Walker, Robinson top shootout fields at Osky
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July 17, 2000

by Scott Watson

OSKALOOSA, IA (July 17, 2000) — For the second year in a row the winner of the Stock Car feature during the Oskaloosa IMCA American Stock Car Shootout has come from deep in the starting grid. Last year Brant Fuhs of Eldon came from a last chance qualifier and picked up the top prize and this year Mike Robinson of Moravia equaled the task by finishing second in a last chance heat race and started on the inside of the twelfth row in the main and worked his way through the field for the victory and the $2500 top prize during the 5th annual event.

Bobby Greiner Jr. of Ottumwa took the lead of the Stock Car feature at the drop of the green from his pole position start and led the field around the fast half-mile the first seventeen laps while Jim Lynch of Bloomfield worked his way through the field and into second place. Lynch made a passing attempt on Greiner on the inside of the track going into the first turn and clipped a tire on the inside of the track and the two touched causing Lynch to spin out which brought out the caution flag and Greiner ended up with a flat left rear tire which put him into the work area. The green flag came out and Brad Pinkerton of New Sharon made his way into the lead as they crossed the line on the 18th circuit. Two laps later Pinkerton slowed with mechanical problems which gave the lead to Fuhs. Fuhs led for less than a lap when he slowed and stopped on the track in the fourth turn which caused another yellow. The green flag came out once again and Robinson made his way into the lead on the 21st lap and led the field around the track the final four laps for the $2500 payday. Howard Gordon Jr. of New Sharon started in the 19th position and worked his way through the field for a second place finish while Kevin Bidne of Decorah finished in third and Ryan Cook of Mount Pleasant tallied fourth.

Brandon Hess of Oskaloosa took advantage of his outside front row starting position by going into the Hobby Stock feature lead on the first lap and led the first five laps while Kris Walker of Oskaloosa worked the high side of the track and into second place. Walker caught Hess on the back stretch of the fifth lap and the two raced side-by-side for two and a half laps swapping the lead several times before Walker went to the lead for good on the eighth lap. Walker led the final eight laps for the victory over the 24-car field. Hess edged out Scott Buehneman of Keswick at the finish line by less than a half a car length for second place and Bobby Greene of Tracy came across the stripe in fourth.



Heat #1 - 1, Lorne Parks, Ottumwa; 2, Brad Stephens, Bussey; 3, Tim Murty, Tama;

Heat #2 - 1, Bill Bonnett, Knoxville; 2, T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa; 3, Rick Metcalf, Selma;

Heat #3 - 1, Bill Shipman, Oskaloosa; 2, Steve Curtis, Des Moines; 3, Mike Shelton, Ottumwa;

Heat #4 - 1, Travis Sherwood, Ottumwa; 2, Jason Sanders, Oskaloosa; 3, Mike Thomas, Des Moines;

Feature - 1, Kris Walker, Oskaloosa; 2, Brandon Hess, Oskaloosa; 3, Scott Buehneman, Keswick; 4, Bobby Greene, Tracy; 5, Wark Wirth, Chariton; 6, Brad Tursic, Ottumwa; 7, Paul Underwood, Ottumwa; 8, Metcalf; 9, Rocky Fosdyck, Selma; 10, Parks; 11, Rick VanDusseldorp, Oskaloosa; 12, Criss; 13, Gene Tish, Deep River; 14, Shelton; 15, Josh Walker, Mystic; 16, Jeremy Dooley, Plano; 17, Stephens; 18, Sherwood; 19, Murty; 20, Shipman;


Heat #1 - 1, Maynard Davis, Des Moines; 2, Jason Henry, Des Moines; Dennis Harwood, Mt Pleasant;

Heat #2 - 1, Jim Brown, Fremont; 2, Mike Robinson, Moravia; 3, Darrin Adamy, Columbus, NE;

Heat #3 - 1, Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 2, Doug DeJong, Oskaloosa; 3, Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa;

Heat #4 - 1, Howard Gordon Jr., New Sharon; 2, Larry Silbaugh, Jefferson; 3, Rick Brown, Kellogg;

Heat #5 - 1, Corey Stout, Oskaloosa; 2, Don Sanders, Ottumwa; 3, Randy Baker, Batavia;

Heat #6 - 1, Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 2, Jim Mueller, Mt Pleasant; 3, Brian Sterling, Rose Hill;

Feature - 1, Robinson; 2, Gordon; 3, Kevin Bidne, Decorah; 4, Ryan Cook, Mt Pleasant; 5, Mickey Kerr, Fairfield; 6, Bob Crouse, New Sharon; 7, Silbaugh; 8, Brown; 9, Davis; 10, Denny Stoneburner, Boone; 11, McCombs; 12, Sanders; 13, Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa; 14, Jeremy Miller, Batavia; 15, Skeeter Paris, Boone; 16, Stout; 17, DeJong; 18, Pat Surfus, Oskaloosa; 19, Don Killen, Des Moines; 20, Henry;

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