Mahlstedt, VanderBeek, Lantz, McDaniel, Moudry, Davidson top opening night of 3rd Annual Pepsi USRA Nationals
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October 5, 2007  |  by Brian Neal

Dean Mahlstedt of Clear Lake, Iowa, captured the USRA Modified feature on Friday.

MEMPHIS, Mo. What a great night for racing at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway, with temperatures in the lower 70's at race time on Friday during the 3rd Annual Pepsi USRA Nationals. Taking home feature wins on the night were Dean Mahlstedt (USRA Modifieds), Zack VanderBeek (USRA Stock Cars), Wyatt Lantz (USRA B-Mods), Jason McDaniel (USRA Hobby Stocks), Ben Moudry (Outlaw Hobbys) and Luke Davidson (Hornets).

The first feature to take to the track was the 15-lap Outlaw Hobby feature, with Ben Moudry and Beau Taylor drawing the front row for the event. Moudry would take advantage of his front row starting spot to grab the lead on the drop of the green flag. Moudry then worked to try and hold off Jake Wenig, as the two drivers ran side-by-side several times before Wenig pulled out with front end troubles. Moudry then held off Cody Henkes, who started tenth, to pick up the win. Jeff Soper would finish in third, Rob Wilsey was fourth, Keith Reed was fifth, with Brandon Symmonds taking the final qualifying spot for Saturdays feature. Wilsey, Henkes and Moudry each picked up a heat race win.

Up next was the 10-lap Hornet feature, with Devin Still and Andrew Hustead leading the field to the green. But it was third place starter and 2007 track champion Luke Davidson jumping out front on lap 1. Davidson then held the lead until lap 6, when Tyler Whalen slipped by for the top spot. But Whalen had a tire go down on lap 8, giving the lead back to Davidson who held off Bill Whalen over the final two laps to claim the win. Jim Garrett was third, Bill Young was fourth, with Brent Hartley rounding out the top five. Heat race winners were Bill Whalen and Lew Aikman

Zack VanderBeek and Jason Cook drew the front row for the 18-lap USRA Stock Car feature, with VanderBeek moving out front on lap 1. Cook, Tom Schmitt, who started seventh, and Matt Greiner, who changed motors after hot laps and started twenty-first, moved up to battle three to wide for the second spot. VanderBeek would go on to lead all 18 laps and held off a last lap challenge from Schmitt to grab the win. Greiner would finish in third, Cook was fourth, Mike Van Genderen was fifth, with Mike Robinson coming from seventeenth to take the final transfer spot into Saturdays feature. VanderBeek, Schmitt, Bert McDaniel Jr., Nathan Wood and Van Genderen each picked up a heat race win, while Greiner and Greg Mitchell topped the B-Mains.

The 15-lap USRA Hobby Stock feature was up next, with Alan Hultz and Mike Shelton drawing the front row for the event. Shelton would take advantage of his starting spot to grab the lead on the drop of the green flag. Shelton would continue to hold the top spot, as Bill Gibson, Jim Tull and Jason McDaniel battled two and three wide for second. Gibson would jump to the outside of Shelton on lap 9 to take over the lead, with McDaniel following into second. Gibson, who was running the bottom, and McDaniel, who was running up top, would run the final five laps side-by-side. Coming off the fourth turn on the final lap the two drivers dragged down the frontstrech to the finish line, with McDaniel edging out the win by inches over Gibson, Tull was third, Shelton held for fourth, Jimmy Hayes was fifth, with Mark Moore grabbing the final transfer spot into Saturdays feature. Heat race winners were Hultz, Derek Kirkland and Gibson.

Up next was the 16-lap USRA B-Mod feature, with Craig Spegal and Wyatt Lantz leading the field to the drop of the green flag. Lantz jumped out front on lap 1 and then held on in a shortened race to pick up the win. Tony Dunker came from the rear after being involved in a early crash to finish in second, Joe Hooper started sixteenth and would finish in third, Jeff Waterman came from fourteenth to finish in fourth, Robbie Reed came from twentieth to finish in fifth, with Terry Houston came from twenty-first to take the final transfer spot for Saturdays feature. Jared Fuller, Dunker, Gillenwater and Charles VanBoening took home the heat race wins.

