Late qualifier Fuhs is first at SIS Shootout
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July 8, 1999

OSKALOOSA, IA (July 8, 1999) - Brant Fuhs didn't make the field for the Oskaloosa I.M.C.A. Sunoco Stock Car Shootout until the final qualifying event. Then he went out and won the race, and $2,500. Fuhs, from Eldon, took the checkered flag in the fourth "B" feature Thursday night at Southern Iowa Speedway, and started 20th in the 25-lap main event.

"I passed 'em on the high side, the bottom and in the middle. You had to maneuver the car all over the track and by doing that you're able to find the line you can run the best," he said. "I've always felt that starting the first row in a race like this is the worst spot you can have. I normally don't want to start in the 20th spot, but starting in the front row is not a good thing, I think."

Working his way quickly through the field, he was in contention for the lead by the 18th lap. Fuhs crossed the line in virtual dead heats with leader Mike Robinson of Moravia the next three times around the track. Local Ron Ver Beek, who had started in the 21st spot, joined Bobby Greiner Jr. of Ottumwa in the hunt as Robinson fell off the pace. Ver Beek passed Greiner on the white flag lap and finished second. Greiner was third, Jim Brown of Fremont was fourth and Robinson ended up in fifth.

"If the track got real dry I knew I had a chance, and it did," said Fuhs. "This has gotten to be a race everybody wants to win. The money is obviously there This is definitely the biggest win of my career."

The fourth annual Shootout was slowed in the early going, as a crash involving polesitter Ross McCombs of Oskaloosa and Mark Elliott of Webster City sent both drivers to the rear. Robinson gabbed the lead to lap eight, when Brad Pinkerton of New Sharon took a turn at the front. Yellow flags on the 10th and 13th laps bunched the field up again and Robinson regained the lead.

Bill Redlinger of Keota, Brian Edel of Oskaloosa and Maynard Davis of Des Moines also were winners of "B" races. Final qualifiers and the feature were bumped back a week because of rain that postponed eight heats and the Budweiser Race of Champions to July 1.



Feature: 1. Brant Fuhs, Eldon; 2. Ron Ver Beek, Oskaloosa; 3. Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa; 4. Jim Brown, Fremont; 5. Mike Robinson, Moravia; 6. Bert McDaniel, Eldon; 7. Denny Stoneburner, Boone; 8. Lavern Carey, Ionia; 9. Maynard Davis, Des Moines; 10. Mark Elliott, Webster City; 11. Eric Snyder, Eldon; 12. Mickey Kerr, Fairfield; 13. Jeff Anderson, Atlantic; 14. Jeff Ellsworth, Boone; 15. Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 16. Dave Wilson, Ottumwa; 17. Doug DeJong, Oskaloosa; 18. Jerry Lee Potts, Eldon; 19. Rod Snellengerger, Pulaski, Wis.; 20. Scott Williams, Steamboat Rock; 21. Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 22. Jeremy Miller, Batavia; 23. Bill Redlinger, Keota; 24. Donald Sanders, Ottumwa; 25. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 26. Mike Nichols, Harlan; 27. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 28. Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson.

Race of Champions: 1. Scott Davis, Madrid; 2. Greiner; 3. Stoneburner; 4. Carey; 5. Lynch; 6. Todd Inman, Des Moines; 7. Brandon Brown, Ottumwa; 8. Steve Jackson, Des Moines; 9. Snellenberger; 10. Ed Anderson, Marshalltown; 11. Jeff Anderson; 12. Williams; 13. Rick Brown, Kellogg; 14. Pinkerton; 15. Don Killen, Des Moines; 16. Ver Beek.

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