Bunkelman bags Fall Festival opener
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October 9, 2009  |  by Tracy Hager

FOUNTAIN CITY, Wis. - The pits were overflowing on an extremely cold night Friday to start off the first annual Mississippi Thunder Speedway Fall Festival. Five heats for the USRA Modifieds resulted in two "B" Mains. But first, a moment of silence was offered for the loss of local veteran racer Marv Fenske. Fenske passed away of cancer and two sons, Karl and Derrick, followed in his racing footsteps. USRA Modified driver Lance Hofer was also acknowledged as the Winona Radio Driver of the Week for the Sept. 4 Pit Stop Challenge event.

USRA Modified feature action started with Kevin Viebrock and Kerry Ledebuhr out front, but Robby Bunkelman took the lead by the end of lap one. Josh Angst made some powerful moves to quickly contend for second place with Viebrock.

Bob Timm raced into third ahead of Viebrock when a caution for a pile-up in turn one began the train of cautions for the class. Bunkelman set the pace on the restart as Angst and Timm charged side by side for second.

Joey Jensen continued his pursuit of the leaders as Dan Bohr jetted into fifth place. Bohr was being fiercely hunted down by Keith Tourville as laps were finally strung together for some uninterrupted racing. Bunkelman put some distance on Angst as did Angst on Timm.

Jensen and Bohr flip-flopped high lines for low grooves as they sorted out fourth place. Doug Hillson began to creep up on Tourville as well as Craig Scott to make it a three-way battle for sixth place.

As more cautions reset the field, Bunkelman continued his hold on the lead spot. Angst and Timm kept the excitement going as they kept the game on for second place. Bohr moved into fourth place, but Jensen took it back.

With six laps to go, the fifth caution reeled Bunkelman back in to the pack. With the last release of the cars, Bunkelman shot to the lead and never looked back. Timm finally made it past Angst into second place as the checkered waved across the field. Jensen and Scott completed the top five.

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American Racer USRA Weekly Racing Series
Mississippi Thunder Speedway, Fountain City, Wis.
Friday, Oct. 9, 2009


"A" Main: Robby Bunkelman, Bob Timm, Josh Angst, Joey Jensen, Craig Scott, Ben Mattick, Dan Bohr, Keith Tourville, Doug Hilson, Adam Stockhausen, Andy Bohnstengel, Shane Sabraski, Lance Hofer, John Doelle, Kevin Viebrock, Josh Mattick, Greg Jensen, Gary Doelle, Kerry Ledebuhr, Steve Wetzstein, Jason Cummins, Hank Rollinger Jr., Tyler Clark, Dustin Nelson.

"B" Main #1: B. Mattick, Stockhausen, Jim King, Leroy Scharkey, Steve Lavasseur, Chet Ragan, Les Jonsgaard, Bryan Hessler, Brian Shaw, Jeremy Jonsgaard, Phil Wernert.

"B" Main #2: Clark, Hofer, Les Duellman, Don Eischens, Tom Brink, Kent Baxter, Kevin Roigers, Don Paddock, Jeff Rollinger, Brian Albrecht, Todd Scharkey.

Heat #1: Bunkelman, Angst, J. Mattick, Bohnstengel, B. Mattick, Clark, Duellman, Roigers, Albrecht.

Heat #2: Wetzstein, Cummins, Tourville, H. Rollinger, Hofer, L. Scharkey, Lavassuer, King, L. Jonsgaard.

Heat #3: Jensen, Hillson, Nelson, Jensen, Stockhausen, Eischens, Brink, Paddock.

Heat #4: Timm, Sabraski, Bohr, Scott, Baxter, Shaw, Hessler, Wernert.

Heat #5: Viebrock, Ledebuhr, J. Doelle, G. Doelle, Ragan, T. Scharkey, J. Jonsgaard, J. Rollinger.

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