Jackson captures Out-Pace URA B-Mod win at Lucas Oil Speedway
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September 2, 2017  |  by Lyndal Scranton

Saturday night at the Lucas Oil Speedway, Kris Jackson of Lebanon, Mo., led all the way to win the 30-lap Out-Pace USRA B-Mod feature, taking home $1,075.

Jackson, from his outside row two position, split front-row starters Justin Pike and Ricky Watkins just after the drop of the green and had the lead coming out of turn two on the opening lap.

The third caution of the race, on lap five, bunched the field. But the race went caution-free the rest of the way with Jackson, expertly working his way through lapped traffic in the second half of the race, pulling away to win by a straightaway's margin over Randy Zimmerman of Fort Scott, Kan.

Jackson said the victory was special because he grew up watching Larry Phillips pile up victories at Lebanon I-44 Speedway.

"I'm from Lebanon and I very seldom missed a Saturday night race growing up as a kid," Jackson said. "I remember him paddling their butts over and over again. To be honest, I didn't like him because he was so fast. That's the only reason I didn't like him.

"But I have an unbelievable respect for that man, for what he's done for racing in this area."

Jake Richards of Lansing, Kan., finished third with Donald Jackson of Lebanon, Mo., in fourth and Ryan Gillmore of Springfield, Mo., fifth.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series
Lucas Oil Speedway, Wheatland, Mo.
Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017


Feature: 1, Kris Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 2, Randy Zimmerman, Fort Scott, Kan. 3, Jake Richards, Lansing, Kan. 4, Donald Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 5, Ryan Gillmore, Springfield, Mo. 6, Luke Nieman, Nortonville, Kan. 7, Rex Harris, Macks Creek, Mo. 8, Thomas Young, Greenfield, Mo. 9, Justin Pike, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 10, Mike Striegel, Hermitage, Mo. 11, Eric Turner, Hermitage, Mo. 12, Rodney Cordon, Independence, Mo. 13, Taylor Moore, Bois D'Arc, Mo. 14, Quentin Taylor, Flemington, Mo. 15, Kenneth Pike, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 16, Ricky Watkins, Brookline, Mo. 17, Richard Mayee, Oologah, Okla. 18, Michael Bowers, Rogersville, Mo. 19, Bobby Williams, Hermitage, Mo. 20, David Hendrix, Waynesville, Mo. 21, Tyler Milner, Mo. 22, Gary Fain, Lone Jack, Mo. 23, Shawn Strong, Republic, M o. DNS Robbe Ewing, Stockton, Mo.

Heat #1: 1, Donald Jackson. 2, Justin Pike. 3, Randy Zimmerman. 4, Ryan Gillmore. 5, Taylor Moore. 6, Richard Mayee. 7, Jacob Long. 8, Evan McQuitty. 9, Kenny Shelton.

Heat #2: 1, Luke Nieman. 2, Rodney Cordon. 3, Gary Fain. 4, Robbe Ewing. 5, Quentin Taylor. 6, Tyler Milner. 7, Andy Chrisenberry. 8, Cale Turner.

Heat #3: 1, Kenneth Pike. 2, Ricky Watkins. 3, Shawn Strong. 4, Thomas Yount. 5, Bobby Williams. 6, David Hendrix. 7, Donnie Fellers. DNS Chase Hubbard.

Heat #4: 1, Mike Striegel. 2, Jake Richards. 3, Kris Jackson. 4, Rex Harris. 5, Eric Turner. 6, Michael Bowers. 7, Jason Thurman. 8, Mike Green.

B Feature #1: 1, David Hendrix. 2, Bobby Williams. 3, Quentin Taylor. 4, Richard Mayee. 5, Donnie Fellers. 6, Evan McQuitty. 7, Mike Green, Fair Grove, Mo. DNS Andy Chrisenberry, Chilhowee, Mo.

B Feature #2: 1, Taylor Moore. 2, Michael Bowers. 3, Eric Turner. 4, Tyler Milner. 5, Kenny Shelton. 6, Cale Turner, Fulton, Mo. 7, Jason Thurman, Chanute, Kan. 8, Jacob Long, Greenfield, Mo. DNS Chase Hubbard, Owasso, Okla.

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