The final feature of the night was the 25-lap USRA Modified feature, with Mark Burgtorf and Blake Sedgwick drawing the front row for the event. Burgtorf would take advantage of his front row starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1, with Mark VanWinkle, Richie Gustin and Al Hejna battling for second. Burgtorf would hold the top spot until lap 20, when Dean Mahlstedt, who started ninth, slipped by for the lead. Mahlstedt then held on over the final five laps to claim his fourth feature win in a row in his last four starts. Burgtorf held on for second, Hejna was third, VanWinkle was fourth, with Ryan Gustin rounding out the top five. Heat race winners were Bruce Hanford, Ryan Gustin, Ron VerBeek, Burgtorf and Mahlstedt, while Bob Dale and Mark Dotson topped the B-Mains.

For more information call RL Promotions at 515-832-6000 or visit Race day info is available by calling the track hotline at 660-465-8948. The Pepsi Scotland County Speedway is located 1.0 mile west of Memphis on US 136 to SR 15, then east (at the Scotland County Fairgrounds).

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USRA Casey's General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Pepsi Scotland County Speedway, Memphis, Mo.
3rd Annual Pepsi USRA Nationals - Night 1 of 2
Friday, Oct. 5, 2007


Heat 1: 1. 61-Bruce Hanford, Davenport, Iowa; 2. 35v-Mark VanWinkle, Hannibal; 3. 71-David Holder, Clarence; 4. 1R-Tommy Elston, Keokuk, Iowa; 5. 12-Bob Dale, Gorin; 6. 07-Kenny Mudd, Winnfield; 7. 22-Brandon Banks, Washington, Iowa; 8. 5-Tim Sands, Conesville, Iowa; 40B-Jimmy McKenney, Linneus.

Heat 2: 1. 19R-Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown; 2. 19G-Richie Gustin, Gilman, Iowa; 3. 45-Tony Fraise, Donnellson, Iowa; 4. 1-Dan Chapman, Clarence, Iowa; 5. 26-Gary Blackburn Jr., Fulton; 6. 55x-Scott Stecher, Muscatine, Iowa; 7. 85D-Mark Dotson, Cameron; 8. z4-Jody Wood, Donnellson, Iowa; 9. 12x-Justin Reed, Quincy, Ill.

Heat 3: 1. 4R-Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa, Iowa; 2. 185-Blake Sedgwick, Cameron; 3. 5s-David Snyder, Greentop; 4. 88D-Tim Dotson, Sturgeon; 5. 5w-Larry Winn, Hallsville; 6. 15-Gary Wilson, Frankford; 7. 55-Kevin Parman, Denver; 8. 90-Lonnie Heap, Media, Ill.

Heat 4: 1. 69M-Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Ill.; 2. 17-Steve Stewart, New London, Iowa; 3. 11s-Steve Starmer, New Hampton; 4. 2-Joey Schaefer, Waterloo, Iowa; 5. B4-Rickey Frankel, Quincy, Ill.; 6. 99M-Randy Mauzey, Madison; 7. 55D-Mike Dotson, Sturgeon; 8. 99-Martin Bennett, Ankeny, Iowa.

Heat 5: 1. 21M-Dean Mahlstedt, Clear Lake, Iowa; 2. 7-Al Hejna, Clear Lake, Iowa; 3. 18-Michael Long, Quincy, Ill.; 4. 26k-Kevin Blackburn, Fulton; 5. 66-Vance Wilson, Frankford; 6. 8-Matt Dotson, Sturgeon; 7. 33z-Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa 8. 29x-Matt Greiner, Washington, Iowa.

B-Main 1: 1. 12-Dale; 2. 55x-Stecher; 3. 99-Bennett; 4. 66-V. Wilson; 5. z4-Wood; 6. 99M-Mauzey; 7. 55-Parman; 8. 5w-Winn; 9. 40B-McKenney; 10. 33z-VanderBeek; 11. 22-Banks.

