Midway fireworks action provides new winners
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July 4, 2008  |  by Ronnie Williams

LEBANON, Mo. - With over 100 cars in the pits and a capacity crowd to witness fireworks and racing action, five new drivers grabbed their first Midway Speedway wins of 2008.

The USRA Modifieds brought 23 superfast cars to the action track as Greg Hughes brought the field to the green with Jimmy Willis along side of him.

Hughes grabbed the early lead with Willis, Jamie Ragland, Tony Jackson Jr. and Johnny Bone Jr. following and swapping position.

On lap 8, Bone made the low groove stick to take control while Hughes, Jackson, Willis, Ragland, Josh Hughes, Rex Merritt and Eric Hudson were battling three-wide.

On lap 13, the caution waved while Ragland headed for the pits. On the restart, Bone and Greg Hughes went to battle again as Jackson, Merritt and points leader Eric Hudson, who started 11th, battled for third place.

A lap 18 caution involving Merritt, Hudson and Jimmy Willis bunched the field again as Bone again pulled away on the restart as Justin Neuman and Jason Pursley were coming quickly along with Brad McKinnon.

In the closing laps, Bone pulled away to capture his first ever Midway Speedway feature win with Jackson grabbing the runner-up spot, followed by early leader Greg Hughes, Pursley and McKinnon completing the top-5 while 16 of the 23 starters were on the lead lap.


USRA Caseys General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Midway Speedway, Lebanon, Mo.
Friday, July 4, 2008


Feature: 1. Johhny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge, Ark.; 2. Tony Jackson Jr., Lebanon; 3. Greg Hughes, West Plains; 4. Jason Pursley, Wheatland; 5. Brad McKinnon, Sedalia; 6. Jason Hughes, West Plains; 7. Justin Neuman, Crocker; 8. Josh Hughes, West Plains; 9. Danny Atkinson, Lebanon; 10. Steve Muilenburg, Sparta; 11. Larry Tindle, Springfield; 12. Eric Hudson, Rolla; 13. Craig Wood, El Dorado Springs; 14. Donnie Gennings, Eldridge; 15. Rex Merritt, Billings; 16. Jimmy Willis, Macks Creek; 17. Jamie Ragland, Lebanon; 18. Ted VanZandt, Billings; 19. Tammy Mitchell, Pea Ridge, Ark.; 20. Sam Petty, Niangua; 21. Jamie Petty, Niangua; 22. Colson Kirk, Urbana; 23. Tim Ballinger, Fair Grove.

1st Heat: 1. Jason Hughes; 2. Ragland; 3. Greg Hughes; 4. Atkinson; 5. Josh Hughes; 6. Tindle; 7. Kirk; 8. Muilenburg.

2nd Heat: 1. Merritt; 2. Jackson; 3. Willis; 4. Pursley; 5. Mitchell; 6. Wood; 7. Hudson; 8. Ballinger.

3rd Heat: 1. Bone; 2. Gennings; 3. McKinnon; 4. Neuman; 5. S. Petty; 6. J. Petty; 7. VanZandt.

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