Lynch doubles up with NKF Tour, Aaron Brown Classic victories at Oskaloosa
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April 26, 2000

by Jeff Broeg

OSKALOOSA, IA (April 26, 2000) — Opening night for the 2000 season at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa is one that Jim Lynch will not soon forget. The Bloomfield, Iowa, driver snared two feature wins on the evening winning both the National Kidney Foundation Heartland Tour for a Cure Modified feature and the IMCA Stock Car Aaron Brown Classic main event. Rick VanDusseldorp was the only other driver who found victory lane on the evening as he captured the NKF Tour Hobby Stock main event.

The lead was not the place to be early in the Modified feature. John VanDenBerg paced lap one before falling out with mechanical problems and Troy Folkerts also suffered mechanical woes after leading lap two. Todd Holman inherited the lead from there and held it for a couple of laps before Jim Lynch flew by on the highside. Holman fought back and pulled even with Lynch on two occasions, but could not regain the lead as Lynch raced to victory. Mark Mundell came on strong late to take second followed by Holman, Ken Bryant and Mark Widmar.

The Aaron Brown Classic was your typical IMCA Stock Car feature race at the Southern Iowa Speedway with plenty of side-by-side and three-wide action and numerous lead changes. Howard Gordon Jr. and Lynch swapped the lead back and forth several times before Lynch prevailed for his second win of the night. Gordon was the runner-up with Brant Fuhs, Brian Edel and Mark Smyser completing the top five.

The NKF Tour Hobby Stock main event put the wraps on a busy night of racing that saw 113 cars participate in the three divisions. Rod Miller paced the first two circuits before yielding to Bobby Greene for laps three and four. Rick VanDusseldorp gained the lead from there and never looked back as he cruised to victory over Scott Buehneman, Brad Tursic, Kris Walker and Miller.

The NKF Tour Modifieds return to action Saturday night, April 29th, at Missouri’s I-35 Speedway near Cameron.



1ST HEAT – 1. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 2. Rick Gustin, Marshalltown; 3. Ken Bryant, Ottumwa; 4. Todd Holman, Ottumwa.

2ND HEAT – 1. John VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa; 2. Greg Elliott, Webster City; 3. Mark Mundell, Ottumwa; 4. Roger Baxter, Oskaloosa.

3RD HEAT – 1. Troy Folkerts, Albia; 2. Mark Macomber, Lancaster, Mo.; 3. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 4. Chris Eggers, Lancaster, Mo.

A-MAIN – 1. Lynch; 2. Mundell; 3. Holman; 4. Bryant; 5. Mark Widmar, Ottumwa; 6. Danny Wallace, Des Moines; 7. Ron Barker, Dubuque; 8. Eggers; 9. Baxter; 10. Greg Cox, Altoona; 11. Bob Bowman, Winterset; 12. Brian Freel, Pleasantville; 13. Dan Bunn, Newton; 14. Mike Kaller, Ottumwa; 15. Tim Gannon, Des Moines; 16. Chad McKay, Oskaloosa; 17. VerBeek; 18. Casey Lancaster, Oskaloosa; 19. VanDenBerg; 20. Folkerts; 21. Macomber; 22. Elliott.


1ST HEAT – 1. Brant Fuhs, Eldon; 2. Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 3. Travis Hansacker, Melcher; 4. Bill Redlinger, Richland.

2ND HEAT – 1. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 2. Corey Stout, Oskaloosa; 3. Jim Brown, Fremont; 4. Don Sanders, Ottumwa.

3RD HEAT – 1. Howard Gordon Jr., New Sharon; 2. Wade Francis, Eddyville; 3. Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 4. Kenny Johnson, Douds.

4TH HEAT – 1. Mark Smyser, Lancaster, Mo.; 2. Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 3. Bob Crouse, New Sharon; 4. Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa.

1ST B-MAIN – 1. Jeremy Miller, Batavia; 2. Kevin Booy, Oskaloosa; 3. Jeff Anderson, Atlantic; 4. Cliff McNeal, Ottumwa.

2ND B-MAIN – 1. Michael McClure, Bloomfield; 2. Brad Steel, New Sharon; 3. Eric Snyder, Eldon; 4. Dave Blankenship, Brooklyn.

A-MAIN – 1. Lynch; 2. Gordon Jr.; 3. Fuhs; 4. Edel; 5. Smyser; 6. Stout; 7. Miller; 8. Johnson; 9. Snyder; 10. Crouse; 11. VerBeek; 12. Booy; 13. Francis; 14. Blankenship; 15. Anderson; 16. Steel; 17. Greiner Jr.; 18. Sanders; 19. Brown; 20. Hansacker; 21. McNeal; 22. Pinkerton; 23. Redlinger; 24. McClure.


1ST HEAT – 1. Paul Underwood, Ottumwa; 2. Rick VanDusseldorp, New Sharon; 3. Larry Sample, Ottumwa; 4. Mike Shelton, Ottumwa.

2ND HEAT – 1. Scott Buehneman, Keswick; 2. Bobby Greene, Tracy; 3. Brad Stephens, Bussey; 4. Jared Curry, Fremont.

3RD HEAT – 1. Rod Miller, Eldon; 2. Doug Gordon Jr., Ottumwa; 3. Steve Shepard, Fremont; 4. Michael Schmidt, Knoxville.

4TH HEAT – 1. Brad Tursic, Ottumwa; 2. Kris Walker, Oskaloosa; 3. Nicky Whitt, Oskaloosa; 4. Doug McCollough, Webster City.

1ST B-MAIN – 1. Dan Hanselman, Algona; 2. Jason Reed, Melcher; 3. T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa; 4. Phil Hamilton, Oskaloosa.

2ND B-MAIN – 1. Jeff Zehr, Manson; 2. Todd Phillips, Ollie; 3. Mark Wirth, Chariton; 4. Brock Welch, Oskaloosa.

A-MAIN – 1. VanDusseldorp; 2. Buehneman; 3. Tursic; 4. Walker; 5. Miller; 6. Underwood; 7. Shelton; 8. McCollough; 9. Gordon Jr.; 10. Zehr; 11. Criss; 12. Sample; 13. Ryan Griffith, Webster City; 14. Reed; 15. Wirth; 16. Whitt; 17. Phillips; 18. Curry; 19. Mark McNeece, Albion; 20. Schmidt; 21. Shepard; 22. Hanselman; 23. Green; 24. Stephens.

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