Bryant doubles up as Cutshaw makes it four straight Lucas Oil Speedway championships
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August 26, 2017  |  by Lyndal Scranton

Andy Bryant celebrated both a feature win and the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod track championship Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

The dream season continues for young Andy Bryant.

Bryant doubled up Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway, capturing both the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature and the track championship on the final night of the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series season.

Cutshaw finished second to feature winner Mitch Keeter to clinch his fourth straight Pitts Homes USRA Modified track championship.

Bryant, quickly moving from his fourth-row starting position, overtook pole-starting J.C. Morton to grab the lead completing lap two. The 17-year-old from Fort Scott, Kan., dominated from there.

"The track was great tonight," Bryant said. "We started eighth and got a really good start. Kris (Jackson) put up a good fight on that last restart. He had me looking back. It was a great track, a great race and I'm glad to win it."

Bryant had opened a big lead when a caution for debris on lap 13 bunched the field for a seven-lap shootout. But Bryant prevailed for his fourth feature victory of the season to with with three runner-up finishes and two thirds.

Andy Bryant captured the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod track championship.

"It's just been a pretty decent year," said Bryant, who was leading in the most recent Out-Pace USRA B-Mod National standings as well. "I'd just like to thank everybody that helps me, both my family and sponsors. They're what allows us to compete at this level to be successful."

Jackson finished second with Taylor Moore in third.

Keeter takes win, Cutshaw title: As Keeter drove to his first feature win of the season in the Pitts Homes USRA Modified division, Cutshaw used a strong second-place run to win a fourth straight Lucas Oil Speedway championship.

Cutshaw, of Bolivar, Mo., won the previous week's feature to regain the lead. Jason Pursley of Hermitage, who began the night 10 points behind Cutshaw, finished fifth.

Jeff Cutshaw won the USRA Modified track championship.

"Four in a row is kind of a nice thing. This field is tough," Cutshaw said. "Jason runs great. It was a tight battle all the way until the end this year. I want to thank Pitts Homes for sponsoring this class. They do a lot for us."

Keeter, of Webb City, Mo., started outside of row two and moved past Scott Drake and into the lead on lap four. He held off Cutshaw the rest of the way with Joe Duvall finishing third and Drake in fourth.

"This car has been good for me all year," Keeter said. "I race in Oklahoma on Saturdays and every chance I get, I come over here. It's a great track and I enjoy coming here."

Mitch Keeter won the USRA Modified feature.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017


A Feature: 1, Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan. 2, Kris Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 3, Taylor Moore, Bois D'Arc, Mo. 4, Mike Striegel, Hermitage, Mo. 5, Kaeden Cornell, Willard, Mo. 6, Rex Merritt, Billings, Mo. 7, David Hendrix, Waynesville, Mo. 8, Cody Jolly, Jasper, Mo. 9, Michael Bowers, Rogersville, Mo. 10, Dylan Allen, Chanute, Kan. 11, Ryan Edde, Cross Timbers, Mo. 12, Greg Woodcock, Neosho, Mo. 13, Randy Zimmerman, Fort Scott, Kan. 14, Cody Brill, Harrisonville, Mo. 15, Jace Gay, Farber, Mo. 16, Lexy Vanzandt, Billings, Mo. 17, Bobby Williams, Hermitage, Mo. 18, Ricky Watkins, Brookline, Mo. 19, Kameron Grindstaff, Independence, Mo. 20, Jeff McNew, Blue Springs, Mo. 21, Gary Fain, Lone Jack, Mo. 22, Kenny Shaw, Fort Scott, Kan. 23, Justin Pike, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 24, JC Morton, Springdale, Ark.

B Feature #1: 1, Cody Jolly. 2, Randy Zimmerman. 3, Ricky Watkins. 4, Jeff McNew. 5, Quentin Taylor. 6, Jake Hereford. 7, Mike Green. 8, Evan McQuitty. 9, Kenny Shelton. DNS Rodney Cordon.

B Feature #2: 1, Dylan Allen. 2, Greg Woodcock. 3, Gary Fain, 4, Kenny Shaw, 5, Cody Admire, 6, Robert Heydenreich. 7, Kenneth Pike. DNS Thomas Yount. DNS Andy Chrisenberry.

Heat #1: 1, JC Morton. 2, David Hendrix. 3, Andy Bryant. 4, Jace Gay. 5, Randy Zimmerman. 6, Kenny Shelton. 7, Kenneth Pike. 8, Kenny Shaw. 9, Mike Green.

Heat #2: 1, Cody Brill. 2, Kaeden Cornell. 3, Kris Jackson. 4, Ryan Edde. 5, Justin Pike. 6, Dylan Allen. 7, Jeff McNew. 8, Rodney Cordon. 9, Robert Heydenreich.

Heat #3: 1, Mike Striegel. 2, Lexy Vanzandt. 3, Bobby Williams. 4, Cody Jolly. 5, Kameron Grindstaff. 6, Ricky Watkins. 7, Quentin Taylor. 8, Greg Woodcock. 9, Evan McQuitty.

Heat #4: 1, Rex Merritt. 2, Taylor Moore. 3, Michael Bowers. 4, Gary Fain. 5, Cody Admire. 6, Andy Chrisenberry. DNS Thomas Yount. DQ Jake Hereford.


Feature: 1, Mitch Keeter, Webb City, Mo. 2, Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, Mo. 3, Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla. 4, Scott Drake, Diamond, Mo. 5, Jason Pursley, Hermitage, Mo. 6, Mike Striegel, Hermitage, Mo. 7, Chase Domer, Nevada, Mo. 8, Lance Town, Wellsville, Kan. 9, Scotty Bough, Neosho, Mo. 10, Donnie Fellers, Wheatland, Mo. 11, Evan Hubert, Pittsburg, Mo. 12, Tracy Wolf, Buffalo, Mo. 13, Christopher Moon, Mora, Mo. 14, Chase Jones, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 15, Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 16, Justin Moore, Sedalia, Mo. 17, Colson Kirk, Urbana, Mo. DNS Eric Turner, Hermitage.

Heat #1: 1, Scott Drake. 2, Chase Domer. 3, Mitch Keeter. 4, Jason Pursley. 5, Daniel Wosoba. 6, Donnie Fellers. 7, Justin Moon. 8, Christopher Moon. 9, Eric Turner.

Heat #2: 1, Jeff Cutshaw. 2, Mike Striegel. 3, Joe Duvall 4, Lance Town. 5, Colson Kirk. 6, Chase Jones. 7, Tracy Wolf. 8, Scotty Bough. 9, Evan Hubert.

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