Three titles up for grabs this Saturday at Pepsi Scotland County Speedway
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August 22, 2007  |  by Brian Neal

MEMPHIS, Mo. — It’s hard to believe that it’s season championship time of the season already, but this Saturday, Aug. 25, will be Cunningham Fertilizer Season Championship Night at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway.

Two close track points battles will be decided in the USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series, including USRA Hobby Stocks and Outlaw Hobbys, while the first-ever USRA Late Model national champion will be honored at the track where the season began back in April. The leaders in the other four divisions — USRA Modifieds, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B-Mods and Hornets — have all but locked up their 2007 titles.

In the battle for first ever USRA Late Model national championship, Chad Simpson of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, currently leads Lancaster’s Chris Smyser by a mere one point, while two-time 2007 winner Tommy Elston of Keokuk, Iowa, sits third. Jeff Aikey of Cedar Falls, Iowa, holds a six-point lead over Des Moines, Iowa’s Curt Schroeder for the fourth position. Todd McKee of Massena, Iowa; Chris Fontana of Pella, Iowa; and Oxford, Iowa’s Chris Simpson rest in the seventh through ninth place in points, while Columbus Junction, Iowa’s Jason Utter has a slim four-point lead over Justin Reed of Quincy, Ill., in the battle for the 10th-place finish.

Michael Long of Quincy, Ill., has to sign in for competition on Saturday and his first ever USRA Modified track title will be his. Long currently leads Ankeny, Iowa’s Martin Bennett by 66 points, with 45 show up points for Long being good enough for him to earn the title. The defending track champion, Ryan Meyer of Liberty, Ill., holds down the third spot, with Tony Fraise of Donnellson, Iowa, leading Mt. Ayr, Iowa’s Dennis Elliott by 11 points in the battle for fourth. Elliott, who sits fifth in points, has a 21-point advantage over Jody Wood of Donnellson, Iowa, for that spot. Gorin’s Bob Dale currently holds a 15-point lead over Matt Greiner of Washington, Iowa, for seventh, while David Snyder of Greentop has a 22-point advantage over Kirksville’s Jerry Asher for the ninth position. Asher, who will try to overcome Snyder for ninth, will also have to try to hold off Jerry Reese of Baring for the 10th-place finish in points.

The USRA Stock Car track champion for 2007 is Matt Greiner of Washington, Iowa. His 288-point advantage over Mark Holt of Memphis is more then enough to lock up the title for 2007. But Holt has to work to hold off Troy Alexander of Memphis for the second-place finish as the two are separated by 29 points. Quincy, Ill’s. Kale Foster leads Colt Mather of Webster, Iowa, by 30 points in the battle for fourth, while Clell Evans of Kirksville holds a 13-point cushion over Zack VanderBeek of New Sharon, Iowa, for sixth in points, with Novelty’s Butch Bailey leading Kyle Chinn of Clarence by 13 points in the contest for ninth. Chinn, however, has to work to hold off Doug Huls of Carthage, Ill., and Kirksville’s Mark White for a top-10 finish as 14 points separate the three drivers.

Wyatt Lantz of Bowen, Ill., has locked up his first-ever USRA B-Mod track title at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway. He leads Canton’s Adam Birck by 159 points, which is more than enough to give him the crown. Birck, a rookie in the B-Mod class, has to hold off Quincy, Ill., driver Jeff Waterman for the second-place finish, with 15 points separating the two drivers. Jason Riegel of Memphis holds a 13-point advantage over Keokuk, Iowa’s Jim Gillenwater in the battle for fourth, with Jared Fuller of Memphis; Brian Clark of Canton, rookie Josh Larson of Keokuk, Iowa; and Ron York of Edina holding down the sixth through ninth spots. Larry Newman of Kirksville will need to hold off Joe Hooper of Mendon, Ill., for a top-10 trophy, with 26 points separating the two drivers.

The title is still up for grabs in the USRA Hobby Stock division, where Mike Shelton of Ottumwa, Iowa, and Knoxville, Iowa’s Bill Gibson are separated by just 19 points. Shelton needs a fifth-place finish or better and the 2007 title will be his. A sixth-place finish for Shelton, coupled with a win by Gibson will have the two drivers dead-locked, but Gibson holds the advantage in the tie-breaker with six wins this season. Derek Kirkland of Centerville, Iowa, holds down third in points, with Oskaloosa, Iowa, driver Steve Allen currently sitting in fourth. The battle for fifth will be a hot one as Curtis Barnes of Greentop; Tim Kraber of Ottumwa, Iowa; Bob Lynch of Ottumwa, Iowa; and Eldon, Iowa’s Jason McDaniel are all separated by 11 points. Robby Sands of Centerville, Iowa, and Clayton Robbins of Liberty will battle for the ninth and 10th-place in points, with only one point dividing the two drivers.

