine Classic continues Saturday, July 29, at the Devil's Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, Texas. Gates open at 6 p.m. and racing starts at 8:30.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Touring Outlaw Modified Series (TOMS)
RPM Speedway, Crandall, Texas
Friday, July 28, 2017


Heat #1: (47) Jack Sartain, (82) Max Eddie Thomas, (56) Troy Taylor, (29x) Lance Plant. (34n) C.A. Nix, (75)Kyle Ledford, (11x) Wesley Veal, (8) Skip ONeal.

Heat #2: (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (15w) Kale Westover, (2c) Chris Huckeba, (4d) Bo Day, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (A1) Phil Dixon, (711) Tanner Houston.

Heat #3: (14t) Triston Dycus, (71) Phillip Houston, (99) Jeff Needham, (2) Billy Brierton, (1t) Tim Holt, (0)Sam Pearson, (74) Jason Hammonds.

Heat #4: (3c) Charlie Smith, (12) Johnny Philpot, (87) John Webb, (01) Colby Smith, (7x) Rory Jordon, (20) Ronny Welborne.

B-Main : (01) Colby Smith, (34n) C.A. Nix, (11x) Wesley Veal, (2) Billy Brierton, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (2c) Chris Huckeba, (4d) Bo Day, (8) Skip ONeal, (20) Ronny Welborne, (74) Jason Hammonds, (A1) Phil Dixon, (7x) Rory Jordon, (711) Tanner Houston, (29x) Lance Plant. (75)Kyle Ledford, (0)Sam Pearson, (1t) Tim Holt.

Day Motor Sports A-Main: (14t) Triston Dycus, (88xxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (34n) C.A. Nix, (56) Troy Taylor, (15w) Kale Westover, (87) John Webb, (99) Jeff Needham, (8) Skip ONeal, (47) Jack Sartain, (2) Billy Brierton, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (711) Tanner Houston, (7x) Rory Jordon, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (74) Jason Hammonds, (2c) Chris Huckeba, (82) Max Eddie Thomas, (01) Colby Smith, (4d) Bo Day, (3c) Charlie Smith, (71) Phillip Houston, (12) Johnny Philpot, (11x) Wesley Veal, (1t) Tim Holt.

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