B-Main 2: 1. 85D-Mark Dotson; 2. 26-G. Blackburn Jr.; 3. 12-Reed; 4. 15-G. Wilson; 5. B4-Frankel; 6. 07-Mudd; 7. 8-Matt Dotson; 8. 90-Heap; 9. 5-Sands; 10. 55D-Mike Dotson; 11. 29x-Greiner.

Feature: 1. 21M-Mahlstedt; 2. 69M-Burgtorf; 3. 7-Hejna; 4. 35v-VanWinkle; 5. 19R-Ryan Gustin; 6. 61-Hanford; 7. 85D-Mark Dotson; 8. 17-Stewart; 9. 45-Fraise; 10. 1-Chapman; 11. 4R-VerBeek; 12. 26k-K. Blackburn; 13. 185-Sedgwick; 14. 1R-Elston; 15. 26-G. Blackburn Jr.; 16. 12-Dale; 17. 2-Schaefer; 18. 88D-Tim Dotson; 19. 19G-Richie Gustin; 20. 55x-Stecher; 21. 5s-Snyder; 22. 71-Holder; 23. 18-Long; 24. 11s-Starmer.


Heat 1: 1. 33z-Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa; 2. 27R-Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; 3. 7A-Troy Alexander, Memphis; 4. 77M-Jeff Mueller, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; 5. 0-Rick Girard, Columbia; 6. 40-William Dahl, Rush Hill; 7. 111-Butch Bailey, Novelty; 8. 20-Greg Mitchell, Decorah, Iowa.

Heat 2: 1. 18-Tom Schmitt, Independence, Iowa; 2. 97-Lynn Panos, Protivin, Iowa; 3. 54-Chris Webb, Biggsville, Ill.; 4. 78R-Mike Robinson, Moravia, Iowa; 5. 93-Mark White, Kirksville; 6. 3-Tim Eravi, Moberly; 7. 75-Scott McClain; 8. 4-Toby Johnson, Eldon, Iowa.

Heat 3: 1. 81-Bert McDaniel Jr., Eldon, Iowa; 2. 5-Mike Bergan, Ridgeway, Iowa; 3. 36-Shelly Mizell, Muscatine, Iowa; 4. 44x-Tad Payne, Muscatine, Iowa; 5. 69A-Jerry Ames, Huntsville; 6. 66-Jeff Joldersma, McClelland, Iowa; 7. 7-Cody Layman, Riverside, Iowa; 8. 12M-T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa, Iowa.

Heat 4: 1. 52-Nathan Wood, Keswick, Iowa; 2. 52x-Chris Wibbell, Dallas City, Ill.; 3. 42-Charles Rindom, Moberly; 4. 44-Kale Foster, Quincy, Ill.; 5. 10-Doug Huls, Carthage, Ill.; 6. 14JR-Derrick Agee, Huntsville; 7. 17N-Nick Fenton, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Heat 5: 1. 57v-Mike Van Genderen, Newton, Iowa; 2. 30c-Abe Huls, Carthage, Ill.; 3. 11-Mark Holt, Memphis; 4. 14-Pete Agee, Huntsville; 5. 73M-Tyler McClure, Floris, Iowa; 6. 79J-Brian Jackson, Moravia, Iowa; 7. 29-Matt Greiner, Washington, Iowa.

B-Main 1: 1. 29-Greiner; 2. 73M-McClure; 3. 14JR-D. Agee; 4. 69A-Ames; 5. 3-Eravi; 6. 7-Layman; 7. 0-Girard; 8. 111-Bailey; 9. 4-Johnson.

B-Main 2: 1. 20-Mitchell; 2. 66-Joldersma; 3. 79J-Jackson; 4. 75-McClain; 5. 40-Dahl; 6. 10-Huls; 7. 93-White; 8. 17N-Fenton; 9. 12M-Criss.

