Sherwood, McDaniel, Farren victorious at Osky
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July 19, 2000

by Scott Watson

OSKALOOSA, IA (July 19, 2000) — Two of the three feature winners during KBOE Night at The Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa led their entire main event enroute to their victories while the other winner led the final five laps for his win.

Travis Sherwood of Ottumwa started on the pole position of the Hobby Stock feature and went to the lead at the drop of the green. Bill Bonnett of Knoxville pulled up to the back bumper of Sherwood on several occasions but Sherwood held him off on every passing attempt for his first ever victory. Bonnett finished in second with Bobby Greene of Tracy in third and T.J. Criss of Oskaloosa in the fourth place position.

Bert McDaniel of Eldon went to the IMCA Stock Car main event on the first lap from his outside front row starting position and held off the hard-charging, Mike Robinson of Moravia, the final four laps for the victory. Robinson finished in second to McDaniel by a car length with Jim Lynch of Bloomfield working his way through the field for a third place finish and Jim Brown of Fremont finished in fourth.

Jeff Kropf of Ottumwa started on the pole position in the IMCA Modified feature and went seized the lead on the first lap and hugged the inside of the race track the first eleven laps before Dave Farren Jr. of Des Moines caught him while driving on the high side of the track. Farren was able to get around Kropf and into the lead on the twelfth circuit and led the field the final five laps for the win. Kropf held off Ron VerBeek of Oskaloosa the final lap to finish in second place with VerBeek in third and Troy Folkerts of Albia came across the stripe in fourth.



Heat #1 - 1, Gene Tish, Deep River; 2, T.J. Criss, Oskaloosa; 3, Brad Tursic, Ottumwa.

Heat #2 - 1, Kris Walker, Oskaloosa; 2, Travis Sherwood, Ottumwa; 3, Bobby Greene, Tracy.

Heat #3 - 1, Mark Wirth, Chariton; 2, Lorne Parks, Ottumwa; 3, Bill Bonnett, Knoxville.

Heat #4 - 1, Tommy Lathrop, Ottumwa; 2, Brandon Hess, Oskaloosa; 3, Scott Buehneman, Keswick.

B Main - 1, Eric Flander, What Cheer; 2, Robbert Rupprecht, Oskalosa; 3, Michael Schmidt, Knoxville.

Feature - 1, Sherwood; 2, Bonnett; 3, Greene; 4, Criss; 5, Hess; 6, Tursic; 7, Walker; 8, Buehneman; 9, Brad Stephens, Bussey; 10, Brandon Bandstra, New Sharon; 11, Mike Shelton, Ottumwa; 12, Tish; 13, Craig Brown, Eldon; 14, Flander; 15, Jason Reed, Melcher; 16, Lathrop; 17, Rick VanDusseldorp, Oskaloosa; 18, Curt Lamberson, Rose Hill; 19, Jason Sanders, Oskaloosa; 20, Wirth.


Heat #1 - 1, Bert McDaniel, Eldon; 2, Don Sanders, Ottumwa; 3, Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa.

Heat #2 - 1, Howard Gordon Jr., New Sharon; 2, Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon; 3, Cliff McNeal, Ottumwa.

Heat #3 - 1, Ross McCombs, Oskaloosa; 2, Mike Robinson, Moravia; 3, Brian Sterling, Rose Hill.

Heat #4 - 1, Bobby Greiner Jr., Ottumwa; 2, Jim Lynch, Bloomfield; 3, Jim Brown, Fremont.

B Main - 1, Aaron Hicklin, New Sharon; 2, Pat Surfus, Oskaloosa; 3, Doug DeJong, Oskaloosa.

Feature - 1, McDaniel; 2, Robinson; 3, Lynch; 4, Brown; 5, McCombs; 6, Gordon; 7, Greiner; 8, Pinkerton; 9, Bob Crouse, New Sharon; 10, VerBeek; 11, Brian Edel, Oskaloosa; 12, Sanders; 13, Corey Stout, Oskaloosa; 14, McNeal; 15, Travis Hansaker, Melcher; 16, Sterling; 17, Wade Francis, Eddyville; 18, Hicklin; 19, Surfus; 20, Brant Fuhs, Eldon.


Heat #1 - 1, Roger Baxter, University Park; 2, Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 3, Danny Wallace, Des Moines.

Heat #2 - 1, Mark Widmar, Ottumwa; 2, Jay Noteboom, Orange City; 3, Tim Gannon, Des Moines.

Heat #3 - 1, Troy Folkerts, Albia; 2, Jeff Kropf, Ottumwa; 3, Dave Farren Jr., Des Moines.

Feature - 1, Farren; 2, Kropf; 3, Ron VerBeek, Oskaloosa; 4, Folkerts; 5, Wallace; 6, Tim Clonch, Quinlan, TX; 7, Dave Brown, Kellogg; 8, Reese Coffee, Sioux City; 9, Widmar; 10, Mike Kaller, Highland Center; 11, Mike VanGenderen, Newton; 12, Noteboom; 13, Mark Mundell, Ottumwa; 14, Rayce Koen, Terrell, TX; 15, Gannon; 16, Chad McKay, Oskaloosa; 17, Baxter; 18, Todd Holman, Ottumwa.

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