Anderson finds U.S. 36 Raceway winners circle
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August 18, 2017  |  by Rick Staley

With a locked and loaded field chock full of the best Holley USRA Stock Car drivers in the nation Friday night at the U.S. 36 Raceway, Kevin Anderson led them to the green and took the early lead in the main event using the low side of the track.

The field gave chase as the race progressed but yellows bunched the competitors.

Jason Estes worked the high side of the track, running down Anderson and passing him as they came by the flag stand. Estes' lead was short-lived, however, as Anderson charged back by on the inside and picked up the feature win.

Estes finished second with the big mover of the race, Jake Newman, placing a close third. Brett Heeter moved through the pack to get fourth with Matthew Lance ending the feature fifth.

Heat winners in this 23-car field were Sam Scott, Aaron Sauter and Anderson.

The U.S. 36 Raceway would like to thank our drivers and fans for a great night of racing action and family fun. See everyone next week, and remember to hang on to those wrist bands as they will get you in the grandstands for $15 next Friday night.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
U.S. 36 Raceway, Osborn, Mo.
Friday, Aug. 18, 2017


1. 417 Kevin Anderson
2. 997 Jason Estes
3. 222 Jake Newman
4. 05 Brett Heeter
5. 12x Matthew Lance
6. 22x Alvie Christofferson
7. 65x Thomas Roberts
8. 34x Mich Ross
9. 20xxx Chris Wright
10. 88x Darrell Whitt
11. 55t Calvin Teel
12. 93 Sam Scott
13. 17h Ramon Ortega
14. 55 Drew Huff
15. 77 Dean Wray
16. 11w Gerald Wahwahsuck
17. 43oz James Osborn
18. 21h Jeb Hays
19. 32p Jeremy Pittsenbarger
20. X9 Brad Whitney
21. 23 Greg Gilbert
22. 23i Ronnie Ishmael
23. 83a Aaron Sauter

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