Waits returns to victory lane at Mississippi Thunder Speedway
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August 14, 2009  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - Harley-Davidson of Winona sponsored the night at Mississippi Thunder Speedway on Friday with prize giveaways and introduced flat track racing motorcycles to the MTS crowd.

Two names synonymous with Fountain City sat atop the USRA Modified feature lineup; that being Lance Hofer and Jeff Rollinger.

Hofer led briefly, but Adam Stockhausen and Brad Waits quickly made their presence known.  Rollinger dropped to fourth as the flood of other cars moved in.  Waits smoothly glided between Stockhausen and Hofer into the lead.

Hank Rollinger Jr. jumped to fourth place over John Doelle while Waits pulled away from Stockhausen.  A caution settled the field down as Waits led the restart.  Rollinger was able to clip Stockhausen for second as Doelle followed the two in fourth place.  Josh Angst, Hofer, and Bob Timm flew three-wide for fifth place as Waits continued his enormous lead.

Doelle wound up his machine to chase Rollinger for second, and Timm gained fourth place over Angst.  Doelle and Rollinger displayed a great race for second place, and when Doelle took over the spot, Rollinger then had to contend with Angst for third.  Timm propelled his car under both Rollinger and Angst into third place as the cars then began to spread out.  Another caution set up a final restart with Doelle and Timm hot on Waits’ tail.  Timm got ahead of Doelle as Doelle shot a bit high.  Angst and Rollinger did some fancy footwork for fourth place behind Waits, Timm, and Doelle.

Waits again pulled away from the pack with Timm in a solid second place over Rollinger.  Timm did not have enough laps to get the job done and finished second to Waits.  Doelle cleared third followed by Angst.  Jeff Rollinger got by his brother Hank in the last corner to take fifth.

Next Friday will be a great show with the USMTS bunch back in town as their Hunt for the Championship continues with a $3,000-to-win show.  All regular classes will be on hand as well.  The USRA Modified class will continue their pursuit of track points with this show in addition to 100 bonus points for racing the event.  Points are close, adrenaline is rushing, and championships are to be sealed up soon.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Friday, Aug. 14, 2009


Feature: 1. Brad Waits, 2. Bob Timm, 3. John Doelle, 4. Josh Angst, 5. Jeff Rollinger, 6. Hank Rollinger Jr., 7. Kerry Ledebuhr, 8. Les Duellman, 9. Lance Hofer, 10. Paul Hamernik, 11. Ron Britain, 12. Adam Stockhausen, 13. Joel Alberts, 14. Gary Doelle, 15. Roger Niederkorn, 16. Leroy Scharkey, 17. Jeremy Jonsgaard, 18. Les Jonsgaard, 19. Brian Albrecht, 20. Andy Bohnstengel, 21. Clint Wittlief, 22. Phil Wernert.

Heat 1: Scharkey, Timm, J. Rollinger, G. Doelle, Ledebuhr, Albrecht, Wernert, Britain.

Heat 2: Waits, J. Doelle, Hamernik, H. Rollinger, Niederkorn, J. Jonsgaard, Duellman.

Heat 3: Angst, Stockhausen, Alberts, Hofer, Wittlief, Bohnstengel, L. Jonsgaard.

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