The other title up for grabs is the Outlaw Hobbys, with Kahoka’s Jeff Soper holding an eight-point lead over Brandon Symmonds of Keokuk, Iowa. Many possibilities will give either driver the title for 2007. While both drivers share the first tie-breaker with three wins apiece, Soper has more runner-up finishes this season than does Symmonds. Rodger Dresden of Keokuk, Iowa, will work to hold off Donnellson, Iowa’s Jim Lynch as the two drivers are separated by 21 points. Defending track champion Beau Taylor of Canton holds down the fifth spot, while Josh Soper of Kahoka and Larry Hooper of Wyaconda are divided by seven points in the battle for a sixth-place finish. Tim Pettibone of Moravia, Iowa, and Justin Hamelton of Hamilton, Ill., have a five-point difference in the battle for eighth, with Brian Howerton of Hurdland rounding out the top-10.

Luke Davidson of Argyle, Iowa, has to sign in for competition on Saturday and his first Hornet title will be his as he has a 78-point lead over J.D. Murphy of Cincinnati, Iowa. Defending track champion Andrew Hustead of Rutledge is third, with Ethen Hustead of Rutledge, Lew Aikman of Hannibal and Brian Lemen of Cincinnati, Iowa, holding down the fourth through sixth positions. Ottumwa, Iowa’s Jim Garrett and Kirksville, Mo., driver Dalton McCartney are separated by one point in the battle for seventh, while Michael Grossman of Keokuk, Iowa, and Dale Porter of Pulaski, Iowa, are divided by just five points in the battle for ninth.

The final race for the USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series track points will be one you won’t want to miss. Gates will open at 4:30 p.m., hot laps at 6:30 p.m. and racing to follow this Saturday at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway.

For more information, contact the RL Promotions offices at (515) 832-6000 or visit online. Race day info is available by calling the track hotline at (660) 465-8948. The Pepsi Scotland County Speedway is located 1.0 mile west of Memphis on US 136 to SR 15, then east (at the Scotland County

Current Top-10 Points as of Aug. 18, 2007:

1. 18 - Michael Long … 1014
2. 99 - Martin Bennett … 948
3. 82m - Ryan Meyer … 887
4. 45 - Tony Fraise … 812
5. 29 - Dennis Elliott … 801
6. z4 - Jody Wood … 780
7. 12 - Bob Dale … 716
8. 29x - Matt Greiner … 701
9. 5s - David Snyder … 578
10. 97 - Jerry Asher … 556

1. 29 - Matt Greiner … 1246
2. 11 - Mark Holt … 958
3. 7a - Troy Alexander … 929
4. 44 - Kale Foster … 697
5. 8 - Colt Mather … 667
6. 13 - Michael Browning … 623
7. 1L - Clell Evans … 404
8. 33z - Zack VanderBeek … 391
9. 111 - Butch Bailey … 337
10. 81c - Kyle Chinn … 322

1. 22 - Wyatt Lantz … 1225
2. 12 - Adam Birck … 1066
3. 71 - Jeff Waterman … 1051
4. 19 - Jason Riegel … 961
5. 10 - Jim Gillenwater … 948
6. 77 - Jared Fuller … 852
7. 88 - Brian Clark … 780
8. 44 - Josh Larson … 731
9. 6y - Ryan York … 623
10. 20 - Larry Newman … 473

1. 16 - Mike Shelton … 1178
2. 38 - Bill Gibson … 1159
3. 2k - Derek Kirkland … 905
4. 3s - Steve Allen … 841
5. 21x - Curtis Barnes … 686
6. 27k - Tim Kraber … 683
7. 4j - Bob Lynch … 680
8. 85 - Jason McDaniel … 675
9. 34f - Robby Sands … 614
10. 8r - Clayton Robbins … 613

1. 43s - Jeff Soper … 1190
2. 8 - Brandon Symmonds … 1182
3. 1 - Rodger Dresden … 1154
4. 4L - Jim Lynch … 1133
5. 2t - Beau Taylor … 1023
6. 8s - Josh Soper … 918
7. 23 - Larry Hooper … 911
8. 47 - Tim Pettibone … 771
9. 24j - Justin Hamelton … 766
10. 89 - Brian Howerton … 721

1. 6 - Luke Davidson … 1172
2. 77q - J.D. Murphy … 1088
3. 20 - Andrew Hustead … 1022
4. 62 - Ethan Hustead … 901
5. 66 - Lew Aikman … 454
6. 84L - Brian Lemen … 281
7. 26 - Jim Garrett … 240
8. 11d - Dalton McCartney … 239
9. 2 - Michael Grossman … 200
10. 31 - Dale Porter … 195

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