Elliott, Wray, Turner top Rod End Supply Night at I-35 Speedway
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August 26, 2017  |  by Rick Staley

Out-Pace USRA B-Mods would see the best of the best take the track and entertain as only they can. Randy Ainsworth would take the lead until Shadren Turner would charge by on the inside to take the front. Turner would use the high line to perfection and lead the remainder of the laps and pick up the win. Turner would celebrate his second win in as many nights as he celebrated in victory lane. Ainsworth would place second with a hard charging Ed Noll third. Daniel Harris would have a good feature race ending the night fourth with heat winner Austin Kaplan rounding out the night’s top five. Other heat winner was Mitch Booher.

Shadren Turner won the Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature.

Holley USRA Stock Cars would be low in number but high in quality as Dean Wray and heat winner Gary Donaldson would battle it out for the front on the start. Wray would work the inside until he would clear Donaldson and never look back picking up the feature win. Jon Boller Jr. would find the fast way around the track and work his way past Donaldson to place second moving Donaldson to finish third. Jay Barnes would recover from an early race spin cycle to place fourth with the ever present Mich Ross ending the race fifth.

Dean Wray won the Holley USRA Stock Car feature.

USRA Modifieds would take to the track next for an exciting twenty lap feature. Heat winner Dennis Elliott would use a front row starting spot to take the front and lead every on his way to victory lane. The always fast Derrick Hicks would challenge Elliott every lap but have to settle for second as Elliott would claim the win. Other heat winner Clay Hale continues to impress as he would place third with Logan Robertson a very close fourth place showing. John Hanson driving the car would impress with a solid fifth place ending the night of great racing action.

Dennis Elliott won the USRA Modified feature.

See everyone next Saturday night at I-35 Speedway where there is always more “Dirt Trackin' at its Best.”

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
I-35 Speedway, Winston, Mo.
Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017


1. 17T Shadren Turner
2. 57 Randy Ainsworth
3. 15 Ed Noll
4. 07 Daniel Harris
5. 1 Austin Kaplan
6. 22W Bud Wilson
7. 16 Blake Pierce
8. 10 Johnny McGinnis
9. 7M Heath Murry
10. 52M Dustin Miller
11. 22B Mitch Booher
12. 49 Shane Patch
13. 10H Garrett Hill
14. 48 Shawn Grady
15. 72 Anthony Hill
16. 9M Derrick Mahoney


1. 77 Dean Wray
2. 20X Jon Boller Jr
3. 28D Gary Donaldson
4. 19 Jay Barnes
5. 34X Mich Ross
6. 23 Greg Gilbert


1. 29 Dennis Elliott
2. 78 Derrick Hicks
3. 22H Clay Hale
4. 23 Logan Robertson
5. 2H John Hanson
6. 59 Jared Stiens
7. 54 Buz Kaster
8. 97 Houston Johnson
9. 98 Austin Johnson
10. 31 David Coates
11. 17X Nic Hanes
12. 96J B.B. Tex
13. 99J Billie Hoover

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