Feature: 1. 33z-VanderBeek; 2. 18-Schmitt; 3. 29-Greiner; 4. 27R-Cook; 5. 57v-Van Genderen; 6. 78R-Robinson; 7. 81-McDaniel Jr.; 8. 20-Mitchell; 9. 11-Holt; 10. 5-Bergan; 11. 54-Webb; 12. 73M-McClure; 13. 66-Joldersma; 14. 14-P. Agee; 15. 97-Panos; 16. 7A-Alexander; 17. 42-Rindom; 18. 44-Foster; 19. 30c-Huls; 20. 77M-Mueller; 21. 52x-Wibbell; 22. 52-Wood; 23. 36-Mizell; 24. 44x-Payne.


Heat 1: 1. 77-Jared Fuller, Memphis; 2. 2J-Brandon Savage, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. 10x-Patrick Mahnken, Fulton; 4. 96-Jacob Grotewiel, Clifton; 5. 92M-James Maxey, Holiday; 6. 5-Rob Carter, Quincy, Ill.; 7. 46-Porter Colins, Clarence.

Heat 2: 1. 4-Tony Dunker, Quincy, Ill.; 2. 22-Wyatt Lantz, Bowen, Ill.; 3. 3-Bob Woodrow, Hannibal; 4. 71-Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Ill.; 5. 11-Gary Wilson, Holiday; 6. 218-Robbie Reed, Mexico; 7. 15-Phillip Cossel, Montrose, Iowa.

Heat 3: 1. 10-Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. 44-Josh Larson, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. 95-Lonnie Wyman Jr., Fulton; 4. 19-Jason Riegel, Memphis; 5. 96x-Levi Smith, Donnellson, Iowa; 6. 97-Terry Houston, Mt. Sterling, Ill.; 7. 88-Jim Whitmer, Quincy, Ill.

Heat 4: 1. 6v-Charles VanBoening, Paris; 2. 7s-Craig Spegal, New London; 3. 88-Brian Clark, Canton; 4. 1-Joe Hooper, Mendon, Ill.; 5. 5x-Dustin Vandeloecht, Fulton; 6. 777-Tony Bokhoven, Pella, Iowa.

Feature: 1. 22-Lantz; 2. 4-Dunker; 3. 1-Hooper; 4. 71-Waterman; 5. 218-Reed; 6. 97-Houston; 7. 6v-VanBoening; 8. 2J-Savage; 9. 7s-Spegal; 10. 19-Riegel; 11. 5-Carter; 12. 95-Wyman Jr.; 13. 88-Whitmer; 14. 10-Gillenwater; 15. 46-Collins; 16. 5x-Vandeloecht; 17. 96x-Smith; 18. 88-Clark; 19. 96-Grotewiel; 20. 77-Fuller; 21. 15-Cossel; 22. 777-Bokhoven; 23. 11-Wilson; 24. 92M-Maxey; 25. 3-Woodrow; 26. 44-Larson; 27. 10x-Mahnken.


Heat 1: 1. 51-Alan Hultz, Madison; 2. 85-Jason McDaniel, Eldon, Iowa; 3. 16-Mike Shelton, Ottumwa, Iowa; 4. 22-Jim Tull, Redding, Iowa; 5. 2M-Mark Moore, Ottumwa, Iowa; 6. 71-Louis Lynch, Glenwood; 7. 911-Shawn Coleman, Packwood, Iowa; 8. Big0-Bill O'Haver, Kirksville.

Heat 2: 1. 2k-Derek Kirkland, Centerville, Iowa; 2. 88-Mike Leffler, Ankeny, Iowa; 3. 5s-Rusty Sands, Unionville; 4. 4J-Bob Lynch, Ottumwa, Iowa; 5. 34F-Robby Sands, Centerville, Iowa; 6. 8R-Clayton Robbins, Liberty; 7. 97-Jerry Flanders, Cordon, Iowa.

