Muilenburg, Estes, Sanders claim Miller Welding Night features at U.S. 36 Raceway
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August 4, 2017  |  by Rick Staley

Steve Muilenburg won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Out-Pace USRA B-Mods would see the battle of heat winners as Steve Muilenburg #39 and Josh Munsen #19X would go toe to toe for the win. Muilenburg would take the front and see Munsen challenge both high and low to no avail as the race progressed. Muilenburg would not look back and hold off all challengers claiming his first win of 2017 at US 36 Raceway Dirt Track on his first visit. Munsen would place a very close second with Eddie Schwope Jr #91 placing a solid and consistent third. Steven Clancy #12C would be in the hunt for the win only to fade late finishing fourth with big mover of the feature Cole Campbell #22C starting deep in the field racing his way to fifth.

Holley USRA Stock Cars would again go caution free on this night of racing action with heat winner Alvie Christofferson #22X taking the front early. Jason Estes #997 would work Christofferson both high and low until finding the low line to the front. Estes would then take the top of the track and slowly pull away and on to victory claiming the trophy and big paycheck in Lake Road Warehouse Winners Circle. Christofferson would end the feature second with the always fast Chad Clancy #20XX a close third. Brad Whitney would race his #X9 to the fourth position with Dean Wray #77 rounding out the night’s top five.

Jason Estes won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

As the USRA Modifieds would take to the track it did not take long until the rest of the field realized they had been “Zach Attacked” by Zach Sanders as the would lead every lap from the drop of the green to the checkers winning both heat and feature on this night of competition. Modifieds would never see the caution going green to checkers with Sanders setting a blistering pace on his way to victory. Chad Clancy #21C would race through the pack placing second with other heat winner Gunner Martin #75 a very close third. Fourth place would see #7 Shayne Bailey with Steve Muilenburg ending the feature fifth on the night.

Zach Sanders won the USRA Modified feature.

U.S. 36 Raceway would like to congratulate Bristol Knisley and Jase Cole on winning the bikes given away during Intermission. Would look forward to seeing everyone next Friday Night at US 36 Raceway Dirt Track for racing Under the Lights!!

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
U.S. 36 Raceway, Osborn, Mo.
Friday, Aug. 4,, 2017

1. 39 Stephen Muilenburg
2. 19 Josh Munsen
3. 91 Eddie Schwope Jr.
4. 12C Steven Clancy
5. 22C Cole Campbell
6. 11s Steve Starmer
7. 20X Jim Cameron
8. 7 Doug Keller
9. 211 Tim Eaton
10. 66X Chris Wright
11. 81 Dakota Kessler
12. 16 Blake Pierce
13. 07 Daniel Harris
14. 73 Truman Asher
15. 94 Jared Hillyard

1. 997 Jason Estes
2. 22X Alvie Christofferson
3. 20XX Chad Clancy
4. X9 Brad Whitney
5. 77 Dean Wray
6. 65X Thomas Roberts
7. 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck
8. 12X Matthew Lance
9. 55T Calvin Teel
10. 6X Greg Keuhn
11. 64 Trent Jeanes
12. 82M Anthony Robertson
13. 23 Greg Gilbert
14. 34X Mich Ross
15. 83A Aaron Sauter
16. S20 Gene Stigall

1. 69 Zach Sanders
2. 21C Chad Clancy
3. 75 Gunner Martin
4. 7 Shayne Bailey
5. 39 Steve Muilenburg
6. 21 Ryan Middaugh
7. 42 Sam Florence
8. 53 Ronnie Woods
9. 23 Ethan Young
10. 22H Clay Hale
11. 81 Richard Spriggs
12. 2H John Hanson
13. 96J Billie Hoover
14. 97 Houston Johnson
15. 99J Austin Johnson

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