Chateau Raceway falls to rain
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May 30, 2008  |  by Matthew Grage

LANSING, Minn. -- Chateau Raceway, powered by Miners Outdoor and Recreation of Blooming Prairie, missed out on another night of action Friday night.

Mother Nature has gotten the best of the racing season so far with more rain-outs than racing through the first two months of the season, and it looked like she added another notch in her belt this week.

The day was a promoter's nightmare as it rained most of Thursday and some heavy rains overnight had things pretty soggy when officials showed up to try and get things in shape, not knowing if their efforts would pay off.

It went back and forth as the weather turned every couple hours. A little blue sky early in the morning looked promising, but mid-morning saw more rain and misty drizzly weather through the late morning and into the noon hour made it look rather iffy.

Early afternoon brought back the blue sky with some patchy clouds and all looked good for another night of exciting action.

One last twist, however, as a little after 5 p.m. put an end to any hopes of racing as rain clouds moved back in and showered the area with some more rain.

Sunshine returned again just before 6 p.m. but it was to late at that point.

Racing action will resume next Friday night with six classes of cars hitting the 1/3-mile oval at 7:30 p.m.

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