Henigan rises to top at Kennedale
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September 9, 2017  |  by Keith Pirtle

The Touring Outlaw Modified Series featuring USRA Modifieds made its first trip to the Kennedale Speedway Park on Saturdaym bringing 38 cars for the evening show. The 1/4-mile high banked oval allowed for some amazing racing.

Troy Taylor set the pace to the green flag and set out to lead the first seven laps. Chris Henigan, starting in the seventh position, was working high and low to weave his way to the front of the field.

Slipping past Taylor on the high side, he took the lead on lap eight while TOMS points leader Triston Dycus slid by Taylor on the next lap to latch onto Henigan's back bumper.

As lapped traffic started to separate the front runners, it allowed them to get a half-straight-away lead over Taylor and the rest of the field.

Henigan worked high and low, and his car was working perfectly with Dycus on his back bumper and looking for a small gap to make his move.

Henigan made no errors though, and Dycus brought home a second-place finish while Henigan scored his second TOMS feature win.

The caution-free main event made for some amazing side-by-side, high-and-low racing.

Special thanks to our sponsors: S&S Fishing & Rental, Day Motorsports, Fritzphoto, Pulse Racing Innovation, Sunoco Racing Products, Five1Seven Designs, All-Star Signs by Wesley, KR Promotions, Superior Wheels, Frozen Ropes Training Center, Milt Clark Performance Warehouse, Superior Steering Wheel, MLH Racing Products, Love Graphics, Wichita Tank, Wicked Race Cars, Precision Fabrication Race Car Bodies, Awards N More, OK Freightways, 41 Shocks, Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Bailey’s Country Store & BBQ, Josh Landers and Family, Deatherage Certified Opticians, C&P Pump Service, Ronny Welborne, Troy Taylor, Utility Trailers and JRW Enterprises. Special thanks to the Tony Dycus and all of the KSP staff for your help and support.

The Touring Outlaw Modified Series will next race on Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Route 66 Motor Speedway in Amarillo, Texas, followed by Saturday, Sept. 23, for the Bryan Mize Memorial at the Heart O' Texas Speedway near Waco.

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United States Racing Association
Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series/Touring Outlaw Modified Series
Kennedale Speedway Park, Kennedale, Texas
Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017


Heat #1:
1. 16 Chris Hennigan
2. 5x Danny Veal
3. 14t Triston Dycus
4. 2c Chris Huckeba
5. A1 Phil Dixon
6. 7x Rory Jordan
7. 77b Marcus Baxter
8. 34n C.A. Nix
9. 11x Wesley Veal
10. 10 Tye Clampitt

Heat #2:
1. 73 Jim Knight
2. 24 Sean Jones
3. 66x Mike Dillard
4. 51x Danny Florence
5. 010 Jeremy Willis
6. 6 Donnie Powers
7. 7jr Chad Ewell
8. 75 Kenneth Densman
9. 58 Todd Greeniger
10. 151 Tommy Williams

Heat #3:
1. 25d Donnie Shipp
2. 56 Troy Taylor
3. 20 Ronnie Welborn
4. 34 Mickey Lassiter
5. 3c Charlie Smith
6. 49 Chad Howell
7. 88 Shawn Gammage
8. 711 Michael Daniels
9. 29x Lance Plant

Heat #4:
1. 88xxx Clyde Dunn Jr.
2. 410 Brad Doherty
3. 01 Colby Smith
4. 74 Jason Hammond
5. 8 Skip O’Neal
6. 75x Patrick Daniels
7. 1x Robert Veal
8. 82x Greg Teske
9. 9 Kevin Rutherford

"B" Main #1:
1. 49 Chad Howell
2. 11x Wesley Veal
3. 8 Skip O’Neal
4. 3c Charlie Smith
5. 711 Michael Daniels
6. 34 Mickey Lassiter
7. 34n C.A. Nix
8. 10 Tye Clampitt
9. 29x Lance Plant
10. 6 Donnie Powers
11. 77b Marcus Baxter
12. 88 Shawn Gammage

"B" Main #2:
1. 2c Chris Huckeba
2. 75x Patrick Daniels
3. 010 Jeremy Willis
4. 74 Jason Hammond
5. 151 Tommy Williams
6. 7jr Chad Ewell
7. 7x Rory Jordan
8. 82x Greg Teske
9. 75 Kenneth Densman
10. 9 Kevin Rutherford
11. 51x Danny Florence
12. 58 Todd Greeniger
13. 1x Robert Veal
14. A1 Phil Dixon

Day Motor Sports "A" Main:
1. 16 Chris Hennigan
2. 14t Triston Dycus
3. 88xxx Clyde Dunn Jr.
4. 56 Troy Taylor
5. 34n C.A. Nix
6. 73 Jim Knight
7. 24 Sean Jones
8. 49 Chad Howell
9. 5x Danny Veal
10. 75x Patrick Daniels
11. 66x Mike Dillard
12. 8 Skip O’Neal
13. 11x Wesley Veal
14. 2c Chris Huckeba
15. 410 Brad Doherty
16. 25d Donnie Shipp
17. 74 Jason Hammond
18. 151 Tommy Williams
19. 3c Charlie Smith
20. 82x Greg Teske
21. 77b Marcus Baxter
22. 010 Jeremy Willis
23. 20 Ronnie Welborn
24. 01 Colby Smith

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