Heat 3: 1. 38-Bill Gibson, Knoxville, Iowa; 2. 22v-Ryan Vicker, Creston, Iowa; 3. 9-Jimmy Hayes, Moravia, Iowa; 4. 12B-Chase Breid, Madison; 5. 62-TJ Henderson, Douds, Iowa; 6. 78-Andy Coleman, Packwood, Iowa; 7. 8UP-Curtis Barnes, Greentop.

Feature: 1. 85-McDaniel; 2. 38-Gibson; 3. 22-Tull; 4. 16-Shelton; 5. 9-Hayes; 6. 2M-Moore; 7. 12B-Breid; 8. 34F-Robby Sands; 9. 5s-Rusty Sands; 10. 78-A. Coleman; 11. 88-Leffler; 12. 911-S. Coleman; 13. 8R-Robbins; 14. 97-Flanders; 15. 62-Henderson; 16. Big0-O'Haver; 17. 71-L. Lynch; 18. 2k-Kirkland; 19. 8UP-Barnes; 20. 4J-B. Lynch; 21. 22v-Vicker; 22. 51-Hultz.


Heat 1: 1. 03-Rob Wilsey, Keokuk, Iowa; 2. 8-Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, Iowa; 3. 4-Jake Wenig, Middletown, Iowa; 4. 3c-Clayton Crump, Centralia; 5. 30-Alex Buffington, Wapello, Iowa; 6. 28D-Tim Dawson, Callao; 7. 73-Randy Reed, Quincy, Ill.; 8. 22-Bobby Six, Keokuk, Iowa.

Heat 2: 1. 68x-Cody Henkes, Postville, Iowa; 2. 20-Keith Reed, Fowler, Ill.; 3. 11-Tom Elsen, Clarence; 4. 11w-Mike Wolfe, Madison; 5. 59-Jakoby Hooper, Kahoka; 6. 87-Jeff Hamlin, Edina; 7. 01-Steve Hisle, Liberty.

Heat 3: 1. 85-Ben Moudry, Protivin, Iowa; 2. 2T-Beau Taylor, Canton; 3. 43s-Jeff Soper, Kahoka; 4. 89-Brian Howerton, Hurdland; 5. 23-Larry Hooper, Wyaconda; 6. c21-Dan Wenig, Burlington, Iowa; 7. 4L-Jim Lynch, Donnellson, Iowa.

Feature: 1. 85-Moudry; 2. 68x-Henkes; 3. 43s-Soper; 4. 03-Wilsey; 5. 20-K. Reed; 6. 8-Symmonds; 7. 28D-Dawson; 8. 89-Howerton; 9. 30-Buffington; 10. 87-Hamlin; 11. 11w-Wolfe; 12. 59-J. Hooper; 13. 23-L. Hooper; 14. 73-R. Reed; 15. 3c-Crump; 16. 4L-Lynch; 17. 4-J. Wenig; 18. 2T-Taylor; 19. 11-Elsen; 20. c21-D. Wenig; 21. 01-Hisle; 22. 22-Six.


Heat 1: 1. 00-Bill Whalen, Riverside, Iowa; 2. 20-Andrew Hustead, Rutledge; 3. 07-Tyler Whalen, Riverside, Iowa; 4. 73-Devin Still, Anabel; 5. 00H-Brent Hartley, Niota, Ill.; 6. 8-Rob Egenberger.

Heat 2: 1. 66-Lew Aikman, Hannibal; 2. 26-Jim Garrett, Ottumwa, Iowa; 3. 6-Luke Davidson, Argyle, Iowa; 4. 21Y-Bill Young, Ottumwa, Iowa; 5. 26F-Mike Fisher, Blakesburg, Iowa; 6. 2-Kevin Garrett, Bloomfield, Iowa.

Feature: 1. 6-Davidson; 2. 00-B. Whalen; 3. 26-J. Garrett; 4. 21Y-Young; 5. 00H-Hartley; 6. 26F-Fisher; 7. 73-Still; 8. 8-Egenberger; 9. 2-K. Garrett; 10. 07-T. Whalen; 11. 20-Hustead; 12. 66-Aikman.

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