Stephens, Fuhs, VanDenberg take checkers at Osky
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May 31, 2000

by Scott Watson

OSKALOOSA, IA (May 31, 2000) — Brad Stephens started on the inside of the fourth row of the Hobby Stock main event and worked his way through the field and around Mark Wirth for the lead of the event the sixth lap after Wirth had led the field the previous five laps. Stephens then kept his number 55 ahead of the field the remaining six laps for his first victory of the year at Oskaloosa during Musco Sports Lighting Night at the track. Kris Walker worked his way through the field for a second place finish while Wirth took home third place and Mike Shelton came across the stripe in fourth.

Brant Fuhs got around Mickey Kerr for the IMCA Stock Car feature lead on the eighth lap and led each of the final six laps as five cars less than three car lengths behind him raced for the second place position. Fuhs topped the field for the victory with Brad Pinkerton in second while Jim Lynch finished in third and Kerr finished in fourth.

John VanDenberg inherited the IMCA Modified feature lead on the second lap when race leader, Tim Folkerts, blew his engine just before completing the first lap. VanDenberg held off Todd Holman the next four laps before Holman got around him for the lead. Holman’s lead was short lived as VanDenberg returned the passing favor and seized back the lead on the next circuit. VanDenberg then held off Holman and the rest of the field the second half of the race for the trip to victory lane. Holman finished in second with Denny Banks in third and Mike Kaller in fourth.



Heat #1 - 1, Brad Stephens, Bussey; 2, Scott Buehneman, Keswick; 3, Tommy Lathrop, Ottumwa.

Heat #2 - 1, Kris Walker, Oskaloosa; 2, Mike Shelton, Ottumwa; 3, Gene Tish, Deep River.

Heat #3 - 1, Mark Wirth, Chariton; 2, T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa; 3, Brad Tursic, Ottumwa.

Heat #4 - 1, Bobnby Greene, Tracy; 2, Lorne Parks, Ottumwa; 3, Rick VanDusseldorp, Oskaloosa.

B Main #1 - 1, Jason Sanders, Oskaloosa; 2, Robert Anderson, Beacon.

B Main #2 - 1, Phil Hamilton, Oskaloosa; 2, Brandon Bandstra, New Sharon.

Feature - 1, Stephens; 2, Walker; 3, Wirth; 4, Shelton; 5, Tursic; 6, Parks; 7, Greene; 8, Criss; 9, Tish; 10, Buehneman; 11, Brandon Hess, Oskaloosa; 12, Lathrop; 13, Todd Phillips, Ollie; 14, Nicky Witt, Oskaloosa; 15, Steve Shepard, Fremont; 16, Michael Schmidt, Knoxville; 17, Bill Shipman, Oskaloosa; 18, VanDusseldorp; 19, Anderson; 20, Dave Brueklander, Oskaloosa.


Heat #1 - 1, Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 2, Brant Fuhs, Eldon; 3, Travis Hansaker, Melcher.

Heat #2 - 1, Wade Francis, Eddyville; 2, Mike Robinson, Moravia; 3, Bill Redlinger, Richland.

Heat #3 - 1, Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 2, Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 3, Bob Crouse, New Sharon.

Heat #4 - 1, Mickey Kerr, Fairfield; 2, Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa; 3, Brian Sterling, Rose Hill.

B Main - 1, Jim Brown, Fremont; 2, Jim Mueller, Mt. Pleasant; 3, Troy Braden, Delta.

Feature - 1, Fuhs; 2, Pinkerton; 3, Lynch; 4, Kerr; 5, Francis; 6, Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 7, Edel; 8, Redlinger; 9, Eric Snyder, Eldon; 10, Brown; 11, Crouse; 12, Doug DeJong, Oskaloosa; 13, Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 14, Howard Gordon Jr., New Sharon; 15, Matt VanGelder, Oskaloosa; 16, Greiner; 17, Hansaker; 18, Pat Surfus, Oskaloosa; 19, Mueller; 20, Robinson.


Heat #1 - 1, Tim Folkerts, Albia; 2, Troy Folkerts, Albia; 3, Roger Baxter, University Park.

Heat #2 - 1, John VanDenberg, Oskaloosa; 2, Mike VanGenderen, Newton; 3, Jeff Kropf, Ottumwa.

Heat #3 - 1, Todd Holman, Ottumwa; 2, Eric Fullenkamp, Eldon; 3, Ken Bryant, Ottumwa.

Feature - 1, VanDenberg; 2, Holman; 3, Denny Banks, Ottumwa; 4, Mike Kaller, Highland Center; 5, VanGenderen; 6, Kropf; 7, Bobby Bowman, Winterset; 8, Joey Kates; 9, Danny Wallace, Des Moines; 10, Mark Widmar, Ottumwa; 11, Fullenkamp; 12, Baxter; 13, Jeff Streeter, Vinton; 14, Mike Vermillion, What Cheer; 15, Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 16, Troy Folkerts; 17, Bryant; 18, Chad McKay, Oskaloosa; 19, Tim Folkerts.

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